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Yes, you have heard right that Laptop with Backlit Keyboard are most demanding feature of laptop nowadays. Most people can’t work during night due to the absence of backlit keyboard laptops.

Those who are new to technology and know nothing about this feature so have a look at the definition below.

What is Backlit Keyboard?  

A backlit keyboard is keyboard with illuminated keys. When you stroke a single key low light is produced. Most of the people prefer it for better visibility.

It is very beneficial while working in the dim lights or complete dark.

Darker environment is mostly like by the game lovers, the light up keyboards has become more famous among them because of its ability to be used perfectly in the dark surrounding.

While buying a laptop keyboard quality is an important feature, the backlit quality of the keyboard makes it one hand up over the other normal keyboard.

The backlit keyboard is the first demand of the laptop users in the night time mostly the video game players or the document writers in the week hours and also by the people who waste almost their whole night on the social sites like facebook.

These are all the good reasons to buy a backlit keyboard laptop, but you should know that the all of them are not of the same quality and features, some also offers the extra features.

I have compiled a list of Best Backlit Keyboard Laptops to make a perfect purchase.

What to Look in LED Backlit Keyboard Laptop?

While buying a laptop one should not only focus that whether the it has the quality of the backlit keyboard or not but should look to the features:

The 5 factors are listed below which should be keep in mind at the buying time of the laptop.

Brightness: Does the brightness of the keyboard is manual or not?

Lighting Bleed: The fine border of each key which avoid the leaking of the light from the key sides.

Key travel: While moving a key up or down the distance covered by the key.

Key shape: Observe the shape of the keys whether they are comfortable for typing or not.

Programmable lights: Are the backlights are properly programmable?

Why to Use Backlit Keyboard Laptops?

The main and the only reason behind the use of backlit keyboard laptops is it makes you able to use the notebook and see clearly all the function keys and other stuff in the complete dark.

If sometimes you have to use a laptop in a dark surrounding and its keyboard doesn’t have a backlit feature, then you may tilt the laptop screen down again and again to see the buttons.

If your laptop keyboard is backlit there will be no issue with using a laptop in a dark or at night. So, for late night workers and the video gamers the backlit keyboard laptops are more preferable option over the laptops with the ordinary keyboard.

Backlit Keyboard on and Off?

In some high-quality notebook there is a key in a keyboard which is for the on and off of the backlit lights. This feature is mostly present on the F5 key if not present on the F5 key then look through the other function keys of the keyboard. While activating the backlit feature with the icon key you may have to press the function key (fn) at a same time.

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Advantages of Backlit Keyboard Laptops:

The main and the basic advantage of using a backlit keyboard laptop is it provides you the keyboard with the back lights make you able to use the laptop in the dark.

If your laptop has feature to work even in low light it means that you are using a better laptop. It is the additional advantage of the laptop which is considered to be one of the points that gives the high performance of the laptop.

Backlit keyboards are much versatile than the regular board as the characters on the keys of the regular board do not lit up and are simply printed.

Keyboards are available in several colors but this feature varies from one model to another and the supplies. For people chasing much diversity in keyboards as like gamers colorful backlit keyboards are the best choice. Due to versatility the keyboard feels to be much youthful for young hearts.

 The illumination of the keys gives the pleasant look to the laptop.

I have compiled a list of Best Backlit Keyboard Laptop to make a perfect purchase.


With lots of advantages everything has some negative points as well. There are some disadvantages of backlit keyboard laptops let’s have a look at

Ø The laptops with the backlit board are expensive than the regular board laptops.

Ø It uses more battery power. You may find that you can use the laptop for the short-limited time.

Extra Features of the Backlit Keyboard

Anytime you buy a laptop you must be aware of these common features of any backlit keyboard laptop


In the backlit keyboard of some laptops there are keys present in the board which are used to control the brightness level on your notebook. Mostly these keys are found in premium laptops.


A light sensor is also the feature on the backlit keyboards which has the ability to adjust the brightness level of the keyboard according to the requirement of the surrounding and that can be turned off completely in the day time.

Programmable Lighting

It is the very expensive gaming feature of the backlit keyboard laptops. This feature is only specific for hardcore gamers up till now. In these feature different colors back lights ranges from the specificity for different group of keys to the different transition effects.

Keyboard Quality

One should be aware of the following issues while buying backlit keyboard laptop

 Backlit Leaking

The fine border of each key which avoid the leaking of the light from the key sides. The lighting is isolated under each key of the board which illuminate just the symbol of the key not the whole key or the edges.

If the keys are not placed properly there is some degree of leaking of the light, some keys are maybe more tall than the ordinary from their surface. So at the time of purchasing you should keep this issue in your mind.

 Key Travel

It is your personal choice to have a laptop with the slim backlit keys or high keys. Usually the gaming laptops and the thick laptops are thick enough to have the more vertical keys.

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