10 Best Projectors For Business Presentation in 2023

Do you want a business meeting to be more productive, engaging your audience, making them understand the shared idea? And plan your new business strategies effectively? Then you should invest in the best projectors for business presentations.

Presentations make ideas to be explained more realistically. The ideas shared maybe in a form of data, photos, or videos. The projector throws these images on the wall or screen to be seen clearly, enhancing understanding capability.

Various projectors are specifically designed for business meetings. Such projectors are small, portable, and sharp, enhancing the effectiveness of your meetings.

These projectors offer different qualities, but certain factors determine what kind of projector you need for your business presentation.

In this article, we will discover some factors necessary for a ground-breaking business presentation.

Factors to consider while buying a Best Projectors For Business Presentation


Business presentations are always conducted in a well-lit room with ambient light. Your projector should be bright enough to match the lighting conditions and screen in the room. The portable projectors offering 2,000 to 3,000 lumens or more are a great option.


Depending on the meeting sites for business presentation the projector can be portable enough to move around easily or massive to be installed permanently. Small, portable, and wireless projectors are recommended.

Choose the size according to your requirements.

Lamp Life:

The lamp life of business projectors can be from 4000-15000 working hours. It is the shelf life or the operational time a projector provides. The lamp life can be increased to several more hours using the saving modes offered.


The resolution of a projector determines how pixelated your projected image would be. A projector with 1080p or higher displays a detailed image. The resolution on various projectors can be adjusted as well,

but this affects the image quality. For a business presentation projectors with high resolution are recommended.

Contrast Ratio:

The contrast ratio also affects the presentation. It differentiates the bright and darks of an image on a displayed screen. Higher contrast ratio results in more vibrant colors and more details.


Projectors for business presentations nowadays come with a wide range of connectivity technology and device compatibility providing plenty of options for data transfer. The connection offered may be through HDMI ports or VGA cables, USB-ports WIFI and Bluetooth, etc.

Nowadays projectors support Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) allowing data transfer through Android devices.


The projectors may use different displaying technologies. DLP (digital light processing) projectors and LED projectors are considered best for business presentations. DLP projectors are mostly inexpensive.

The throw of the projector:

Short throw projectors cast a given-size image at a short distance from the screen. Such projectors throw a large image in tight spaces and are considered best for business presentations in a small room. Ultra-short-throw projectors are more expensive.

The portable, high-quality projectors with an increased shelf life to make your presentation lit we have recommendations of best projectors for office presentations.

From the ones designed for bright conference rooms to the ones best for out-of-town presentation, the list is as follows.

1. BenQ MW612 WXGA Business Projectors- office presentations-optical zoom:

Best Projectors For Business Presentation
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  • 4,000 lumens of high brightness
  • DLP technology
  • Contrast ratio 20000:1
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9/4:3
  • Display resolution: 1280×800 (WXGA)
  • Item Weight: 5.51 pounds
  • Connectivity Technology USB, HDMI, wireless
  • Dimensions 11.65 x 9.33 x 4.57 inches

Product Description:

BenQ MW612 WXGA is specifically designed for business meetings is the first recommendation for office presentations. It is a small and compact projector with 4000 lumens brightness perfect for a small well-lit room.

With the native 1280×800 resolution and a contrast ratio of 20,000:1, it makes your slideshows and video clips being projected perfectly on a 120-inch screen.

The text on the slides is visible and clear enough to be readable from 13 feet. The projector features a vertical keystone correction to enhance image adjustments.

Share your innovative ideas easily with a wide range of multiple port connectivity enabling the use of almost any media device with the projector.

It also has wireless capability and MHL connectivity along with 5.51 pounds giving you the freedom to move with ease. The set-up process of this projector is easy with multi-mounting options, it can be placed on a table or can be mounted on the ceiling as well.

BenQ MW612 WXGA lasts quite a long With 40,000 Hour lamp life and turns off automatically after 16 to 20 minutes when not in use to reduce electricity waste. This projector has all the specs required to deliver an amazing business presentation.


