10 Best portable projector for PowerPoint presentations in 2021

Don’t you want to change your typical meeting or presentation room into an advanced, appealing and attractive room? If the answer is yes, then the first thing you have to change is the way of presentations from a typical white board to a PowerPoint presentation on multimedia. For these PowerPoint presentations you have to equip your meeting room with the Best portable projector for PowerPoint presentations. This modern way of presenting any thing completely replace the old ways of presentations and also it looks very cool and comfortable rather than the other ways. To excel in business, presentations play a great role especially in the digital era we are living in today. gone are the days where one used to present its business ideas via paper or through oral interpretations. Not only has the digital era modernized the world, but it has also created competition in all sorts of markets, so in order to beat the competitors, you need to take support of the modern equipment.  Having a portable projector would not only help you to set up your presentation everywhere but the projectors that are specifically designed for presentation purposes offer some unique features that traditional features do not show. features such as text enhancement and brightness, Graphs clarity as some projectors show a crash on graphs projection. Smooth transitions and much more.

With these types of projectors, you are offered with many exclusive functionalities for making your presentation easy and attractive. Having a best projector means you must look through the features offered by that particular projector you are going to buy. However, it will all your choice that what type of projector suits your presentation room but also you will have a lot of option among which it is little difficult to choose the perfect one. But you don’t have to worry about it because here in this article we provide you with the best pick of the projectors that are perfect for office use and are very portable too.

Top 10 Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentations:

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1.Optoma HD143X Projector

Optoma HD143X
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  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • 23000 : 1 contrast ratio
  • 12000 hours lamp life
  • 3000 lumens brightness
  • Full 3D resolution

Product Description

With 3000 lumens brightness Optoma HD143X projectors has the native resolution prefect for the home theater which is available is very affordable price. Extra ordinary image quality is supported by 23000 : 1 contrast ratio, REC. 709 color quality and reference display mode. All these qualities delivers the perfect video image to the viewer either he or she is playing games or watching movies.

Dual HDMI inputs and USB connectivity input adds it to the latest technologies HD devices. 1.1 x zoom provides flexible mounting  and installation. Blu – ray player has the quality to convert your screen into a perfect theater. Optoma HD143X projectors has all the features any advanced projector is equipped with also includes 3D support and MHL  compatibility. Apart from all other features they are best portable projectors for movies.

  • Perfect image quality
  • Good remote control
  • MHL support
  • Quiet fan
  • Dual HDMI ports
  • Good for money
  • Limited zoom
  • Tough keystone
Why you Should Buy Optoma HD143X?

Optoma HD143X delivers perfect brightness, extreme quality image in very suitable price through which you can enjoy your business meeting very comfortably so if you are looking for one of the perfect cheap projector for powerpoint presentations you should go for these projectors. You will be not disappointed with it.

2.BenQ MH535FHD Projector

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  • 3600 lumen brightness
  • 15000 : 1 contrast ratio
  • 1920 x 1080 HD resolution
  • 15000 hours lamp life
  • Vertical keystone
  • 16 : 9 aspect ratio

Product Description

BenQ MH535FHD projectors is significantly equipped with WVGA LED technology which ensures the result quality. Its built-in battery gives it a lamp life of 15000 hours. The manufacturers guaranteed its use for many years. These projectors are for both the indoor and outdoor use.  This best affordable projector has a stan through which it can provide projection setup. When you close the projector, this stand double cover the lens of a projector.

With the introduction of advanced technology when lens of projector is uncovered projector turns on automatically with full brightness. There is no need to attach external speaker because it has its own dual built in stereo speakers which provides clear and sharp sound. These best projectors has plenty of connectivity ports. This entertainment device has supporting resolution of 1920 x 1080 and the brightness it delivers is 3600 lumens which are the features of some specific projectors falling in the category of best projectors under $1000.

  • Sharp image
  • Extreme bright
  • Easy setup
  • 2 HDMI ports
  • Decent look
  • Rainbow affect
  • Disappointed sound quality
Why you Should Buy BenQ MH535FHD?

If you are looking for the best selling projectors on amazon, then you should go for the BenQ MH535FHD projectors because it can provide you with all the latest technologies of modern projector though they has little low sound, but this can be overcome with the attachment of external speakers. Overall these projectors are perfect for both the home and the office use.

