Hoverboard buying Guide | Updated January 2020

You are intelligent if before buying a hoverboard you are here because we must know each and everything about the product which we are going to own. It is also great that you are buying hoverboard online because time is money and it is wise to save it.

Here you will get all the points clear about hoverboards and will come to know about the cheap hoverboard that you are recommended to buy if you are a beginner. It is not wise to spend too much on your first purchase.

I will discuss everything here in Hoverboard buying guide but let’s take start from very basic information like 

  • What actually is hoverboard?
  • What are its different types?
  • What is its background in history?
  • For whom you are going to buy it?
  • Which thing attracts us about that?
  • How to use it safely?
  • Which hoverboard is the safest?
  • Where must you be extra careful while riding on a hoverboard?

All these questions would be discussed with detail in the content. Except for these questions, all the information is included which I considered important for you to know. So let’s get started with a very basic question

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What is hoverboard?

hoverboard Hoverboards commonly known as self-balancing scooters are electric, two-wheeled and portable devices. They have become wildly popular from last few years.Hoverboards let you stand on them and propel them in whatever direction you want to go. It is propelled in a specific direction by placing your weight in that particular direction you want to move. These are kind of mini Segways without the handlebars, mostly used for personal transport. Some people like to cover short distance using these hoverboards.

Hoverboards are both of the air wheel or board outline. The board comprises of two freely pivoting wheels secured on each side of the board using pivots. The rider controls it by putting weight on the delicate stack of the sheets. The Airwheel, comprises of maybe one or two wheels situated at the middle. They are controlled by the weight touchy cushions present on each side of the wheel. Choose the one among them which you can control the best. Hoverboards contain a rechargeable battery operated device that powers a motor.

Sometimes all these and other fastest hoverboard have two motors at the wheels. The battery is usually controlled by hand to turn it on and off. It helps you move in all directions and enjoy the ride fully.

Invention of Hoverboard

Hoverboards are also known as Self-Balancing Scooters, they resemble the skateboard, but these boards are electrically charged before using. In the middle of 2013, this gadget was the subject of the complex patent questions. Some of its volumes made in China were inclined to burst into flames in 2014.

The reason was overheating the battery. Shane Chen, an American businessperson, and originator of Inventist recorded a patent for a gadget of this sort in February 2013 and propelled a Kickstarter gathering pledges crusade in May 2013. David Pierce proposed in a Wired article that the “Shrewd S1”, a gadget by the Chinese innovation organization Chic Robotics holding different licenses identified with the bike, could have been the primary noticing that the Hovertrax is “not exactly a similar thing”. This 2015 tech prevailing fashion may have been cool, however, it had a perilous side.

Last year there were many reports of hoverboards detonating and bursting into flames. Urban areas prohibited them from streets and walkways. Aircrafts wouldn’t give you a chance to bring them onto planes. Retailers, for example, Amazon and Overstock quit offering certain models and even advised purchasers to waste ones they’ve officially gotten. The problem is not fastest hoverboard but  the  way how you use it.

What is Hoverboard’s background in history?

hover background Hoverboards were first used in 2015 and after that large number of people bought them. They were liked by people of almost every age. In the same year, 2,578,000 were sold and the revenue generated by hoverboards reached $1 billion. Hoverboards became the most popular gift in the year 2015.

Everyone loved to ride on them but after some time the news of explosions was heard due to poor quality lithium-ion battery used. The sales constantly decreased, Amazon stopped carrying hoverboards. To solve the safety issues, the Consumer Production Safety Commission recommended a new safety standard for hoverboard batteries- UL 2272 certification.

This certification includes both strict testing of electric and fire safety so you don’t have to worry if you are going to buy hoverboard for kids as they are safe to use. After this certification, all the retailers once again began to carry hoverboards but those which are certified.

Types of Hoverboards:

When products are designed so they are designed for all, not few. All the aspects are kept in mind before designing. Weight is a very important factor, both the weight of a person and weight of hoverboard. It’s not important that people who love to ride them would be smart only, they can be fat as well.

So some hoverboards have a more sturdy design for the durability and safety of a person. Some best Kids Hoverboards are also available in the market. There are different hoverboards present in many sizes for people of all ages and different weights. They are designed for people of all ages, whether they are kids or grown up.Hoverboards for kids are designed according to their weight.  Let’s have a look at their different types.

1. 10 Inch wheels Hoverboard: (wheel SUV smart)

This hoverboard has rugged and durable air filled rubber wheels. It has a wireless speaker to play tunes wirelessly with any Bluetooth enabled device. It gets in touch with a maximum speed of 7.5 miles per hour. Its Amazing LED lights blaze in front while you ride. It can hold up to a maximum weight of 300 lbs.

