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Almost every second person in the world hates traffic jam and don’t want to stuck in it. If you love keep going on by using mind wisely then you must be the one who is Inline skate lover. There are so many people who are of adventurous nature and enjoy every second of their life. We also want you to keep enjoying and therefore decided to to let you know about some of the Best Inline Skates of 2020.

So, you are one of those who love to cover short distance using inline skates?

No ? Its OK if you are not going to buy them for yourself, you can have these best inline skates for someone else you know.It would be an amazing gift ever.

This article is written for your convenience so that you can easily have what you are looking for. Here you will get complete information about inline skates, product description, specifications, pros and cons. It will help you a lot in picking the best one according to your need. Many people also like and buy Hoverboards you can find them by clicking the link.

Here are some best inline skates would be discussed, I am going to share some amazing aggressive inline skates in a while that will help you keep on riding in the toughest tracks.

Here is the list of some best skates available in the market

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Let’s take the start and talk about some best inline skates to buy.

To get detailed information about inline skates visit this inline skates Buying guide.

1.K2 Skate Men’s F.I.T. Pro 84 Inline Skates (Best Men’s Inline Skates)

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 Key Features:

  • Mostly these skates are used for fitness.
  • One of its best features is its flex notch.
  • The maximum wheel size is 84 mm.
  • D.C aluminum is used in frame material.
  • The product ID is 410281
  • It is shipped only in the USA.
  • It possesses speed lacing

K2 Skate Men’s Review:

If you need inline skates for fitness or training activities, then K2 Skate Men’s F.I.T. Pro 84 are best for you. These quad roller skates are famous for their working, stability, and comfort. They are manufactured in both men’s and women’s size, so none of you will feel unbalanced. It allows for healthier breathability and eradicates all the pressure points.

Original K2 has fitness-oriented Die cast (D.C) and stability plus Cuff there for superb stability, control and better transfer of power. Its hook and loop ankle strap keeps foot secured which allows you to move as fast as you want. Its lacing is very easy, within some seconds you can wear and remove them. One of the best features is its built in arch support and lateral reinforcement. It allows you to ride comfortably.

  • These skates fit well and comfortable to wear.
  • They are easy to use and fast.
  • They possess great glide.
  • Makes covering short distance easily.
  • Much plastic on the boot area.
Recommended for:
It is recommended for those who need an inline skate for fitness or training activities. If you are an intermediate skater, so it is worthiest for you. The best thing about them is they come in both men and women size. So, start training right now and have the best one for yourself.

2. Epic Skates 125mm Engage 3-Wheel Inline Speed Skate

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Key Features:

  • Their weight is only 7kg.
  • It can be shipped within USA only.
  • They possess Hard-shell Upper with a Pure-Comfort Liner.
  • These skates have 125 mm High Rebound 86a with glass-filled plastic core wheels.
  • They have Pre-spun ABEC – 7 Speed Bearings.

Epic Skates Review:

Epic engage is famous for its fast speed and quickness. They are very comfortable and best for the street relief. They are usually preferred by those who are expert skaters. They are designed for men and mostly used by them as they are 3 wheeled.

Epic skates are hard-shell boots their upper side is combined with helpful pure-comfort liner.

Their wheels are glass-filled plastic and 125mm high. They have perfect ABEC-7 bearings and 195mm mounted, aircraft grade polished aluminum frame.

  • They are amazing and fast.
  • They are very smooth and good quality skates.
  • The bearings are of high quality.
  • They are comfortable.
  •  Wheels are not replaceable.
Recommended for:
Those who love speeding Epic skates are best for them. If you have previous experience in skating so i would recommend you to go for this one. Also,if you want inexpensive inline skates with pro features so go and grab it.

Many people also buy Hoverboard for covering short distance.