3.Nebula Capsule Mini Projectors

Anker Nebula Capsule
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  • 100 lumens brightness
  • 854 x 480 native resolution
  • 16 : 9 aspect ratio
  • 30000 lamp life
  • ± 40° keystone
  • 5W stereo speakers

Product Description

If you are searching for a portable projector that is also best in sound and brightness however doesn’t need to give a high amount, then the Nebula Capsule Mini projectors is simply what you need. These projectors are listed in the top best projectors under $300. There is the reality as you find to experience top-notch resolution so well. The projector has the 854 x 480 native resolution making sure that you come to watch the best quality videos. it is a best budget projector available under 250 dollars that will not ever let you down. Its brightness or contrast are significant despite the size. As a result, it is ideal for not only indoor but additionally outside activities.

Its design consists of combining the usage of the LED light supply and LCD technology. The combination offers you obvious pictures. Its fan format is of some other level. It makes the cooling system strong and efficient, disperses a lot of heat and reduces noise drastically. Now, for a projector, that system really offers you along excellent sound quality, permitting you to hear off the projector alone. Its built in battery gives it a lamp life of 30000 hours. It has both the horizontal and vertical keystone.

  • Perfect battery
  • Excellent image quality
  • Built in android
  • Low fan noise
  • Efficient speakers
  • No lens cover
  • No remote control
Why you Should Buy Nebula Capsule?

If you are looking for the best portable projector for business in this era of 2020 that can be easily carry to any desired place and if affordable range then you should be an owner of Nebula Capsule Mini projectors. It is best for both indoor and outdoor entertainment and its long battery life makes it able to function for a long time.

4.Nebula by Anker Mars II Pro Projector

Nebula By Anker Mars 2
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  • 500 lumens brightness
  • 10W dual stereo speakers
  • 1280 x 720 resolution
  • 16 : 9 aspest ratio
  • 30000 hours lamp life
  • ± 40° keystone

Product Description

The Nebula Anker Mars ll Pro Projectors measures 7 x 4.8 x 5.4 inches, making that like the volume of a tiny case. It weighs little more than five pounds. Projecting screen sizes between 30” and 150”, these HD Projector doesn’t fill a greater wall.

The Nebula Anker Mars ll Pro Projectors has a native resolution of 1280 x 720 including a 16:9 aspect ratio. For the desire of comparison, that means that projector’s native resolution is about the equal as 720p. At the interior of its presentation, this HD Projector is formed round an upgraded LED light source. These Best movie projectors under $600 gives out a most of 500-lux. And that’s what permits that after nearly dual the luminosity of similar projectors. Compared to comparable home theater projectors, its overall performance stands out. Powerful electronics tend to move hot. This best projection size for home theater  is available along a couple of modestly sized 32db cooling fans. They offers a great range of inputs options, which includes HDMI, USB, Micro SD. The built-in noise is an exception. Within them a couple of 10W speakers which is like the kind of sound you’d get together with a 40” television.

  • Small and light weight
  • Portable
  • Built in lens
  • Sleek design
  • Easy carry
  • Low brightness
  • Weak contrast
Why you Should Buy Nebula Anker Mars ll Pro?

You should be an owner of Nebula Anker Mars ll Pro Projectors because they are among the best selling projectors on Amazon. They are small and can be easily carry to any place. Thought it has little low brightness, but it is perfect for use in dark. It has plenty of connectivity ports so any device can be easily attached to it.

5.Epson EX5260 Projector

Epson EX5260
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  • 3600 lumens brightness
  • 1024 x 768-pixel resolution
  • LCD display technology
  • 3 – chips technology
  • 5x resolution

Product Description

Epson EX5260 Projector provides sharp image quality and can be focused very easily. It can be adjust easily because it does not has a lots of image adjustments. Delivers the best and bright image to its user. Its 3600-lumen white brightness and 3600 color brightness when combines with its contrast ratio helps you to ambient light according to the situation and offers clear image specially in dark area.

Latest 3 chips LCD technology is used in this projector. Native resolution of 1024 x 768p helps the delivers image clearly at viewing distance. Various device that can be connected to Epson EX5260 Projector through HDMI, VGA or RCA. Connection can also be made from Windows or Mac computers through USB. VGA cable and IR remote are also included in the package.

  • Little projector
  • 10 x 7 screen
  • Easy setup
  • Excellent picture design
  • Best for office use
  • Limited setup information
Why you Should Buy Epson EX5260?

Epson EX5260 Projector has all the features of most expensive projectors and really works better than them. Go and have them you will not be disappointed it will provides the best quality viewing screen to you.

