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There is a quote which says “If There Is a Book Which You Want to Read but Has Not Been Written Yet, Then You Must Write It”. All information related to Smart Tunnel has been discussed in detail for you.

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New technology is expending day by day, and the main focus is towards saving time. The smart tunnel technology is going to be launched in Dubai very soon. It will save your time and automatically perform very time-consuming tasks in few seconds.

Gulf News has reported that “Dubai Airport is planning to introduce smart tunnel technology, that will enable a passenger to complete passport control procedures within 15 seconds”. The passenger just has to walk through the biometric recognition systems.

Simple two processes:

The smart tunnel technology uses iris recognition technology; it is very simple to use. The process will be easily completed in two steps. The passenger will have to first stand in front of the tunnel for face recognition and then walk through it.

It has a green-tinged digital floorboard that turns its color into the red as a passenger walks through to finish the procedure.

Number of cameras used:

The unique features of a passenger are detected by the cameras with the help of a face recognition software to confirm passenger’s identity. Biometric scanners and virtual Boarders are equipped 80+ cameras.

The best and most liked part is you do not need any passport stamping or any other human involvement. It is the best part because not every time you are in a mood of answering questions or signing documents etc.

Tesla Car and Smartphone Facility:

It will also provide you the facility of transportation to the airport in Tesla cars, during which passengers can pre-register their flight related details with the help of their smartphone.

While going towards the airport in the Tesla car, both luggage weight detection and boarding pass delivery will be completed. After this, you will not have to carry the luggage as it will be automatically transported through the smart system.

Launching Date:

Up to now, no specific date has been announced by the officials. But it is said that by the end of next summer this technology will be installed in terminal 3, at Dubai international airport and by the end of 2020 it will spread in all terminals.

The general directorate of residence and foreign affairs in Dubai (GDRFA) is also working along with Emirates airlines in this project as a part of the Government Accelerators Program. The e-gate system across the airport in UAE to streamline border control process and reduce waiting time has already been initiated.

Expected Increase in Passenger’s Ratio:

With the help of this new technology, the capacity of Dubai airport is expected to reach 124 million passengers at Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International by the end of 2020. It is a good step by Dubai Airport, but they are not the first to launch this biometric system to improve airport efficiency.

Other countries using this technology:

Australia is also planning to use biometric identification as well and has intended to use facial, iris and fingerprint recognition in the airport. By this, the passengers wouldn’t have to show their passports or documents to the airport officials.

Delta is using this technology as an alternative to boarding passes and also used for luggage checking counters. The facial recognition is used in US as a part of the security measure for the international travelers.

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The main advantage of this technology is that it will speed up the passport control system. The time of people would not be wasted in showing their passport to the officials. They can easily come using their Tesla car in which the weight of their luggage would be noted down automatically and then they will not have to carry the luggage as well.

It will be transported through their pre-arranged smart system. Beside this it also has more facilities which has already been discussed with detail above. You would love to use this technology.

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