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So, you are going to buy inline skates?

Its good, we must try everything whether it is Hoverboard or

inline skates. I have already discussed in detail about hoverboard for you. Now if you have decided to buy from inline skates shop so must read this inline skates purchasing a guide to make a sound and desired purchase.

This article is not only a buyer’s guide but also written to provide you all information about best inline skates or speed roller skates

If you are going to buy Hoverboard so you should read hoverboard buying guide first.

Sometimes when we are going to buy a new thing so, in excitement, we forget a lot of features which are to be considered and later we regret.

This article is going to be all in one package. At the end I will discuss Things to Consider before Buying inline skates as well. It will help you in getting the idea to pick the product which you are exactly looking for.

For this, I must move towards the information you need to know. I would start by describing inline skates.

What are inline skates?

Inline skates are also known as Best Rollerblades, used for inline skating. They possess two to five wheels which are arranged in a single straight line. The first ever brand of inline skate was Rollerblade. Therefore, they are also known as the best Rollerblade in the market

Inline skates are a type of shoes with a single row of small wheels arranged in a line one behind each other and can be used to travel somewhere quickly; they are also used for exercise and different sports.

Inline skates range from beginners to experienced level. So, no worries if you do not have any experience in using them. After practicing them for few time, you will feel as an expert.

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Different Types of Skates                                                                                                                                       

1. Speed Skate

Speed skate

Speed skates have become popular in recent years. These are mostly used by those skaters who are expert and need skates with advanced features.

They are spirited form of ice skating in which the competitors race each other in traveling a certain distance on skates. It won’t be wrong to say that this type of skates are designed for speed!

Some of the famous speed Skates are long track speed skating, short track speed skating, and marathon speed skating. These all are shaped in a way which helps you move faster specially used in races. They have best plates mounted to them which gives you more stability. 

2.  Outdoor Skates

outdoor skateOutdoor wheels are designed to be used outdoor because of their grippy wheels. These skates face more danger where they are supposed to be used but their larger and grippy wheels can glide over these bumps easily.

There are three characteristics you have to look in your skates that are; Durometer, Diameter, and width.

Durometer, is one of the several measures of the hardness of material. About the diameter and width, you know very well that what they are.

 3.   Indoor skates

indoor skates

Difference between indoor and outdoor skates just because of wheels used in them. Inline skates indoor are available with both low top and high-top boots. Flat cut boots allow for maneuverability, and tight turns generally offered in speed skates.

So, if you want to have fast speed, then you should go for a low-cut boot. While High top boots offer you more ankle support and protection

4.  Roller derby skates

roller skateThe roller derby you have watched in the 70s, and early 80s were often scripted and prepared. The roller derby present today are real and thought to be used for some sports activities. They are not the one which are used only as a spectacle.

The skaters who use these skates are athletes and take sports very seriously.

If you are looking for that perfect skate to fit your budget, then roller derby recreational skates are the best value.

Don’t be misled by best value; we give you a better product for your dollar than any other brand.

5. Kid skates

kid skates

Roller skates for kids are most demanding skates today everywhere. Skating is a fun sport and hobby for people of all ages and is secure and fun for children even at an immature age.

There are two main types of skates for a child. The original roller skates and Inline skates

Quad skates are usually the recommended skate for a young or beginner skater.

They have four wheels, two in the front and two in the back, which provide a better balance point than inline skates.

6. Inline skates

Inline skates have been already discussed in detail above. I would directly discuss some of its types here.

Types of inline skates:

There are many types of skates present for different purposes. People use skates for different reasons, and their skill level varies, and because of this thing best inline skates created, some have larger wheels while others have smaller. Let me discuss one by one with you so that you can easily decide which one you are looking

a) Recreational inline skates

Recreational skates are the most popular type of inline skates. These are best for skating in a park. If you need them for fitness or speed, then you can go for quad roller skates.

They come with comfortable boots which fits best and provide you good performance. The soft boot construction allows for more comfortable skates which are lighter and more breathable. They have larger wheels because they are specifically designed for speeding.

 b) Fitness inline skates

These skates are used for fitness and exercise. They come with comfortable boots and larger wheels.

Inline skating has become a great way to participate in fitness activities, that benefits both your body and mind. So mostly people buy them as they want to enjoy and exercise both at a same time.

c) Roller hockey inline skates

Roller hockey inline skates are present for players of all ages styles.  Higher end hockey skates are made with better quality materials which include stiffer boot that gives you protection and comfort.

If you want to check the quality of roller skate wheels, see its weight. The lighter the weight, the higher would be the quality. Its lighter weight will not make you feel tired after playing for hours.

d) Urban skates/ street skates

If you want to go fast and cover the distance by using all tips and tricks so Urban skates are there for you. They have fast speed with 3-4 wheels.

If you are a beginner or an expert, these are for all. They come in various sizes so you can have these skates for kids, men and women.

History and development of inline skates:

The first acknowledged allusion to inline skates was left by a London, stage entertainer. The discoverer of these skates, which were maybe an inline designer has remained unidentified and is lost in history.

The first known discoverer of an inline roller skate was John Joseph Merlin.

Let’s go to the development and technical improvement that has been made to the new inline skates. Let’s discuss about the history in detail.

Developments is 1970s:

The idea of roller skating had come out of a London stage performer in 1743. One can say that he was the inventor of inline skates, but he has vanished in the history.