6.Cocar Mini Projector T5 2020

Cocar Mini Projector T5 2020
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  • Display Resolution : 854 x 480
  • Brightness:2400 lumen
  • Aspect Ratio:4:3/16:9/16:10
  • Built-in loudspeaker
  • Throw Range:30-300 inches
  • 4k supported
  • 3D-DLP link
  • Bluetooth and HDMI support

Product Description:

Cocar mini projector T5 is a true 4k supported projector providing the best sharp, theater-like image for your home cinema. 2400 lumens brightness not only makes it good for home but also classrooms and office use. The display resolution of 854× 450 results in a high-quality sharp image up to 300 inches (7.62 m). It is the best potable handy projector with nice sleek designs and is quite easy to control.

One of its unique features is the built-in dual-band Wi-Fi that offers more stability and allows it to connect and share. Whereas the Android access to Play Store makes the installation of various apps possible, it means now you can install Netflix, YouTube, etc., and enjoy 3D videos on a huge screen of about 300 inches (7.62 m) projected through 3D-DLP supported T5 projector.

With its lightweight hardly of about 1.1 pounds (0.5 kg), You can carry it almost anywhere with ease, it is highly portable, and has battery using time up to 150 min.

Cocar Mini projector T5 has 4.2 Bluetooth function which means you now can connect it to wireless mouse and keyboard. Moreover, it has built-in high quality loudspeakers, support Dolby sound effects producing high quality sound, enhancing your 3D experience.

  • Sharp and vivid images
  • High Quality sound
  • Fast Operating System
  • Supports Wireless connectivity
  • Portable
  • Limited battery using time i.e. 150 minutes.
  • It is not an outdoor projector.
Why should you buy Cocar Mini projector T5?

Cocar Mini projector T5 is the best handy projector for home and office use providing good quality image and sound. In dark rooms or rooms with ambient light, it can prove to be a good friend. With a pre-installed Google play store, you can download Netflix and chill in your home cinema. It also permits phone mirroring using airplay. You can enjoy 3D videos at such an affordable price.

7. PTVwire WiFi Mini Video Projector

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Key Features:

  • Display Resolution : 1360×768
  • Brightness: 5000 lumens
  • 3 LCD Technology
  • Native resolution: 1280x720P
  • Contrast Ratio: 3000/1
  • Built-in dual loudspeaker: 3W.
  • Operating system: Android 6.0
  • Screen size: 50-180 inches
  • Lamp life: 40000 hours

Product Description:

If you’re Looking for a portable mini projector with minimal damage to the eyes and wide range of multimedia connection that can connect to your PC, laptop, and Xbox then PTVwire WiFi Mini Video Projector is the best choice for you. E500H is equipped with the latest 4.3 LCD technology and LED light source and strives hard to achieve high color fidelity. Whereas 5000 lumens brightness makes it perfect for your home theater or sleepover.

With 1720p native resolution, it offers 1080p HD support thus delivering a high-quality sharp image, and having a contrast ratio of 3000:1 it can produce quite a detailed image on your screen.  Supporting 2.5 G Wi-Fi, wireless connections are also accessible to connect your PC, laptop, etc. to your projector on the go.

E500H projector comes with an Android system so now you can play music and videos with great solace. Moreover, built-in speakers are clear, emitting good quality sound, supporting stereo effect.

  • High brightness
  • Android system
  • High configuration
  • Wireless connection
  • Good customer service
  • Easy setup
  • Dust cleaning panel
  • Do not support Dolby sound effects
  • Do not play 3D videos
  • Diffused resolution
Why should you buy PTVwire WiFi Mini Video Projector E500 Android?

E500 Android projector offers high brightness and good configuration at such an affordable price. With a lamp life of 40000, it could be the first choice when it comes to using it for a longer period of time. The diffused reflection makes it less harmful to the eyes and better protects the child.

8. LG HU80KA 4K UHD Laser Smart Home Theater CineBeam Projector

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Key Features:

  • Resolution: 4K UHD (3840×2160)
  • Brightness: 2500 lumen
  • Light source: Laser
  • Screen size: 150 inches
  • Lamp life: 20,000 hours
  • Item Weight 14.8 Pounds

Product Description:

Spice up your home cinema experience with LG 4K UHD Laser Smart Home Theater CineBeam Projector, Model # HU80KA delivering the best HD image with 8.3 million pixels (3840 x 2160) on a 150-inch (3.81m) screen.

