What are the Specifications of a good laptop?

This is no denying fact that laptop is a compulsion of our daily life activities. Whether you and I are a doctor, a teacher, an accountant or a student we at some point in our day do feel need of a laptop. As mode of life is changing, so is the mode of work getting change such as online revolution where most companies has introduced work from home policies for which you must have a good laptop.

As we talked about the need of laptop becoming a compulsion in a high pace, so are the countless laptop varieties being introduced to the market making laptop shopping a hard task? But as we say, wherever is a confusion, there is always a way to clear that confusion and we happily took that burden of searching a way to clear your confusion on knowing what the specifications of a good laptop are.

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List of the Specifications of a good laptop:

Below we will discuss about what specs you should look for when buying a laptop.

1: The Processor:

We all have heard the sentence that Processor/CPU is the brain of the computer/laptop in our lives for the million times. Well turns out the sentence is actually true. Laptop Processor is the main player behind all the work we extract from our systems. It is a direct link with the performance in a proportion 1:1. The faster the processor, the easier it is for you to enjoy fast web surfing and browsing, Run large gaming programs and not to mention run smoothly the Graphic designing software.

These days most of the companies prefer Intel Processors which is why the laptops are powered with Intel Processors while some also use AMD Processors. Intel also provides its users with a high range of processors and picking the best is insanely difficult. Below we made some comparison between Intel processors to help you easily pick a one.

CPU Link with Battery life:

You should understand that CPU and Battery has inverse relation. The faster the processor the more it will drain the battery life but not to mention it also depends on the capacity of your laptop. You can’t run the core i7 processor on the laptop designed to run Core i3 processor

CORE i5 Work station/Gaming Best Combination of price and performance 3-8 hours
Core i7 Offers Daily work activities/Gaming with a boost Comparatively low than the later ones 5-17 hours
Core i9 Hyper power/ Great work and Gaming Experience Higher Price Range/ cost effective 7-12 hours
Core i3 Multitasker Low budget 3-5 hours
Core i5 u series/AMD Ryzen Everyday work Cost Friendly 5-17 hours
Intel Atom series Daily work activities Cost friendly but with low quality 7-12 hours

2: Random Access Memory-RAM

Random Access Memory or RAM of your laptop is another crucial spec you need to look for in a good laptop. Memory and Program has a direct link with each other. The more the RAM- more will you be able to install programs for your system. Normal range laptop has a RAM of 4GB which works well for your daily activities but for a high range gaming, hacking or work with boosts up you need to upgrade your RAM.

Laptop RAM range mostly fall from 4GB to 64GB where 4-8GB is the minimum RAM required for better functioning of your laptop. Greater RAM also enhance your access to data.

3: Screen Resolution:

Your laptop screen resolution depends on the amount of money you spend on it. People belonging to profession such as photography, Graphic designing, editing look for a laptop that offers highest screen resolution it is because screen resolution works on the principle that

The more the screen resolution, the more content can be adjusted on your screen with a full-fledged view.

Screen Resolution Budget Laptops

Best budgets laptops mostly offers screen resolution of 1366×768 pixels

Which one is ideal for you?

Laptop with a screen resolution of at least 1920×1080 is ideal for you because it offers a Full HD resolution for a perfect, clear and brighter view. It also has a huge space to line up windows which helps to keep things in focus.

Modern Laptops:

Modern Laptops offers the following resolutions

  1. 4k resolution
  2. 2560×1600
  3. 3200×1800
  4. 3840×2160


These laptops are

  • Cost effective
  • Consume more power
  • Heats up often
  • Have low battery life

Ideal for:

  • Content creation

4: Display Size:

Display size clarity directly depends on the type of screen size you are looking for. Whichever screen size you are looking for, each one of it has some benefits and limitations. Below we will discuss some properties of the laptops in accordance with their screen sizes.

Display size Range 11-14 inch:

Laptops ranging in size from 11-12 inches, 13-14 inches have the following benefits and limitations


  • Portable
  • Thinnest
  • Lightest
  • Weighs 2.5-3.5 pounds
  • Great usability


  • Small keyboard size

Display size Range 15 inch:

They are the most popular among all because they have


  • Large screen size
  • Offers great usability experience


  • Not Portable

Display size Range 17-18 inch:

These laptops provides


  • Mega display size
  • Best for Power processing
  • High quality gaming


  • Not Portable

So as mentioned above, each display size has its own pros and cons so consider these specifications before choosing a good laptop for you.

5: Screen Type:

Once you are done with screen resolution and display size, now it’s time to choose the screen type. As the technologies advances, most people opt for touch screen because people believe that touch screens are the sign of modernism and it makes your laptop looks stylish and attractive. Besides being stylish you also have an easy access to your screens. No doubt the above mentioned statements are insanely true but are you aware that touch screens have some major drawbacks mentioned below.

  • Touch screens become greasy and glossy with frequent touches
  • Creates a rough reflection on screen while Playing games or editing pictures and videos or while doing any kind of work on laptop

6: USB Ports:

USB laptops are important to look for in terms of connectivity. All USB ports are meant for different purposes if we talk specifically about USB Type C port, so it allows you to charge your battery with a Type C cable from outside

Type C port is also reversible. It is the most new version in the modern laptops. It also allows you to copy files from other devices. This Type-C port is not available in all laptops

7: Laptop Battery Life:

Last but not the least specification, laptop battery is the most essential component of your laptop. Just as CPU is the brain of your laptop, Battery is the heart. Your laptop can’t run without a battery so it’s important to choose a laptop with a greater battery life.

You must choose a laptop that offers 7 hours plus battery life for a smooth work experience. Most modern laptops comes with the battery life from 8 ours to 12 hours.

Above were some of the most essential specifications that were required by you to look for in a good laptop. We hope the article helped you. Wish you good day.


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