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How-to-Watch-3D-Movies-at-Home3D movies are not only confined to the big theaters and Hollywood blockbusters. One can make 3-dimensional movies even at home. There are numerous ways in order to record and film this illusion. The final is completed when you and the audience wear the 3 dimension glasses.

Following are the three methods to make your own  3D movies.

Method No 1st

By using software, one can make the desired 3D videos at home:-

1) Research software

To create your 3 D video, one needs two different videos layered on top of each other. One of the videos is tinted cyan and the other red. Following are the software that can help you to edit your video and can tint it.

  • A) Adobe’s premiere
  • B) CyberLink
  • c)final cut pro

2) import the footage:

All the software have its own protocols in order to import the footage. One has to upload the footage to 3D dimensionalize. This is usually found under the import off/file of the menu bar.

3)Duplication of the footage:-

The next step is to make sure that you are using a software that can handle two videos on top of each other , not every software will allow you to do this. Now manage your videos and make sure that you can go back and forth between the videos.

4) Footage tinting:-

Now you have to tint the footage, for this select one of your layers and adjust the tint so that the colour should be red and the other should be cyan. By doing this 3D effect wouldn’t be instantly seen.

5)adjustment of the opacity:-

Opacity is also known as transparency. You have to adjust the top layers of the opacity of the video. By this a blend of colors is created and now you have to set the top layer to 50%.

6) positioning the videos:-

The next step is to adjust the position of the top layer of the video.By this a 3D image will be created that you can see the 3D image without the glasses.

The top layer of the video doesn’t need to be too heavily adjusted or positioned but should be far enough to get the dizzying effect.

The 3D glasses can be used to set the position and after the adjustment of the position by using the glasses you be able to tell about the alignment of the position.

Method no 2nd:

By using two cameras and a software, one can make the 3D movies at home, following are the steps for that:-

1)Gather all the supplies:-

First you need to gather two identical cameras whose lenses should be 2-8 inches apart. Due to this the device which has to hold them both the tripod screw spots on the bottom , finds it easy to hold them both. The cameras should be facing each other and should be side by side.

The Greater the distance between them , greater would be the 3D effect , so 3 inches would work best.

The next step is to find a good software that could edit the video, also it should be able to manage the two videos and should adjust the colors.

2) Filming of the shots:-

With both the cameras ,film whatever you want in 3D but the 3D video shouldn’t be more used. The good use of this effect is in action movies. Due to this effect , the action seems like the action would just come out of the screen into your world.

3)Uploading of videos:-

Now you need a better video editing software. All the softwares have their own protocols to import the video. This is usually found under the import off/file of the menu bar.

4)Tinting of footage:

Now the next step is to tint your uploaded video and make the left video tint to be red and the right camera’s video , blue. The final result should be the same in two colors, three inches apart.

If only one video and one color is seen, you have to adjust the opacity or transparency.

The video which is the top layer have to be adjusted up to 50% opacity.

5) preview and exporting the video:-

After the adjustment of the colors and opacity, now  you have to test the footage with 3D glasses. You will see the desired effect i.e 3D effect, if not then you need to adjust some settings.

While filming you can change the color to lighter or darker shades or the distance of the lenses.

Method no 3rd:

Also by shooting the movie with a 3D camera, you can get the 3-dimensional movies

1)Research your options:-

Cameras have now come with more modifications and have become more advanced. Some cameras also come with a good 3-dimensional effect, which usually uses a digital effect. Some other options are old-school 3-dimensional cameras, even some of them are designed with two lenses and have become more accessible.

As we are aware of the fact that the 3 D effect is a very popular effect and nowadays the market is producing more ways and making it easy for everyone to create 3 D movies.

2) shooting of the footage:-

Following the right setting, you can now begin shooting your movie depending on which type of camera you are using. For the cameras, which have the digital effect, you need to select the movie option before filming and then you are ready to shoot the footage.

3) Follow your device instructions:

Afterward many types of devices will give you more options while using the software. Some can even help you in editing , as they come with the editing software and can simplify the whole process even more.

4)Uploading of the material:-

After shooting all the content you want in 3 D, now it’s time to rip the content to a computer system. The computer will make an interesting presentable view of the footage you have made for 3 D effect and will edit it.

5) Testing of the video:-

Before uploading the video to any online platform, you must need to test the video by wearing the 3 D glasses and then watch the video. Even if the video looks  the 3-dimensional video, it may also not turn out, the way you have wanted, so testing is mandatory to get the result as you have planned.

In case, if you run into any errors, you must consult the camera’s guide about that.


Hence, by using the above tactics and procedure, you can make your own 3 D movies at home.

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