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Are you looking for best tasting protein powder to improve your health with enriched proteins?


Do you feel hell tired after your hard gym time after exercise? If the answer is yes then surely you are at the right place. Protein powder is a famous class of supplements that provide you with a vast array of essential amino acids, that are vital for your health.

If you love to be in heavy exercises or have a running habit to keep yourself fit and healthy so you strongly need proteins in your diet. You might know that protein helps the muscles to recover and build stronger.

In such case finding the best protein powder is become vital. In this era of competition, finding the ideal food supplement for your health is crucial.

Here, I am going to give you a complete detail for selecting the right protein powder and some important considerations before buying the right product for yourself. Only then you can have a peaceful routine of your healthy exercise without getting worried about your health.

You will find all the related information that you might be thinking of, and that could lead you to a wise purchase. Always remember! There is no compromise when it is about health and fitness.

If you are new to the gym and exercise plan so you should be very careful because an unhealthy exercise routine is dangerous for your health and fitness rather than significance. This article guide will help not only the one who is on the workout but also those who have no proper idea about getting into gym and exercises.

So, let’s start digging with the article just sit tight and stay on the page for reading more!!

Why go for a protein powder?

You might be thinking that why you should have a protein powder in your daily diet? What it does and is it safe or not? You may be thinking about the benefits of protein powder, isn’t it? Yes! I know the newbies will be wondering about all these and will be curious to know the answers. But in this guide, all your doubts will be cleared, and your questions will be answered.

It doesn’t matter if you are a skinny or shabby person, but this supplement surely has a great place in your diet. Most people don’t get sufficient protein in their diet, and that’s why their bodies cannot build lean muscle mass that doesn’t bother to burn fat. This is the reason protein powder is one of the crucial supplement for anyone looking to lose some kg’s and to have a fabulous body.

First, you should know about protein powder and then how it works in your body.!!!!

What is Protein Powder?

As you all know protein is a functional nutrient that is essential and fundamental for your health, it is very important. It is necessary for keeping the important processes of the working of body and plays a vital role in strengthening your immune system, maintaining your muscle size, restoring your broken cells and tissues, the creation of hormones and act as an energy supplier when the carbs and fat are belittled.

While Protein powder is a blend of proteins, nutrients, and amino acids that are intended to help your body to raise muscle, in combination with proper exercise and diet plan. When you exercise with masses, your muscles started to shred and rip from the exertion, and these small rips and shreds require to be repaired. What these compounds in the protein shake does is to help restore these swelled tissues. It shows that your body continually requires mending and restructuring your muscles, contingent to where you dedicated your efforts on. Due to this tears in muscle tissue, it raises the ‘stiff muscle’ pain that is experienced by gym goers.

This is where your protein drink comes into power, by facilitating your body with all necessary building blocks for healing your damaged tissues and your body. It drastically increases your recovery times if compared to one who is not on any protein drink. This is the reason protein powder is a key element for all who wish to have big gains in the gym with fewer recovery times.

Few of these supplements have additional advantages, just like caffeine for energy, or some extra vitamins and nutrients for health and fitness. What protein powder you select, always make sure that you pick the right product for you. So, if you are trying to mass up with a protein drink, or want to slim down with a meal substitute, protein powders will be there to cover you.

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Protein Powder VS Performance

Do you think there is a connection between the performance and protein drink? Well; if you are thinking this, then you are on the right path because there is a strong bond between these two. For better outstanding performance, it is essential that your body is in a great position to recover and to stay fit during the exhaustive tough exercise and workouts.

Hope am not boring you!!!!!

As you all know that organic protein powder has the tendency to improve recovery times for muscles and to stimulate its growth, this is because the protein powder is made of amino acids and proteins which are in whey powder, caseins bestow food on the muscular systems, it is desirable for growth and nourishment of our bodies as well.

Protein powder helps us enhance our performance by delivering higher doses than what we can get naturally from our food.

If you want to achieve protein yields in your food, for this you have to consume huge sums of high protein meats, e.g., beef and mutton, but the caloric levels of these meals would be in such a way that the nutritional benefits would be balanced by our excessive calorie ingestion. It means that we have to exercise far more than what we would have to do while using protein powders, it is like creating an undesirable and more expensive way to shape muscle.

Protein powders are very affordable and handy solution to this problem, as most of the shakes only need to add water or milk to the powder and shaken quickly to allow the powder to fully  mixed, No extra efforts required it is as easy as just in-taking the mix-up formula.

We may start to see the performance gains for the bodybuilders in the gym when fed muscles lean to recover more quickly. And more formed the muscle is, the stronger it ,becomes, permitting for more weights and recurrences to be accomplished, which further leads to helps with development and speeds up progress

Daily recommended dose of protein powder??

This can be a bit controversial according to different schools of thought when it comes to the daily recommended dose. According to some people, the protein should be taken according to your weight. For example, “the FDA says that protein ingestion between 1.4 – 2.0g can safely be consumed per kg of a human body weight/day”.

This statement means that a person whose weight is 100kg can easily consume between 140g to 200g of protein/day. If we bear in mind that most servings of protein drinks are between 20g to 25g/serving, this entails that a person who weighs 100kg would require consuming various helpings of protein powder to knock their maximum RDA in order to max out their protein part for the day.

It could possibly be problematical, as it depends on the brand of as well as the compositional ratios of ingredients in the protein powder. For example, powders which have caffeine and some other enrichments contain their own isolated RDA limits, and that’s why would need to be monitored and allocated appropriately.

Proteins can also absorb into the body via the foods that we take, which is why protein shakes are supposed to be used in combination with a healthy diet plan to supplement protein consumption. If we consume it as a meal replacement, protein shakes can add value to your diet plan and exercise activities. A protein shake can help you to gratify hunger in between mealtimes, or it can be your own a meal.