With 2500 lumen brightness it’s perfect for projection with clarity in the conference room with ample light, gives a superb contrast ratio, and reflects the image fantastically.

The projector is HDR 10 compatible, making the image more real like and striving hard to ensure true cinematic experience. Built-in App Store can be used to download and install apps. And also has keystone settings capable of changing the screen.

HU80KA gives an aspect Ratio of 16:9 perfect for full HD movies and content. Built-in speakers. All of the components are packed in a rectangular box with a unique design. Wi-Fi connections are available.

  • Great color range
  • Perfect for 4k HD videos
  • Magic Remote
  • Easy setup
  • Decent picture quality
  • The LG App Store does not have prime video
  • Isn’t a short-throw projector
Why should you buy LG HU80KA 4K UHD Laser Projector?

4k projector offering crisp, bright dynamic images.  HDR with high contrast ratio and lots of brightness. Decent light output, good wireless connections, real stunner HD presentation in such a small package. Highly portable perfect for on-th-go. Perfect for home theater.

9.YABER V3 Mini Bluetooth Projector 5500 Lux

YABER V3 mini bluetooth projector
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  • Display Resolution: 1920 X 1080
  • Brightness: 5500 Lumen
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 / 4:3
  • Speaker Type: Stereo, Built-in
  • Bluetooth system
  • Screen Size: 45 – 200 inches
  • Weight: 2, 42 bs (1, 1 kg)

Product Description:

The YABERV3 Mini Bluetooth Projector is with native 1280 x 720p resolution and brightness of 5500 lumens providing you with the high-quality materials that you want to have for home theaters either indoor or outdoor. The contrast ratio 5500 – 1 enables it to delivers you with a bright large screen and outstanding image clarity for entertainment purposes. The text is shown clearly without any blur even at the edges of the screen. Perfectly, you can get at an affordable price.

You do not need to connect it to external speakers as the built-in 3w dual HiFi stereo speakers with SRS sound system gives your ears a great auditory sense experience. It is easy to set up and is also suitable to be ceiling mounted by a universal mount. This is a cool projector with an advanced quiet fan cooling system. With a range of HDMI, USB, VGA, audio ports it offers multiple device compatibility so that you can easily connect with Xbox, TV, and other devices. Lamp life extends up to 1000000 working hours with an advanced smart eco-technology that minimizes lamp power consumption. This small and compact projecture is perfect for your next purchase and is always ready to project.

  • Bright and Clear
  • Easy to set up
  • Comprehensive connectivity
  • Decent build quality
  • Clear sound
  • Doesn’t come with an SD card port.
Why should you buy YABERV3 Projector?

YABERV3 is a portable projector giving you an outstanding viewing experience with colorful super bright images and decent sound on hand.

10.OHDERII Projector, Lumens Projector

OHDERII Projector
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  • 5500 lumens brightness
  • LCD technology
  • Contrast ratio1200:1
  •  Aspect ratio: 16:9/4:3
  • Display resolution: 720 x 1280 resolution
  • Item Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • 3W dual stereo Hi-Fi

Product description:

The 2.5 pounds OHDERII projector is a small and easy to carry but super powerful projector with many interesting features added. It is so small to be placed anywhere and it fits in well whether a meeting room or just at home this is all in all. Along with the 5500 lumens brightness,  the projector features multi-resolution compatibility means that the projector has the native 720HD resolution and also supports Full HD 1080 content to allow you to enjoy bright, sharp, and colorful images displayed on a 200 inches inch screen.

The projector also supports comprehensive multiple devices compatibility so that you can connect with either a PS4, Xbox, PC, or laptop as per choice. The brightness makes it a better choice when it comes to PowerPoint presentation whereas the lightweight is easy to transport from home to office, or office to site area. It also has multi mounting options so that you can place it on a table or choose it to mount on the ceiling. It has a user-friendly interface control system that makes the setup tension free.

OHDERII portable projector has an in-built 3W Hi-Fi dual stereo speaker producing a clear and audible sound. With 40,000 Hour lamp life it lasts quite long. In dark rooms, it can prove to be a good friend. So if you are looking for one of the perfect projectors with less time for powerful presentations you should go and have them you will surely not be disappointed.

  • Crisp sharp images
  • User-friendly control system
  • Long run
  • Decent build
  • Multi-resolution compatibility
  • Comprehensive connectivity
  • Quality material
  • Great sound quality.
  • The image is a little blurry around the edges.
  • No wireless connectivity
Why should you buy OHDERII projector?

