Top 18 Vlogging tips for beginners | ultimate guide

Sorry for breaking it to you but owning an expensive camera doesn’t mean that you can be a successful blogger. But the good news is that even with average equipment you can create the best vlog ever.

Vlogging means creating a short video blog. These videos and blogs can provide financial support and can let you earn money from them. There are thousands of success stories you have come across where different bloggers that started their career from making short video clips now earn money from various platforms.

Most youngsters inspired by these successful bloggers want to step into the field but are hesitant and lack confidence. Most of these youngsters are afraid of showing their passion just because they don’t have much confidence due to the lack of proper knowledge and guidance.

Well, everything is a part of the process and nothing in this world occurs simultaneously. Similarly, starting a blogging journey doesn’t mean having the best camera to rock it; it needs to be passionate to grow as a vlogger, has a little more patience, and be much more adaptive to changes. If you are a novice and don’t know how to do all this then in this article we have some tips to share with you that can help you in creating the best blog. For knowing what these tips are let’s sink in without wasting further time:

Top 18 Vital Vlogging tips for beginners

#1. Be creative, be disciplined:

The general thinking is that only by having expensive equipment you can create a blog otherwise not however this is not true as technology has advanced and is so much accessible that you can also create vlogs using your phone. The only key to creating the best vlog is creativity and discipline. If you lack discipline even your talent will fail to help you out and you will find an excuse to give up. So, think out of the box, aim for what you want, and never give up.

Expand your imagination to make your vlogs attractive and use different fun features like images, texts, effects, and all to keep the viewer entertained throughout the vlog. No matter how dull or boring the topic of your vlog is, either it is based on instructions or documentary or it is entertainment and fashion new and unique ideas will help you to make it more interesting and watch worthy also will get you more subscribers.

#2. Develop a Niche

Do you know that each day about 55% of people watch online videos and the websites with videos get more traffic than the ones that do not have any videos? The reason for telling you this is that aiming to vlog means that you are planning to use your video content to reach out to your audience. Your audience will be from different corners of the world with different mindsets and not everyone will love you and your personality. However, you can make all of them to like you by developing a niche which means offer what you are best at, stick to it and make sure people are interested in it.

It is the subject\message of your vlogs that will get you more audience which will eventually fall in love with your videos if you keep providing them the kind of videos they’re looking for. But there is one more important thing which is being distinctive, be unique and just don’t follow others or two things are likely to happen, wither you lose interest or you will lose your audience. Choose something you love it will make you more creative, finding new ways to improve your vlog to keep your audience engaged in it. There can be different ways to make your clog interesting like having a different theme, the way you record your video, editing, music, and topics. This can be counted as your style and can get you sponsorship.

#3. Aim for something and represent it:

You should be very focused on the message conveyed in your blog as these days people believe in “focus/goal” so it is better to determine a niche from the start.

As said earlier that people believe in the message or goal so you want them to be your audience then you should be very much clear in perspective. In this vast world with millions of people, of course, you cannot encompass everyone so aim for a specific group of audience to achieve your goal and take a giant leap of faith followed by baby steps.

In case if you own a YouTube channel and are confused about the name then you should check out Choose a Youtube Channel Name for Vloggers. The small baby steps followed will vary with time; the more you upgrade your vlog the more complex it gets, from choosing a name for the channel to get more and more subscribers. Your goal should be already very clear at the start, but you can analyze them with time for more improvement.

#4. Choose a topic and research:

Your vlogs will be in sequence, creative, informative, and attractive at the same time if you decide what topic your blog should be? And how can you choose the best topic to make your audience rely on you for that particular topic?

Have you ever thought about keeping your audience visit your website often? Or have you fear a situation where you ran out of content? This happens, and this happens when you don’t know what to do and say. If you want to convey a message and don’t know how to convey it then this is more likely to happen. So as a solution always choose a topic reflecting your aim and then search about it search other vlogs in the same niche to get more ideas and content.  You can download these vlogs for offline access. If you face any problem with downloading these videos to your laptop then visit how to download a video from youtube to laptop.

#5. Learn about your audience

Your audience is the main goal. The more audience you have the more will be the possibilities of monetization. So, if you want to attract them then you have to know them. This can be done through researching various vloggers in the same niche, analyzing your blogs, looking into comments, likes, and dislikes. It will also smoothen your way to choose an interesting topic to entertain your audience, make improvements to your vlogs and stay clear in your perspective. Ask your audience to tell you that what do they expect or want from you, know their interest, age, personality, and the content they enjoy. It also will give you get new ideas for upcoming vlogs.

#6. Select a tone and maintain the quality of the video

Imagine someone cracking jokes in serious discussion, or someone sad and dull when telling a joke. Your tone defines your authenticity and sincerity to your audience, however, your topic and your audience determines the tone you should have. Search about content creators and their audience; know the kind of your vlog and the kind of information you are going to give, develop your tone according to that. Also, be very energetic while communicating with your audience and speak understandably. The more easy words and understandable language is attractive otherwise the viewer will not take a second to click on another video.

#7. Prefer quality on quantity

Everyone can create a vlog but not everyone can attract a huge audience. Your vlogs should be qualitative in every aspect. Don’t hurry and compromise on the quantity for the quality. Take your time but provide your audience with the best content that they can rely on.