  • Enhanced text readability
  • Better color contrast
  • Vast connectivity
  • MHL support enabled
  • Auto turn off
  • High image quality


  • No Bluetooth capability.
  • Speaker range is less
  • Control panel is on top i.e. not good for ceiling mount

Why buy a BenQ MW612 WXGA projector?

With a 20,000:1 contrast ratio, BenQ MW612 WXGA gives you a very outstanding result and 40000 lumens brightness provides you good image quality as with many other features at such an affordable price.

2. BenQ MH733 1080P Business Projector- hd display- brilliant color technology:

Best Projectors For Business Presentation
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  • Display Resolution 1920 x 1080
  • Projection System: DLP
  • Brightness (ANSI lumens): 4,000 Lumens
  • Contrast Ratio (FOFO): 16,000:1
  • Native Aspect Ratio: Native 16:9 (5 aspect ratio selectable) ‎

Product description

An amazing projector with 1080p resolution BenQ MH733 is bright enough for your business presentation with sharp texts and detailed pictures in crisp color. It has 4000 lumens brightness which is brighter than most DLP projectors.

The Lamp Life of 4000 hours is quite satisfying for a business projector.BenQ MH733 features a lens cover that saves the lenses from getting dusty. It is quite easy to set up and use. It has 2 HDMI inputs and audio in and out ports and a remote control along with a control panel on top.

The build is quite durable.The audio quality for the projector is really good, but if you intend to have a meeting with less number of people external speakers are suggested. It comes with a USB reader that works well.

The wireless capability, compactness, and small size make it portable enough to be carried around. This projector offers more specs than its cost.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Support USB reader
  • High-quality projection
  • Vast compatibility
  • Enough resolution


  • Colors in video distort at high brightness
  • Audio controls are not effective

Why buy BenQ MH733 1080P Business Projector

BenQ MH733 1080P is a compact business projector with enough brightness and a USB reader is perfect to project your slides with perfect clarity so far. This is the best projector for a business presentation.

3.Mini Projector, Hompow High Brightness Movie Projector- aspect ratio options- good projector:

Best Projectors For Business Presentation
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  • Dimensions: 7.3 x 5.8 x 2.8 inches
  • Weight: 3.1 pounds
  • Brightness: 2400 lumens,
  • Contrast: 2000:1
  • Resolution: 1080 pixels
  • Lamp life: 50,000 hours
  • Weight 17 pounds
  • Product Dimensions 3 x 5.8 x 2.8 inches

Product Description    

If you want a really small, affordable projector at a cheap price range and last quite long consider Hompow mini projector. This projector is affordable, stylish, and lightweight with the longest shelf life so far that is of 50,000 working hours.

This projector supporting 1080p projects up to 200 inches HD images with great quality and also has a contrast ratio of 2,000:1. The 5,500 lumens brightness is perfect for business presentation in large well-lit rooms.

The correction technology helps you getting a better-focused projection.The projector with a compact build and just 2.17 pounds are perfect to be taken on long business trips. Also, it has a wide range of compatibility.

Including MHL support which means you don’t have to carry your laptop everywhere. The lens of the projector is protected with a cover lid.Hompow mini projector runs so cool and features a noise reduction technology that reduces the noise produced while operating helping you in a better focus.

The built-in loudspeakers are clear enough that you don’t need external speakers unless voice enhancement is required.It is super easy to set up and gets started. This is one of the best mini projectors for business presentations


  • The lens is protected with a cap
  • Has Noise reduction in technology
  • Stays cool while an operation.
  • Lightweight and ready to use
  • Better picture quality


  • The cords attached are stretchy
  • Amazon and Netflix projection is not supported

Why buy Hompow mini projector?

Hompow mini projector is a small, lightweight projector that produces less sound and runs quite cool. The projector is not only affordable but lasts long.