OHDERII projector is really good for the price and offers high brightness. This compact versatile system is perfect for the PowerPoint projection.

Buying Guide – Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentations

The reason why to consider the buying factors before making a purchase is that by means of buyers guides you will get information of what specs does the projectors in market offers and it will help you understand what specs should actually suits your need. So let’s give it a quick read in order to get the right choice for a mix of projector’s specs that are meant for PowerPoint presentations delivery.

1: Determining the Projector Screen:

Firstly, using a projector for business purpose indicates the purpose of showing of the screen. Keeping this stance and size of audience to whom you will be presenting in mind, you should go for a proposed screen size and image quality. The screen is the most important factor in a projector, it should be smooth and should come up with the finest resolution. Also you should keep in mind the wall paint on which you are going to project the projector screen. Usually lighter painted walls are more preferred.

A Projector meant for business should have resolution of at least 4k from 480-720p, adjustable brightness levels, HDR support, keystone correction, Image stabilization etc.

2: Light Source and Lamp life of a Projector:

Just as the projector can’t survive without a perfect screen, the same way it’s of no use without a proper and brighter light source. The light source of a projector is determined by the number of lumens the lamp has.

Types of light Sources installed in a projector are three.

  1. Standard lamp
  2. LED light
  3. Laser

Standard bulbs are the older ones and are able to last for 3000-4000 hours, are brighter and affordable while laser light has the advantage of no bulb replacement, is energy efficient and quite brighter. While the LED bulbs are the top loved light sources, lasts up to 20,000 hours and are highly acknowledged for the better and accurate delivery of colors comparatively.

3: Brightness of a Projector:

For delivering a presentation, you would want to have a projector that should be bright enough for the person sitting at a quitter distance to understand what’s going on at the screen and what’s actually written in the line or paragraph you are referring to. The brightness of the pictures in your slides is equally important.

Projector brightness is also directed by the number of lumens, more the lumens, brighter would the projector screen be from a given distance.

Kinds of Brightness measurements you would find in a projector:

  1. White color output
  2. Color light output

Just as the names indicates, the white one would tell you about the amount of white light emitted whereas color light output would also determine the brightness of the projected colors I-e yellow, blue and red.

This measurement is highly important because it will tell you about how vibrant, accurate and detailed your presentation would be screen. That’s why to choose a projector with higher brightness measurement is important.

4-Resolution of the Projector:

Resolution of the projector is referred to the number of pixels it can display. This is why to choose a projector capable of displaying large number of pixels is important. The widely heard term when we talk about the projector resolution is the “4k Projector”. The name comes from the 4k Ultra HD screen vision that these projectors offers. These 4k projectors are well known for their sharp, vivid, accurate and smooth image and video quality.

Normal resolution range of a good projector is 489p-1080p while the 4k projectors goes ultra and provides the highest resolution.

5: Projector Contrast Ratio:

These termed are necessary to be understood by the newbies. The contrast ratio actually indicates the difference between the brightness and darkness of an image this is why projectors with higher contrast ratios are more loved since they will help you to better see the details in a picture thus enhancing the aesthetic effects of your presentation.

6: keystone Correction:

Features such as keystone correction and projection throw lays an importance due to their ability to allow you to correct the misrepresentations in your presentation that are caused when the projector isn’t placed at 90 degree to the screen. This is why the keystone correction should be high in order to end the distortions projected on screen.

7: Lens Shift:

Lens shift is known to correct the angle of lens mechanically by shifting it either up, down or to the side. Its role is somehow similar to the keystone correction and is important in retaining the full percentage of resolution in the projected images. It is also important for quick data adjustment.

8: Other Features To pay attention to:

  1. Wireless connectivity
  2. Different Mounting options
  3. Projection throw range
  4. Image correction options
  5. Sound
  6. Inputs such as HDMI and VGA
  7. Remote control
  8. Consistent delivery of the data.
Discussed above are the top collection of some of the best portable projector for PowerPoint presentations which are counted in the best projectors in 2020 in market. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. The essentials steps that a projector should have are discussed above and I am sure you would have given it a read. It’s time for you to make the correct decision to become an owner of one of the best projectors among the top 10. We have written reviews on best projectors under $1000 also. Although Projectors lays great importance on presenting our ideas to the fullest, they do come with some really important precautionary measurement. It is always good to give in deep read to the user manuals in order to understand the projector working and in order to avoid any kind of harm.


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