There is one main point to bear in mind that if ever you feel suspicious about a product’s RDA, make sure to be in contact with the manufacturer to get the proper use, and if you are unsure then be sure to consult a health expert to determine the safe limit for yourself. One important point to remember: everything in life should be taken in balance, even all natural protein powder shakes.

Protein Powder Benefits

There are various benefits of taking protein powder in your routine, especially for those who are working on bodybuilding to have a muscular body and those who are engaged in physical workouts like weightlifting.

Protein powder as I mention above that it helps you build muscle tissues, fasten the recovery cycles and helps to gain weight.  It boosts up your daily caloric ingestion and not only weight gainers, but those who want to lose some kgs can get the benefits out of protein powder.

The essential supplements and nutrients help improve your body immune system and strengthen body defense mechanism. Protein powder increases your stamina that is an important factor in your fitness plan.

Types of Protein Powder

Protein is mainly classified into two categories, i.e., Animal source protein and Vegetable Proteins.

1. Animal Protein

This category of protein contains milk products such as whey and casein; it also contains beef and egg white protein.

2. Whey Protein Powder:

it is a milk product which makes up to 20% milk protein, it is considering to be the best tasting and affordable protein with high quality that makes it the best option out of all. The whey protein plays an important part in enhancing the body immune system.

According to health experts, whey proteins supplements are far much better than others because they contain a vast amount of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) and can easily be digested. The whey proteins are further classified in two varieties, i.e., is whey concentrate and whey isolate.

Whey isolates are fat-free, you can call it taste better and is also lactose-free.

Whey concentrate has low lactose, and it is more economical with low fats and carbs.

3. Casein Protein Powder:

this category is also a milk derivative, but it makes up to 80% of milk proteins. An important feature that provides an edge to casein over whey is its slow digestion of protein, which provides a steady supply of nutrients to your cells and tissues.

Both the whey and casein have the same taste.

4. Beef protein:

 people who are looking for non-plant and non-dairy sources of protein, so beef protein is a better option. The basic attribute of this protein source is it is cholesterol-free and no fats protein, and it is also packed with BCAA and creatine naturally.

5. Egg white Protein:

again, for those who need to have dairy-free products. I personally don’t like dairy products as well, and I used to prefer both beef and egg white protein. The egg white protein has naturally low fats with low carbs and is cholesterol-free. It doesn’t taste good when compared to milk protein.

6. Vegetable Source Protein

Vegetable source contains pea, soy, hemp, rice and developed grain proteins which are superb alternatives for animal and milk protein sources.

7. Pea Protein Powder:

its quality is like the egg and soy which are complete sources, and it is a better supplier of arginine. Although it lacks the necessary amino acids.

8. Hemp Protein Powder:

it is basically a plant-based source of protein that contains eight vital amino acids with live enzymes. It improves your general health, and it has very important substances like vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that are used to help in absorption and indigestion.

It is very expensive!

9. Soy Protein Powder:

it is similar in performance to whey protein and is enriched with all the important amino acids. It has one drawback that is; if it is overconsumed, so it can reduce the testosterone level in men.

10. Rice Protein Powder:

same as whey protein but it is gluten-free and has no lactose. It contains a tiny amount of BCAA Lysine which is not ideal for increasing muscle mass.

11. Hydrolysate Protein Powder- a distinct type of protein

These are produced by professional purification procedures, and that’s why these proteins are considered to be the most expensive and highest quality proteins. These Protein Powder have an excellent digesting and bulky amino acids. If you are bodybuilder or athlete, then it is an ideal choice for you.

But!!! Remember, it can increase your insulin level.

Before buying a Protein Powder, remember!!

As I have mentioned all the types of protein powder that are available in the market, so now you can easily decide about what type of protein powder is required. Whether you need a specific animal protein or vegetable? So, first decide it and then go for buying

Choosing the best tasting Protein Powder

Before buying the Protein Powder for yourself, keep few important points in your mind

  • Analyze your requirement first, and it is better to consult a health specialist
  • Get complete info about all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins with quantity and quality
  • After deciding the product, you may choose the flavor from the provided list
  • You can have chocolate, vanilla or strawberry flavor and natural as well
  • The above flavors are known as regular flavors; you can have fancy flavors as well
  • Fancy flavors include Peanut Butter Cookie, chocolate Cake Butter or Extreme Milk Chocolate
  • Go for the fancy flavors; you won’t regret it. Believe me!
  • Go accordingly with your budget and
  • Purchase the supplements from a well-known reliable brand or company


Now we reached at the end of our informational guide; I am hoping that you may have now sufficient knowledge about what are Protein Powders and how they could benefit us. The best tasting protein powder is enriched with macronutrients to nourish your body and strengthen your muscle. Always look for the nutrients and of course the source of protein that you are interested in. we had tried our level best to include all the relevant essential information in this guide, so you can have a hassle-free purchase which could benefit you. Because there is absolutely no compromise when it comes to health.

Protein drinks are not necessarily made for bodybuilders or weight gainers but also to those who regularly exercise and are engaged in different physical activities. Because it fulfills your body need of protein, as we don’t take enough amount of protein in our diet which is why we don’t look healthy and fit. Protein Powder not only helps repair your tissues but is crucial for your general health and enhance stamina.

I personally think that flavor shouldn’t be the primary objective of selecting your desired protein powder because enthusiastic people don’t need there drink to taste like candy. So, it was all about the best tasting protein, we hope that you had enjoyed reading the article and most of your doubts will be now cleared. Stay healthy

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