4. ViewSonic M1+ Portable Smart Wi-Fi Projector- wireless connectivity-business projector-screen sharing:

Best Projectors For Business Presentation
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  • Display resolution: VGA (640x480p) to Full HD (1920x1080p)
  • Item Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Connectivity Technology USB, HDMI, wireless
  • Dimensions 7 x 4.96 x 1.57 inches
  • Dual Harman Kardon Bluetooth Speakers
  • Built-in Battery Up to 6 hours
  • Built-in Storage 16GB

Product Description

Going on a presentation trip and need something really powerful, small, and wireless, then purchase ViewSonic M1+. This is a palm-sized LED projector in a robust and compact build.

It is capable of projecting up to 100-inches images from around 8-feet. The 360-degree swivel stand to help the image to be projected at any angle you want.

With its 300 LED lumens brightness and picture quality of 854x480p, it delivers a smooth projection in a business presentation. The image quality is decent and the projector itself is ultra-portable and can be carried along during business trips.

The features 16GB storage it is capable of storing a large amount of data.The Dual Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers are enough for producing good quality sound and do not need external speakers.

The projector allows device mirroring through in-built WIFI and has numerous ports including a Micro SD card slot, DC 19V charging port, USB type C port, HDMI port, 3.5mm headphone jack, and a USB port. The projection time is up to 6 hours on a single charge.

If something goes close to the lens the ViewSonic M1+ projector using its object detection technology turns off automatically. The projector comes with remote control for easy navigation and uses automatic correction for image adjustment.

This projector is among the best mini projectors for business presentations so far.


  • Smart connectivity option
  • Portable and easy setup
  • Auto-keystone correction
  • Sharp and better focus
  • Uniform brightness


  • Outdoor projection is not good as indoor
  • hinges for port access are made of rubber

Why buy ViewSonic M1+?

ViewSonic M1+ is a palm-size ultra-portable, wireless projector with good quality speakers and enough performance continuously for 6 hours in one full charge. This is the best projector for a business presentation on a business trip.

5. Optoma GT1080HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector for conference rooms- wireless connectivity:

Best Projectors For Business Presentation
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  • 1080p resolution
  • 50,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Bright 3800 lumens
  • Lamp life 15,000 hours
  • Connectivity Technology Dual HDMI, USB
  • Dimensions 40 x 9.50 x 4.50 inches
  • Weight 70 lbs.

Product Description:

If you want to conduct a business presentation in a small room you would want a short throw, sharp and bright projector at an affordable price, this is what the Optoma GT1080HDR offers.

It is fantastically capable of projecting a 120″ image from 4 feet in no time. Moreover, this projector also supports 4k inputs.The projectors have a native resolution of 1080p and brightness of 3800 lumens producing nice and sharp images even in ambient lighting.

With an amazing 50,000:1 contrast ratio, the blacks of t are pretty decent and the text is readable. It uses HDR10 technology for image enhancement resulting in amazing quality with vibrant color.

The GT1080HDR comes with powerful speakers to produce clear, crisp audio and a backlighted remote. This 7.70 lbs. projector has 15, 000-hour lamp life that is long enough making it a better choice for business presentation.

The Vertical keystone correction is great for positioning it in the corner of the room. It supports vast connectivity with devices via HDMI 2. 0 and VGA connectivity. This short-throw projector gives quality specs at such a price point.


  • Short-throw projection
  • Support Fast 4k projection
  • Backlit remote
  • Better keystone correction
  • Better sharpness


  • Unnoticeably image can be little curved
  • Placement might be a little tricky

Why buy Optoma GT1080HDR ?

Optoma GT1080HDR projector delivers1080p images 120Hz at refresh rate and has a longer battery life of 15000 hrs and bright. It is perfect for the projection on the wall.

6. VANKYO Performance V600- best business projectors- most projectors:

Best Projectors For Business Presentation
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  • Projector type LED
  • Contrast ratio 5, 000: 1
  • Native resolution 1920 x 1080
  • Brightness 6000 Lumen
  • Product Dimensions 35 x 15.35 x 5.9 inches
  • Weight 3 pounds

Product Description:

Looking for the best 1080p projector at the lowest price point then the powerful VANKYO Performance V600 is best for you.