3.K2 F.I.T. 84 Boa Inline Skates – Best Inline Skates 2018

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Key Features:

  •  It was launched in the market in the 2016.
  •  The product ID is 371225.
  •  It has high skate cuffs
  •  They come with quad skate wheels
  •  It can be shipped inside United States only.
  •  Its wheel size is 80mm- 89mm.
  •  It has Boa closure system.
  •  The frame material used is DC Aluminum
  •  Its wheel durometer is 80A

K2 F.I.T. Review:

K2 F.I.T 84 Boa Inline Skates are best for both starters and the experts. It has comfortable speedy lacing with fast moving wheels. You will feel yourself flying in air while using them. They have Boa Closure System which keeps you safe during your trial. These skates have 84 mm wheels and the frame is made of DC Aluminum which gives you stability.

They possess arch support lateral reinforcement flex notch. If it doesn’t satisfy you so you can return it within 30 days is its original condition with original receipts date.

  • They have Smooth ride.
  • They are perfect for beginners.
  • They are fun and fast
  • They can be easily tighten and adjusted.
  • The returning time is one month.
Recommended for:
It is recommended for those who want to buy a skates for fitness. These play important role in keeping you fit and healthy. No matter whether you are an intermediate or advanced skater it is best for you.

4. Roller Derby Boy’s Tracer Adjustable Inline Skate (Best Kids Inline Skates)

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Key Features:

  • They have comfort fit padding so your feet will feel comfortable.
  • They have soft boot system and dual cam-lever buckle so you can easily put on skates.
  • Their push button adjustment system help you in adjusting skate
  •  These skates practices “Excellerator 608ZB”.
  •  Their size is adjustable.
  •  They are designed for recreation.

Roller Derby Boy’s Review:

If you are looking inline skates for your child and want them to be safe and easy to ride then roller derby are best for you. If your kid’s feet are small (12-1) or medium (2-5) sized then these skates will fit first class. Let’s talk about their some more features and specifications which make them best for your kid. One of best features of these quad roller skates is that with the help of urethane speed formula modification you can go as fast as you can manage.

Their push button size adjustment offers performance and adjustment so your growing feet can be accommodated easily. Their frame is made from reinforced nylon.

  • Wheels are replaceable.
  • They are super for recreation.
  • They adjust inn size so will last longer.
  • They are fast and comfortable.
  • They are sturdy and easy to use.
  • Its wheels does not turn easily.
Recommended for:
They are recommended for young skate lovers who can’t wait to grow up for skating and want to skate now. They will adjust in your feet as they were designed specially for your feet size. These are safe and best budget skates for all who want excellent performing skates.

5. 5th Element Lynx LX Women Inline Skates

 Key Features:

  •  These are recreational inline skates.
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  • The material used in manufacturing is aluminum and plastic.
  • They come in color combination of black and pink.
  • These possess 80mm wheels.
  • Their weight is 3 pounds.
  • It comes in white and violet color.
  • They are mostly used by beginner to intermediate skaters

 5th Element Lynx Review:

The amazing 5th element Lynx LX Women’s inline skates are best for all the women. Especially if you are using skates for first time and want to enjoy using them without any fear so 5th element Lynx skates are there for you. Its frame is made with aluminum chassis that will fit into your feet perfectly.

It is popular for its soft boot construction that allows you for comfortable skating experience. It will keep your feet in good shape, for perfect support there are lace, buckle and strap which will keep you balanced. Its chassis aluminum frame guarantees tolerable power distribution

  • Best for both performance and fun
  • They are light weight
  • Best inline skates 2018 for safe ride
  • Affordable
  • Good quality
  • Doesn’t have proper ankle support.
Recommended for:
Mostly starters are worried about selecting the best rollerblades. They are highly recommended for the beginners as these skates have all those features which a beginner skater need. Most important their price is very reasonable.

6. Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s 2017 (Best Women’s Inline Skates 2018)

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Key Features:

  • They have 80 mm outdoor wheels.
  • They come in black and pink color
  • They have SG5 bearings.
  • They have lace and Velcro buckle closure system.
  • Their frame is made from aluminum Tri-Coil.

Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s Review:

Rollerblade are popular for their balanced performance. They have 80mm wheels with 82a durometer rating which help you position your foot for better power and support. If you want to skate without worrying about its working so rollerblade Zetrablade are just perfect. Their weight is reduced with its Monocoque construction that combines the frame and shell of skate into a single piece.

The benefit of light weight skates is that you can transfer more energy to wheels. Smaller bumps are not problem for you if you buy rollerblade Zetrablade. They are specially designed for an ideal riding experience especially for unprofessional riders. Its closure mechanism allows for a vast range of leg musculature and these skates fit perfectly and keep you stable. Its boot design is very comfortable and durable.

  • Each part is very well constructed with best quality material
  • Easy to put on and off
  • You can adjust it easily
  • Inexperienced skaters feel difficulty in sudden stop.
Recommended for:
It is best for both women who are advanced level skaters or just beginning to skate. If you like to ride fast so these speed roller skates are best pick for you. There are so many speed skates for sale available in the market as well, you can have one in no time easily.

7. Chicago Boys Training Skate Combo

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Key Features:

  • It can be shipped only in USA.
  • Kids from age 4-10 can use them.
  • Its model number is CRS505SM-B.
  • They are available in blue color.

Chicago Boys Review:

They are one of the best training inline skates 2018 for your child. They have 64mm wheels 608z bearings. They come with complete safety stuffs like Helmet, wrist guards, backpack and knee pads. Their size varies from J10-J13 so as your child grows so size can also be changed according to need. Both the skates have inner boots that keep child’s feet comfortable.  There are micro-ratchet buckles also which keep the feet safely attached while skating.

So if you want skates for your child, grand child, nephew or any loved one so go for Chicago boys training skates. They will surely keep them safe. If due to any reason you want to return them so you have 14 days money back guarantee.

  • They are affordable.
  • They are durable.
  • Great skates for the beginners
  • The wheels doesn’t turn easily.
  • Difficult to adjust size.
Recommended for:
They are best for those who don’t need professional skates. If your child needs best rollerblades just for fun so you should buy these because they are reasonable. They are mostly taken by those skaters who are just learning to skate.

8. Rollerblade Zetrablade

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Key Features:

  • It is a fantastic product for the new skaters.
  • Impressive design and Stylish
  • Durable Materials use to make this product
  • It comes in a standard size which fits everyone
  • It has 4 wheels under the shoes
  • It has Cuff Buckle which gives support to the ankle
  • 45-degree laces and straps used which provides rigidity while using

Rollerblade Zetrablade Review:

If your hobby is skating and you wanted to become a fabulous and famous skating star, then you should go for the Rollerblade Zetrablade Inline Skates. It will give you comfortable, Stable and supportive ride to you

It has many fantastic features which you will not find in any other brand it has an excellent shock absorption due to which your feet and ankle will be safe from the impact. It also has the performance Training 5-star fit liner inside the shoes which will not only give you the comfortable ride; it will also support feet and ankle. It will not even get soggy with the sweat. These shoes are supportive, comfortable and use to wear and use. It will give a supportive ride to you.

  • Perfect design for everyone
  • Loved by everyone
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Highly Recommended
  • Some of the people are not happy with the size of the skates shoes
Recommended for:
If you are a new skater so consider this one. As most of the beginners love to have inline skates that are stylish and come with impressive design. These best Rollerblades offer both of these features and are highly recommended for the newbie skaters. 

9. XinoSports Inline Skates for Kids

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Key Features:

  • Rollerblading can use indoors as well as outdoors
  • Easily adjustable with reinforced ankle support
  • Safer to skate with wheels ( illuminating Wheels)
  • High quality, durable aluminum frame
  • High-performance ABEC-7 bearings
  • Polyurethane wheels 70 mm with lights in the front
  • Also available on Amazon in black and blue color

XinoSports Review:

Are you looking for an excellent but safer way to get your children more active and spend more time outdoors, Because your children were spending too much time at home like watching TV, playing video games? Then guess what a pair of inline skates is all that you need to get them active.