 2. 5-inch wheel hoverboard: (original smart balance wheel)

This hoverboard is UL 2272 safety certified. Its wheel size is 6.5-inch vacuum tyre with Bluetooth speakers. It is considered one of the fastest hoverboard.

3. Bluetooth 6.5  to 8-inch wheels: (Hoverboard Bluetooth)

These hoverboards support music streaming via Bluetooth and work with any phone that has Bluetooth. For connectivity go to your phone settings, Bluetooth, and then select the hoverboard from devices. It simply turns on when your self-balancing scooter is turned on, and the signals are discoverable until you connect the board to your phone.

4. X Model hoverboard:

X Model hoverboard can scale abrupt slopes of up to 30 degrees. Most hoverboards can only get up 10 to 15 degrees. Its weight capacity is 120 kilograms which is just amazing. Isn’t it?

5. Children’s Edition Hoverboard:

Everybody knows that children love hoverboards. So there must be an edition for them which they can easily operate. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is the best and fastest hoverboard for kids. It is easy to use and the best thing is its auto leveling.

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For whom you are going to buy it?

There are different hoverboards, already discussed which are specially designed for men, women, teenagers, and kids in different sizes. So before buying you must keep in mind that which one you are looking for.It is not possible that every hoverboard is appropriate for everyone.

Some are large and heavy, which children can’t carry and operate. We all know that kids’ safety comes first and we would definitely want that our children should get safety approved hoverboard. Fortunately, some manufacturers are making smaller and lighter hoverboards for kids which they can easily ride and handle.

So if you are buying the one for your child so keep in mind to have smaller, lighter and safety approved best kids hoverboard. If you are an expert so you might want the one which is larger, heavier and fastest one. You should just know tips to control and then move around using it safely.

Which thing attracts us about hoverboard?

 People usually think that hoverboards are used for leisure or they think that kids and teens ride them at home or public places to perform different tricks. But there are some practical uses of hoverboards. You can use them for transportation within a city, as they have large battery capacity and good speed.

Its best to get around without using your car, no tension of parking it or spending money on fuel. I think it is enough reason to attract us about hoverboard.

Safety concerns regarding hoverboards:

There are many safety concerns regarding hoverboards. A very well-known and famous quote says health is wealth. It is obvious that everyone wants to enjoy but safety comes first. I am not telling you not to buy the one due to its safety concerns but telling you to be more careful. So we must be careful of all the safety concerns as well.

1. Falling off from the hoverboard:

Speed thrills, but it kills! Whether you are riding on a hoverboard or driving a car over speeding can harm you. If we talk about hoverboard so they can reach a maximum speed of around 10mph, the faster you are riding there are more chances of falling off.

I would recommend you to wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards before going for a safe ride. After having these all your risk of sprains, fractures, and other minor or major injuries will lower.

2. Weight limitations:

Check the weight capacity of a hoverboard before riding on it. Hoverboards have a minimum weight limit around 45 pounds and the maximum they can support up to 300 pounds. So you must check out the specification part before buying one for yourself. Sometimes it becomes difficult for kids to balance the hoverboard because they are under the weight limit.

3. Uneven surfaces and steep hills:

While riding on uneven surfaces, you must be more careful. Most hoverboards stop operating while going up or down steep hills. It becomes too tough to operate over 30 degrees. If you are an expert of riding hoverboard and save yourself from falling off, then riding on a rough surface is nothing for you. Because we care about one’s safety and don’t want to see anyone getting hurt.

4. Traffic accidents:

We admit that having hoverboard is a fun and one must try riding it at least once in life.  But accidents are also part of life. It depends on us that how wisely we can keep ourselves safe. Simply a person should not ride it near traffic, and if you are learning so don’t even think about riding it on roads.

Accidents do not occur due to fastest hoverboards, but they do occur due to the misuse of speed their limits.

Things to consider before buying hoverboard: (Hoverboard Buying Guide)

There are so many things to keep in mind before buying a hoverboard for yourself or to gift it to someone. These factors would help you a lot in picking the best one for you. We must know that how much durable is the product which we are going to have. How is its battery quality and is the hoverboard which I am going UL 2272 certified or not?

There are many other factors which we must keep in mind. Below all of them are discussed with detailed information. I want that this purchase should become your Hoverboard best buy story.

1. Battery quality AND UL 2272 CERTIFICATION:

Before buying make sure the quality of a battery is good because the low-quality battery can cause many problems from which you are not unaware. You may not be able to ride for a long time using a low-quality battery. I would highly recommend you to look out for UL 2272 certification before buying. If hoverboard is certified, you should not then worry about any kind of explosion issue. It simply means that you are safe on a hoverboard.