The decent and sturdy built projector is impressive with 5000 lumens brightness, native 1080P resolution, and a better contrast ratio of 5, 000: 1 producing vivid, detailed images with vibrant colors.

This projector is capable of projecting a 300 inches 1080 image on the screen on the wall. The texts of your presentation will be clear enough to be seen, engaging your audience.

This projector is recommended if you are planning to conduct a business presentation in a large room with plenty of brightness and want something bang for the buck.

The VANKYO Performance V600 features a built-in stereo speaker for clear, audible sound coming directly from the projector. This projector comes with a good quality bag for carriage.

It has ultra-long life which means the projector lasts about 10 years for a single projection of about 3-4 hours. It supports compatibility with other devices including, phones, laptops, and others. This projector is amazing both in terms of quality and pricing.


  • Low price, great quality
  • Better color contrast
  • Excellent brightness
  • Better sound
  • High brightness
  • Great lamp life


  • Horizontal-Keystone correction is absent
  • Cooling fan are quite loud

Why buy VANKYO Performance V600?

With 5000 lumens brightness and 1080P resolution, VANKYO Performance V600 is capable of producing large images on the screen and is one of the best projectors at such low pricing.

7. ViewSonic 3800 Lumens SVGA High Brightness office Projectors-best business projector:

Best Projectors For Business Presentation
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  • Resolution SVGA (800×600)
  • Brightness 3,800 Lumens
  • Dimensions 33 x 11.57 x 8.58 inches
  • Weight 7.14 lbs.
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio 22,000:1
  • Aspect Ratio 4:3
  • Light Source Life Up to 15,000 hours
  • Connectivity Technology USB
  • Display Technology DLP

Product Description

Featuring 3,600 lumens PA503S is a versatile DLP projector that is good for a meeting room with ambient lighting.

With native SVGA 800, x 600 resolution and it Projects 120 inches crisp and clear images from 15-feet 8-inches which puts a great impression on your audience during the presentation.

The ViewSonic’s SuperColor Technology utilizes advanced color-processing to produce Brilliant Colors and vibrant images in HD quality. This projector despite its native resolution supports 1080p quality images.

The lamp life of this projector goes up to 15000 hours with the SuperEco feature that reduces power consumption and proves to be long enough for a projector for business presentation.

This simple projector is really easy to set up and does not require much knowledge also it has numerous ports for extensive connectivity which include

such as HDMI, VGA, and others, supporting almost any media players, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. The PA503S a sharp, bright projector with minimal distortion is value for money.


  • Amazing Color Accuracy
  • Decent brightness
  • Long shelf life
  • Quick power off
  • Easy to use


  • The speakers are not good enough
  • The power cord is short

Why buy PA503S ?

With advanced 3800 lumens brightness, 15000 hours lamp life, flexible connectivity options, and affordable, sharp the PA503S is ideal for use business presentation.

8. Epson EX7240 Pro WXGA 3LCD Projector model-best business projectors:

Best Projectors For Business Presentation
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  • 3200 Lumens Color Brightness
  • Display Resolution 1280 x 800
  • Item Weight 29 Pounds
  • Image Contrast Ratio 15000:1
  • Product Dimensions 5 x 13.8 x 6.2 inches
  • Weight 29 pounds

Product Description

If you want a professional wireless projector with sufficient brightness for a small to midsize room, comprehensive connectivity for the latest devices the Epson EX7240 Pro is the best option for you.

It has 3200 lumens brightness and a resolution of 1280 x 800 projecting clear crisp HD quality image.  It uses 3 chip technology to cast sharp images on the screen enhancing the text readability.

With 5.29 ponds it is a Portable and easy to use projector delivering HD images with vibrant colors on widescreen for a well-lit large meeting room. This projector is way too economical giving you better qualities and brighter images.

It has 10,000 hours of Lamp life that is long enough.The Epson EX7240 Pro projector allows wireless connection to freely move around without any restriction of cords attached.

This projector supports MHL-enabled devices and comprehensive connectivity.