The pair of XinoSports Skates are excellent, and you should get it. Various other pairs are there as well which can offer you the same fantastic features. Other than that, inline skates will make your child healthier and protect them with the unique feature during the riding. He will tend to stay active as well.

  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Supportive
  • Affordable
  • Highly Recommended
  •  If they are not maintained, then might give the issue
Recommended for:
They are recommended for girls who love to skate safely. These skates have been designed by keeping safety first in mind so that one can skate without any fear. They are great for young generation with growing feet as their size is adjustable.

Have a look at the video how happy is she after receiving inline skate as a gift.

10. Rollerblade Swindler: (Best Aggressive Inline Skates 2020

Best inline skates
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Key Feature:

  • The skill range for theses aggressive skates is intermediate and advanced.
  • They possess SG 5 bearings.
  • The type of these skates is aggressive.
  • The wheel size is under 70 mm.
  • The durometer of wheel is 90A

Rollerblade Swindler Review:

No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced skater, the best inline skates will work. The build quality of these skates is very good and will last for long. While manufacturing durable bomber shell TRS frame and fast SG5 bearings have been used. Besides them, 2x60mm/90A with 2 anti-rocker wheels are also one of the main positive aspects.
These skates feature a molded shell support that helps in keeping your ankle and feet in place.
you can lace up them easily as your normal shoes and takes you quickly wherever you want to go.

  • These skates look good
  • They fit perfectly
  • They are comfortable
  • The build quality is durable
  • A little heavy
Recommended for:
These inline skates are best for intermediate skaters who wants to do better. They can practice on them without any fear as they are designed in a way that you can slow down the speed easily in no time. You can have them at an affordable price to ride on them in streets, parks etc. 

11.Bladerunner by Rollerblade Advantage Pro XT Women’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate | Best for Beginners

Best inline skates
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Key Features

  • Easy and comfortable beginners skate
  • ABEC 7 Bearings
  • Monocoque Composite frame
  • Wheel size is BR 80 mm/82A
  • 45° strap and upper buckle
  • Moderate speed
  • Have a moderate ventilation system
  • Traditional laces
  • Product ID is 456620

Product Description

If you are looking for a perfect skating shoe than Rollerblade Advantage Pro XT Women’s Inline Shakes are best for you. It is among one of the famous skates for beginners with lots of special features and comfortable design. These Inline skates are made with great control values.

Someone looking for skates in a reasonable price can have these Inline shake which have a high quality and fitting with proper ventilation. Closure system consists of a buckle, 45° strap and laces giving a tight lock to a foot and also the structure according to which it is designed is very supportive. The frame of the skate is built in such a way that that it is closer to the ground making its center of gravity lower, giving extreme benefit to the beginner’s instability, control and shock absorption of skate.

Wheels and bearings are fitted in such a way that it gives a smooth ride to the user. This combo of wheels and ABEC 7 bearing provide a person with a smooth roll. With the moderate speed, Rollerblade Advantage Pro XT Women’s Inline Shakes provide the user with the smooth and a comfortable ride even for the very first time.

  • Comfortable and accurate sizing
  • Gives extra support
  • Reasonable price
  • Glide smoothly
  • Great fit even with thicker claves
  • Material is not of a very high quality

Recommended for

Rollerblade Advantage Pro XT Women’s Inline Shakes are the best recommendation for the beginners. We recommended you these skates because it will provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride and gives you extra support while balancing the skate during your ride. If you are looking for the skate than go and have them because it will be best for you and you will be happy to have them.