#8. Be active

One of the main things on the internet is activity. If the audience loves your content they will be eager to listen to you more otherwise you will lose them. All the famous vloggers are very consistent in uploading their content now and then. This is what you should also follow, be much disciplined and develop a schedule of uploading and follow that. In case if you fail to follow the schedule then inform your audience along with a reason, if the reason is not something to be told then excuse decently. Otherwise, if you fail to be as much active as require then it will convey a message that you are not doing it anymore and your audience would not expect much from you.

#9. Add some regular theme or segment to attract an audience

Most vloggers add a unique segment or theme to the vlog that becomes their signature and they add it in their videos on regular basis. It can be anything let say for example you can read a comment once a week month, or add something to the start and end of the vlog, doing things that viewers asked for, accepting challenges and so on. this can make your audience more interested and can make your vlog stand out.

#10. What Can You Cut Out?

You should keep analyzing your vlogs and make changes in your vlogs according to the viewers. For example, some viewers may not like the part of your vlog and if it is unwanted then you can remove it as well. This is done while editing or later. But the cut-outs are trickier than making a new vlog. So you should be very careful about what can you cut out.

#11. Use Royalty-Free Music

Adding music you use to attract your audience is important but besides that, another important thing is the monetization of your vlog. In case if you use copyrighted audio your video can get to be demonetized, there are more chances of getting strikes too. So always try to use royalty-free music in your vlogs. You can search and find various websites offering such music that you add to your vlog.

#12. Upgrade Your Hardware

Most novice bloggers think that hardware up-gradation is the first thing however it is not the case, Hardware comes later. The hardware includes equipment like a camera, microphone, and software. For beginners looking for good vlogging cameras we suggest to look for a best vlogging camera under 300 or for someone with more limited budget best vlogging camera under 100 would be the perect as they provide quality at a reasonable price.

Along with upgrading hardware, you should know how to use it. As hundreds of expensive camera owners know only two things i.e. on/off. In reality, even a good mobile phone can suffice however with time you can upgrade your equipment and also you can add the unpacking of your equipment to make a new vlog TADA!  You’ve got another idea.

#13. Participate in trends and tell a Story

Internet trends are one of the best ways to become popular or keeping the audience attracted. Take part in trends on and off and it will help you in going viral. Stay up to date as well. Your vlogs should have a story and you should be able to make your audience get the message. You can add a little drama, choose different captions and effects to make it live. Also, pay attention to the first 15second video will decide that what is in your vlog and general advice is to make them more attractive as possible.

#14. Be confident and maintain eye contact

If you are confident then well and good, however, if you are not, then don’t allow this to let you down. Practice, practice, and practice more and it will make you perfect. Consider if you’re talking to a friend or relative. Be relaxed and spontaneous while maintaining good eye contact. Don’t seem consumed by the fact that there is no one you are talking to but a camera. A good mirror practice or some practice vlog can also be very helpful. Another important point is to look into the lens, not into the screen; if you look into the screen it will make your look feel diverted from the audience. In such cases a camera with flip screen can help you out the most as it enables you to see yourself in the frame so that you can pose better. If you don’t have a camera with flip screen then you should visit best vlogging camera with flip screen that offers quality and can be affordable for beginners who don’t want to spend a lot.

#15. Complete Your YouTube Profile

Have a complete profile, add keywords to the thumbnail. Keep the title of the vlog to the point to get you ranked. This is done by adding descriptions, thumbnails, creating channel trailers, and adding banners. Do the title and thumbnail decide whether you will get an audience or not? The thumbnail and title should increase curiosity in your audience so that they click the thumbnail however keep in mind that you should follow YouTube’s guidelines to know the basic policies of thumbnail addition.  In case if you mislead the audience then there is more chance of ban.

#16. Promote your vlog

No one can be a billionaire on the first night. So you need to promote your vlogs. Promotion will get you the right audience for your vlogs. This can be done through commenting and participating in other vlogs and vlogs in your niche. Don’t ever spam however start the conversation, give feedback and opinion and be very decent while promoting as you need to develop a good image rather than seem to be a beggar. You can use your social media accounts and other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and the most recent TickTock as well. Also, you can start blogging or use different accounts to get more followers. After getting ample audience you can collaborate with other content creators as well. The collaboration must be on a similar level of subscribers for a mutual benefit.

#17. Analyze your account

Learn about your reach and try to improve by reading comments and know your audience’s feedback, likes, and dislikes. See if you can improve according to your viewer’s advice. Keep checking analytical reports, for example the drop-off point tells you about at what point the audience stopped the video. You can cut it out, or stop using that in your upcoming vlogs.

For drop-off point you should go to account > Creator Studio > Analytics > Audience Retention. But this only works for an audience with more subscribers.

#18. Trying new things will be helpful

Be creative, and you know creativity comes from testing and trying out. Know the feedback of your audience, take their suggestions, analyze trends and go beyond the limits. This will make your vlogs interesting, unique, and fun. You can change the length of your vlog, use different topics, collaborate with different vloggers, bring a new theme or a new concept, or just adopt a new way. But the new things should be genuine and you should maintain the quality of your vog. You can also ask your viewers to like, subscribe and comment in a unique style.


All the steps mentioned in the article hopefully will make give you a little bit of understanding of how vlogging works and what you need to do to make a successful blog. We have not included the editing and effects part in this vlog as it is something that is learned with time and varies from video to video and persona style however we will recommend you to get a professional editor.

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