The setup for this projector is really easy and the manual focus is easy to adjust along with keystone correction. The projector features built-in speakers that produce a good amount of sound for a small room but external speakers are recommended.


  • Excellent images quality
  • Comprehensive connectivity
  • Comes with a carry bag


  • It does not support 3D content
  • The audio port is absent

Why buy Epson EX7240 Pro

Epson EX7240 Pro is an affordable lightweight, sharp, and bright projector with a longer shelf life that help you ace in every of your project.

9. YABER Y21 projector model- hd resolution-business projector-for conference rooms:

Best Projectors For Business Presentation
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  • Native Resolution: 1920*1080P (Supported 4k UHD)
  • Brightness: 7000 lux
  • Contrast Ratio: 7000: 1
  • Lamp Life: 100000 hours

Product Description:

With many features including 7000 lux of brightness and a high contrast ratio of 7000:1 Yabber Y21 provides you bright amazing image clarity and excellent color accuracy that help you present business ideas more effectively.

This projector has 1920×1080 native resolution supporting 4k content producing sharp detailed images on a large 300 inches screen.It has a one-click function for automatic brightening and vertical correction and utilizes X/Y zoom to reduce projection size.

Yaber Y21 is a powerful decent and portable projector with many easy adjustments enhancing the viewing experience. It has two built-in5W stereo speakers with an SRS sound system that delivers clear and crisp audio even without external speakers attached.

Numerous ports are available including 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, VGA ports, AV ports helping you to connect various devices to the projector. Is highly recommended projector for both indoor and outdoor business presentation.


  • Bright large screen
  • Sharp image
  • 4k support
  • Numerous options for image correction
  • Descent shelf life


  • It does not support high-quality movies
  • Video lags can occur sometimes

Why buy a Yaber Y21 projector?

This is a decent and powerful projector with 7000 lux brightness. YABER Y21 is best for presentation in an outdoor environment.

10. Epson Pro EX9220 projector- Portable projector- best business projector:

Best Projectors For Business Presentation
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  • Display Resolution: 1920*1080P
  • Brightness: 3600 lumens
  • Weight: 6.2 pounds
  • Lamp Life: 6000 hours
  • Projection system: 3 LCD, 3-chip technology

Product Description:

Epson Pro EX9220 is among the best for the price in terms of text readability, image clarity, and details. It uses 3-chip technology to produce 1.07 billion colors resulting in zero rainbow artifacts.

It cast an outstanding image with 1080p HD resolution with vibrant colors on up to 300 inches screen.The Epson Pro EX9220 is a bright projector offering 3600 lumens of brightness to give a decent performance in a bright room.

With 6000 thousand hours stays operational long enough at the price range.It features multiple connectivity options including USB-B, USB-A, HDMI, VGA, and RCA video & audio, and also supports an MHL connection that helps you to transfer data through your phone.

The MHL connection is very convenient in the long presentation.The set-up of this projector is very easy. The designs are sleek. The 2W speakers give a reasonable performance in a small room but external speakers are recommended.

Moreover, the projector has a remote control option. This projector weighs just 6.2 pounds and is portable enough to be carried around.


  • Fast set-up
  • No rainbow artifact
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Crisp, sharp image and Clearer texts
  • Sleek design


  • It is not suitable for home theater
  • Lack of audio output port

Why buy Epson Pro EX9220?

Epson Pro EX9220is a bright portable projector, with sharp images and clearer texts. The color quality and sleek design result in a comfortable presentation.


The article captured minor to major details of the best projectors for business presentations. All the recommendations above are perfect to be considered.

Each business projector came with its distinctive specs and qualities like ansi lumens, screen size, lumens of brightness, wireless connectivity options, dlp technology, express service warranty coverage, connectivity and portability options,

Eco mode, battery life, high quality images, hd native resolution, microsd card slot, throw distance range, huge screen size and its compatibility with spaces like conference room, home theater, places with all the lights etc.

Whether you are always on a business trip or looking for a projector for your office, always consider one that matches your presentation site, budget, and lightning condition and go for it.

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