How to get Snapchat on pc without Bluestacks

Running Snapchat on PC with a different Perspective is mesmerizing. The very first question that pop ups to our mind while we search for getting snapchat on PC is that “Can I use Snapchat on PC”? Yes, You can.

There are plenty of ways you can use to get the android application Snapchat on your phone. We, in this article will discuss all the ways by means of which you can Get Snapchat on PC without Bluestacks each method with its Pros and Cons. Before we head to the module let us know a bit more about Snapchat

What is Snapchat?

Can I use Snapchat on PC

Snapchat is a free multimedia android software that allows its users to share their daily activities by means of Pictures, Videos which are uploaded as stories. Snapchat also allow its registered users to track their friends and other users to find out through snapchat stories what are they up to in their lives.

Are of aware that Snapchat has been downloaded by 53M people round the globe? You might think why people love this App? It is because Snapchat allows its users to use Filters, lens, and take quick videos which adds beauty to your pictures and videos. Now coming again to the main question “Can I use snapchat on PC”? Yes you can and let’s now discuss how?

How to Get Snapchat on PC/MAC?

A very important thing you need to learn and understand is that Snapchat is a mobile Application which means you can’t get it on PC as normally as you get other software. To install snapchat on PC you will need some assistant software just as Android Emulator.

How to Get Snapchat on PC without using Blue stacks

What is an Android Emulator?

Android Emulator is a PC software and helps you get android applications on PC because Snapchat doesn’t have a Web version like WhatsApp and Facebook which is why you need a 3rd party software to install it.

To use snapchat on Mac or other PC there are many methods to it which we will discuss below.

How to use Snapchat on PC without Bluestacks?

Before we head to installing Snapchat without Bluestack, we should first know what a Bluestack is.

What is Bluestack?

Bluestack is an American Company which produced a Bluestack App Player. The Bluestack App player allows the android application such as Snapchat and other gaming application to run smoothly on Windows and Mac.

Get Snapchat Without Bluestack:

Now coming to the main question “Can I Get Snapchat on PC without Bluestacks?” yes you can but the Process requires more Patience. Installing any mobile software such as Snapchat is not possible without an emulator. Using an emulator is not dangerous for your PC except for the fact that they must be downloaded from secure and trustworthy sources.

Guide to Download Snapchat on PC:

Here is the guide on How to Get Snapchat on PC without using Bluestack. We recommend to download the APK file directly from the secure and official sources because downloading file from other platforms might damage your device and the file may also be broken or non-functional


  1. Visit the APK Downloader website
  2. Click on the word URL
  3. Find in APK downloader Generate download link

How to install Snapchat

  1. Click on Generate Download link
  2. Then click on green button which states com. download snapchat android

Snapchat will automatically be downloaded to your PC. Save it in a folder for further use. This is the most simple and authentic method of downloading Snapchat for PC

Other Methods to Get Snapchat for PC:

Below are some other methods to download Snapchat for PC

1: Get Snapchat using Nox App Player

Nox App player is called as best Android emulator by the users. This tool mainly functions to run mobile applications on PC. Nox App player is equipped with a special feature which is termed as in-built play store which allows its user to directly download android applications such as Snapchat without the need of downloading its APK files.

Its operating system is also very handy, you can handle running application let say Snapchat easily with a keyboard and touchpad. Nox App player also works best with the Mac

Can I use Snapchat on PC”


Follow the below steps to easily download Snapchat using Nox App Player. The process is very simple

  • Download the Nox App Player from its official website
  • Install the Nox on your windows or Mac device
  • Open the Nox App Player
  • Click on the Google Play store in the Homepage


  • Register/Sign in your account in the Play store
  • Registration/Sign in/ Sign up is compulsory, you can’t skip it
  • Type snapchat in the Play store search bar


  • Install Snapchat just as you do it in your phone
  • Open Snapchat and Login with your account

The snapchat has finally been installed, enjoy it

2: Get Snapchat on Chrome using ARC Welder:

This method of getting snapchat on PC using ARC welder is quite different from the former ones. With ARC welder you can login into snapchat account straight from Google Chrome web browser you don’t need any other window programs to run snapchat through this method.

ARC welder plugin is the latest Android stimulator. It is the perfect choice for the users who are worrying on How to get snapchat on PC without using Bluestacks. The purpose of developing this plugin was actually to test the APK files without the need of an emulator. You can easily run Snapchat on it. It gives Snapchat a neat and clear interface and can easily be operated through Keyboard and Mouse.


Here is how you can run Snapchat using ARC Welder

  • Add ARC Welder extension to Chrome

ARC Welder

  • Open the Arc Welder extension
  • Tap the Choose Button

Choose by ARC weider


  • Click Dictionary
  • Find the section Test your App



  • Inside the section, Click on Add APK
  • Pick the Snapchat APK file from your device

  • APK file can be downloaded using the procedure discussed above
  • Click Test
  • Snapchat Tab will pop up in the new window

Enjoy your snapchat now.

Get Snapchat Using Ko Player:

Using Ko player to get snapchat is the simplest method of getting Snapchat on PC without Bluestacks. The procedure is also very simple and concise. Snapchat can be played within few seconds.


  1. Download Ko Player from the official website
  2. Install the Ko player to your device
  3. Open the Ko player
  4. Go to Play store

  1. Search for the Snapchat
  2. Tap Snapchat and Install

Ko Player Limitation:

As though the Ko Player is to operate yet it comes with some limitations.

  1. The Ko Player is only available for all type of Windows devices
  2. The quality is comparatively low
  3. Performance is medium ranged

Final Verdict:

There are many other methods of getting snapchat on PC without using Bluestacks but those methods also comes with some major risk factors. Be sure to proceed to methods that might disrupt your device or erase memory of your laptop. Above were the very safe and easy to operate methods by means of which you can get Snapchat without using Bluestack. We want you to understand that Bluestack is also the very safe method and most reliable one to Get Snapchat on Mac or PC but if for some reasons you access is limited to it, you can opt for the above ways.

Wish you a good day! We hope you liked the Tutorial of  How to get Snapchat on pc without Bluestacks….


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