Mostly hoverboards are made in China, some of them are made using high-quality components which cost quite high. To keep prices low some hoverboards are manufactured using low-quality parts. If you want to enjoy the ride so don’t think about the rate and have the one which can keep you safe. Hoverboards which are not UL 2272 certified cannot be marketed in the US.


It is an important factor to be considered! After charging your hoverboard fully you can ride them all day on that single charge. Mostly after charging them two to three hours you can ride them for at least two hours. It is experienced that one can cover a range of 10 to 12 miles on a single charge.There are a lot of good models present that have an indicator which warns when the battery is low. You can easily cover 6 to 8 miles in an hour without having to deal with vibrations.

If it happened that you forgot to charge your hoverboard, I have a solution for that it is not a big deal. Have your hoverboard in hand and move on towards your destination! Then another factor in this situation help or put you in difficulty and that is the weight of your hoverboard. If hoverboard weighs lighter, then no issue else you will not forget to charge it before using.


You must be aware that the average top speed of most hoverboards is 10mph. It also depends on the model of the hoverboard, the weight of the rider and type of wheel. It is fun to ride a hoverboard in high speed. But the fun ends when you come across bumps and uneven surface. While riding on an uneven surface it then becomes dangerous. You have to be a pro for moving safely there. The speed of standard board type ranges between 12 to 14 miles while the speed of high-end boards goes up to 17 miles per hour. The speed of Airwheel type for low-end models ranges about 4-6 miles and premium model’s speed is 24-28 miles.


There are different hoverboards of different prices, they are both affordable and expensive.To know hoverboard cost is must for a person who is going to purchase. Keep one thing in mind, you get what you pay for so if you are an expert rider so you might be looking for some extra features like built-in Bluetooth to enjoy music while riding or remote control capability etc. as well.

I recommend you to go for the one which is durable because you are going to us it roughly. If you are a beginner and want to try everything for some time so you can go for inexpensive one. You can have the one which best suits your budget as there are many best budget hoverboards with best features as well.   

5.   Wheel size and type:

 Hoverboards are designed in different wheel sizes with 6.5-7 in, 8-inches and 10-inches. Individually they have different benefits like 6.5-7 inches’ wheels hoverboard are ideal for smooth paths. If you are going to use the hoverboard on rough surfaces, then you should select the hoverboard with larger than 6.5-inch wheels and if you can afford and ride 10-inch wheels then it is the best option.

6.   Weight capacity:

Check for weight and height restrictions before buying. Because almost every hoverboard support weight from 20kg to 110kg. if you want to keep hoverboard for a long time then buy that which can carry more weight than your body.

If your weight is below 100 KGs, then you should buy 7-inches Hoverboard and if you weigh over a 100 KGs then 10-inches hoverboard is best for you


One cannot get a sense of the build quality of a hoverboard while ordering online. But you can get help from the customer’s reviews, after that research carefully and check for the specifications of the model you are going to buy.

The difference in the build quality varies of each hoverboard. The housing material, frame, some hoverboards have plastic wheels while others have metal wheels. Their internal parts are also different like motors, sensors and other electronic parts.


Now it is time to guide you properly about how to ride a hoverboard. But first I would talk about children as they love to use hoverboard for commuting. A child who is less than 12 years should not ride it without proper guidance.

Don’t allow your child to take it far away from your sight. If your child is over 12 so then you don’t have to worry as he will handle and manage very well to stand back after falling. There are some steps to follow to learn to ride a hoverboard.

1. Have your hoverboard:

First, check your hoverboard that is it charge or not. After that put it down on the place where you intend to ride. If there is beginner mode so turn it on for an easy move if there isn’t so keep in mind that you have to start in very slow speed. After that you should put your one foot on a hoverboard, using this foot adjust your hoverboard in the level riding position.

When you feel that now you are ready so put your other foot on it as well. The best thing about hoverboard is that they are designed to balance you electronically after you put your both feet on it.  Your heartbeat will definitely increase but it will happen for just a few minutes. After that, it will be normal once again.

2. Start moving the hoverboard:

Now you are balanced on the hoverboard, so the next thing is moving backward and forward. It is easy to move on the hoverboard but there is a trick to learn and that is: you should move forward or backward by shifting your weight.

You should lean a little backward to move backward and to move forward you should shift your weight forward.

3. Hoverdancing or turning the hoverboard:

After learning to move forward and backward you would definitely want to spin it as well. There is a small technique of using your feet to turn your hoverboard. First, consider you are standing on the hoverboard; to turn it right push your left foot forward and to turn left push your right foot forward. After you learn to ride hoverboard you will love to spin it.

Some people like Hoverdancing (hoverboard dance) so if you are also the one who wants to dance on hoverboard so then you must learn to turn it around.You will take time to learn how to ride, but after practicing some days you will become an expert. Following these steps and practicing can make you pro within a few days.