12.K2 Skate Men’s Vo2 90 Boa Inline Skates

K2 Skate Men’s Vo2 90 Boa Inline Skates
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Key Features:

  • It has wheel size of 90mm
  • Is Equipped with BOA lacing
  • Has a stake Vo2 Cuff
  • 2 Stake Frame
  • Has ILQ-9 Classic Wheels/Bearings
  • Its composed of Pure K2 Soft Boot Technology
  • Vortech Ventilation System

K2 Skate Men’s Vo2 90 Boa Inline Skates Review:

K2 Skate Men’s Vo2 90 Boa Inline Skates is no doubt one of the best inline skate for men. We will let you know why it stands out to best. The answer to this question is that K2 Vo2 90 Boa inline skates features the original K2 Soft boot technology which adds to coziness and durability of the skates. This technology also makes sure that boots helps you in a perfect fitting. Because the material being pure, this can prove out to be your long lasting friend. They are great for training and are the speed breakers with a 90mm wheel size that gives you extra fraction and due to big wheel size it strengthens your grip on the wheel especially during sharp turns. The another part to adore about this inline skate is that it comes with the Vortech Ventilation System that allows air passage through small vents and also keep your foot and skate moisture free. With no moisture consumption and air passage you will feel the skate comfortable to wear and make it lightweight. This inline skate has a fitting system which is composed of Boa lacing which provide great gripping and can take your adventures to a next level. The cuffs are perfect and are great supporters adding power to wheels and its classic Plus Bearings.

  • Allows Air passage
  • Are Moisture Free
  • Has a great Gripping system
  • Are the Speed Breakers
  • The size doesn’t fit often

Recommended For:

This inline skate is recommended for men of all ages who are adventurous and just want to have more fun on their adventurous rides. This inline skate is surely much fun to wear and can surely enhance your skating skills

13.Roller Derby Boy’s Adjustable Inline skate

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Kids need special care especially when you expose them to activities like skating so you definitely need an inline skate that is comfortable and safe. Looking at the former needs Roller Derby Boy’s Adjustable Inline skate is best aggressive inline skate for kids. It comes with molded cuff for support and easy skating. Adjustment system has an EZ Push button and a comfort fit washable liner. It has a polymer frame for support and comfort. Furthermore it has polyurethane wheels with silver 5 speed rated bearings which adds it among the best inline skates choices for kids. It also has adjustable sizing feature that fits small shoe sizes from 12-2 and Medium fit shoe sizes 2-5

  • Adjustable to any desired size
  • Allow safer ride
  • Washable
  • No cushion support

Best Inline Skates 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

What are Inline Skates?
An inline skate having four wheels arranged in a single line, is a skating category which is also known as roller blading. People use inline skates for many purposes it can be fitness or exercise, you can use them just for fun as well, some people prefer them for sports use like hockey but they are popular for commuting short distances.

Types Of Inline Skates:

There are many types of inline skates some of them are discussed here. If you want to know about more types so read Inline Skates Buying Guide.

1. Beginner skates:

Beginner skates are designed for the learners. These skates have wider wheels which help to keep you balanced. One can easily learn to skate using beginner skates.

2. Roller hockey skates:

They are best to use both outdoor and indoor and are said to be best outdoor roller skates. Those who like to play roller hockey so these skates are best for them. They are specially designed for playing roller hockey both indoor and outdoor.

3. Recreational skates:

Recreational skates are used for exercise and recreation. Their wheels are thinner as compared to beginner wheels. They are best for both experts and beginners skaters.

4. Advanced skates:

As compared to other skates advanced skates have larger wheels. For a challenging trial advanced skates are best. These skates usually come in aggressive rollerblades category, allowing you to manage enjoyable ride even in tough terrains.

5. Fitness inline skates:

If you want inline skates to keep you fit, and use them frequently for covering short distance, then these are best for you.  Fitness and recreational skates differ in wheel size and overall weight, else mostly their uses are same.


Wrapping it up, this was all about some of the best Inline Skates 2018 available in the market with good reviews and affordable price. If you know any other product which is better than the ones described above so feel free to mention it in the comment box below we will review it for you.

At the end, I would like to recommend you to keep checking roller skates wheels. Don’t ignore if the wheels are not spinning properly because this means either the wheels have got damaged or they have been filled with some debris. If they are just dirty so take out time for them and wash them.If you think the roller skates wheels are damaged, so consider replacing them as soon as possible.

By keeping check on them you can know that you are riding safely or you are in danger.

Here are some of the Best Hoverboards which you might want to purchase.

Have a good Purchase!

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