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Health Benefits of Using Hoverboards?

Besides fun, there are a lot of benefits of hoverboard which most of people usually don’t consider much.

Let’s have a look at some of them,

1. Exercise for Full Body

It is a kind of exercise of full body like while riding on the hoverboard you perform number of different stunts.

On that time everybody thinks that they are just for fun but actually they play important role in making your body parts active.

One uses hands as well by keeping them in air, in order to maintain balance. Mind is also active while riding on hoverboard as you have to perform different movements as you come across obstacles.

Besides them legs movement, use  of muscles and all it becomes like full body exercise.

2. Consume Additional Calories

If you want to burn calories so hoverboard can help you a lot in this case as well.  Without stepping off those electric hoverboard wheels, you can increase your heart rate and burn a few extra calories.

While riding on hoverboard your leg muscles are getting workout because your focus is on balancing in which muscles are used.

Your muscles are engaged, and heart rate is boosted when you want to turn corners or accelerate or decelerate self-balancing scooter.

According to a research one can lose 285 calories by riding hoverboard for 30 minutes only.

3. Encourage Getting Outside

Having hoverboard lets you enjoy the weather outside, have some fresh air and also it takes you out from the boring work environment.

It offers two in one means people can use it both for transportation and also to have some exercise.

Getting outside home for some time makes your mind fresh and also it helps you to meet old friends, make new ones and enjoy your life fully

4. Increases Balance and Reflex Ability

Hoverboard helps you in strengthening your sense of balance and reflex movements.

Because while riding on hoverboard you have to lean forward and backwards to go faster or may be to slow down.

Mostly we are working on our muscles and reflexes because it’s the game of hands but mind. with passage of time, after you get used to with hoverboard your sense of balancing improves, and you automatically balance yourself when needed.

 5. Ensure A Healthy Environment for Your Wellbeing

 It offers air-pollution and sound pollution free environment which makes surrounding healthy.

Also, to ride on hoverboard you definitely have to visit a beautiful site that has positive effect on your health.

So, have hoverboard, ruse it as a medium of transportation and move around the city without harming the environment.

Top 10 hoverboard brands:(Best and Fastest Hoverboards)

At the end, I would like to share top 10 hoverboard  brands. There are many best brands I only picked ten out of them. The hoverboard reviews of these products were mostly positive.

Mostly people like Hoverboard Bluetooth because they want to listen to their favorite music and ride. Let’s have a look at them shortly.

1. Powerboard by HOVERBOARD:

  •       It is one of the most durable hoverboards
  •       You can easily learn to use it.
  •       It is made to bear 100kg weight capacity.
  •       It uses lithium-ion battery.

2. Leray Self-Balancing Scooter:(Best hoverboards 2018)

  • It has comprehensive warranty from the manufacturers
  • It is 6.5-inch 2-wheel hoverboard
  • It is certified by all top certifying bodies like CE, FCC, UN38.3, and RoHS.
  • You can use it fearlessly, without any safety issue

3. Spaceboard Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard

  • It meets all safety standards
  • It has a remote control for turning it ON/OFF easily.
  • It has UL-certified Li-ion batteries.
  • It is famous for its durability
  • it is one of the fastest hoverboard.

4. HALO ROVER Hoverboard: (Fastest Hoverboard) 

  • Its weight capacity is 265lbs
  • It has all-terrain wheels and top speed of 10 mph
  • It is one of the most expensive scooters
  • You can control it easily and effortlessly

5. HoverTech Two-Wheel Mini Scooters:

  • It has durable UL certified design
  • It comes with UL-Certified charger
  • It comes with one-year warranty
  • It has stable rubber tire and rubberized plastic platform for maximum stability

6. EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter:

  • It covers is 10 miles per hour in a single charge
  • It comes with dual 400 Watts motors
  • It can also climb slopes which are up to 18-degree steep.
  • You can travel using it on any type terrain easily

7. Razor Hovertrax Electric Self Balancing Scooter:(Blue hoverboard)

  • You can run it for more than two hours on a single charge
  • You can easily cover 6 miles in an hour
  • It has dual hub motors
  • It doesn’t need any skill to ride it.

8. The Original Monster Wheel:

  • It can cover 6.2 miles per hour speed
  • A single charge can run for an hour
  • It is simpler to use as compared to others

9. Swagway X1:

  • It covers up to 20 miles per charge
  • It gives you a warranty of one-year.
  • Single charge works for two-hours.

10. Skque XI/I Series- UL2272:

  • It has built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • It has durable 10-inch wheels
  • Its weight capacity 264lbs
  • It has UL-certified battery


It was all about hoverboard, and at the end ten best hoverboards mentioned. If you want to add anything else other than information added above so feel free so let us know in the comment below.

Thank you 🙂

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