Later in the 1760s, John Joseph Merlin became the first known discoverer of inline roller skates. He grew up to become a musical appliance maker and talented mechanical discoverer.

One of his inventions was a pair of skates with a single line of the small metal wheel. He wore the skates as a publicity spectacular act to promote his museum. From the beginning, stopping was a problem.

Later in 1789 with Lodewijk Maximilian Van Lede of France worked in manufacturing skates. He made skates consisted of an iron plate with wooden wheels.

Developments in 1980s:

Then in 1818, inline roller skate was used in ballet for ice skating moves in Berlin, Germany. They were used in the case when it was not possible to have ice on phase.

The Petitbled, in 1819 discovered the first roller skate patented, it was inline. This innovation had three inline wheels which were either wood, metal or ivory. Its wheel structure kept slipping.

In 1823 Robert John Tyers, a London ice skater, designed skates with five wheels in a single line.

One more roller skate patent was issued in Austria in 1828 to August Lohner, a Viennese clock creator. His design can be described that it was like a tricycle, with two wheels in back and one in front.

Louis Legrange in 1849, built skates to simulate ice skating in the French Opera.

The Woodward skate was invented in 1859 in London with four vulcanized rubber wheels.

In 1860 Reuben Shaler designed skates solve the maneuverability problem.

James Plimpton, in 1863 initiated quad roller skate history.

In 1866 The first Plimpton skates clamped on to the shoe, but enhanced designs used straps with buckles as an alternative.

Jean Garcin’s Cingar skate arranged a brief revival at the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1867

William Bown in 1876 patented a design for roller skates wheels in Birmingham, England.

In 1877, Bown worked personally with Joseph Henry Hughes, who patented the rudiments of a modifiable ball system alike to the system used in today’s skate and skateboard wheels.

Levant M. Richardson in 1884 gets a patent for steel ball bearings in skate wheels. These bearings diminish resistance so that skaters can go faster with less exertion.

In 1898, Levant Richardson started the Richardson Ball Bearing and Skate Company, which provided skates to most professional skate racers of the time.

Developments in 1990s:

The Peck & Snyder Company licensed an inline skate with two wheels in 1900.

In 1905, John Jay Young of New York City created and patents a modifiable measurement lengthwise, clamp-on inline skate.

The Roller Hockey Skate Company in 1910 designed a three-wheeled inline skate with a leather shoe. The back wheel of these skates could rise allowing the skaters to turn on the center wheel.

The Best-Ever Built Skate Company in the 1930s manufactures an inline skate with three wheels located close to the ground.

In 1938, Christian Siffert made a design for a low-cost inline skate, which could not only be used on sidewalks but also switch to sharp-edged wheels, on ice.

In 1941 Modern inline skates begin to appear in the Netherlands.

Inline skates with 2 round, artificial rubber wheels, and no brake were developed by Rocker Skate Company in Burbank, California in 1953.

The Chicago Skate Company in 1960 tried to market an inline skate comparable to today’s tools, but it was unstable, uncomfortable and the brakes were not dependable.

In 1966, the Chicago Roller Skate Company manufactured their inline skate with a boot.

In 1972 The Skeelers, an additional name for skating or skater, were early versions of today’s inline skates and were shaped in grown-up and children’s sizes.

In 1979, Scott and Brennan Olson discovered a pair of Chicago inline roller skates and began to redesign them using modern materials.

In 1990, Rollerblade, Inc. designed a glass-reinforced thermoplastic resin for their skates, replacing the polyurethane compounds. This decreased the standard weight of skates by almost fifty percent.

Pat McHale secures the United States and European patents for a multi-purpose inline skate in 1993. An all-terrain skate that uses two angled wheels were designed.

In 1997 Inline skates and skating garnishing become a billion dollar international trade, with nearly 26 million Americans participating.

The teamwork, in 1998 between Nick Perna and John Petell results in the development of a rockered inline figure skate casing.

In 1999 Sportsline International offered Diederik Hol a chance to design a whole new manufactured goods line of skates.

After less than a year of thinking and drawing concepts, he designed what is now known as the Mogema Dual Box.

Developments in 21st Century:

In Nov of 2002, the coach of Chien-Hao Wang visits Arthur Lee to talk about damage to Wang’s inline skates and requested the development of an improved inline figure skating casing.

Snow White® sponsors two Taiwanese skaters, for the 2004 World inline Championships in Fresno. They were among the first who used Snow White frames.

LandRoller’s Angled Wheel Technology in 2005 breaks away from conventional inline designs with two large, side-mounted, out-of-line angled wheels that roll spanning the centerline of the boot and keep a low center of gravity.

In 2006 Wheel Anti-Reversing Technology was developed by Bruce Honaker.This helped new inline skaters by allowing them to keep both skates on the ground, and equivalent to each other.

In 2013, Brian Green and the Cardiff Skate Company presented an amendable skate with an exclusive three-wheel configuration and braking system.

Things to consider before buying inline skates:

The most important factor is what factors are to be considered before buying a certain thing. In case of skates there are many factors about which one must think before making a purchase. So let’s discuss each one by one

1.  Decide Your Need

As I have already discussed types of skates and then types of inline skate so now you have to pick just one of them according to your needs.

This first steps to be thought about.The person who is going to buy these best rollerblades knows very well about his needs. The way you will use them, or the place where you will use them is your need.

Let me clear it with the help of example because many of you would be thinking that what can be needed for skates. So your need can be speed, race, recreation, etc. or you might need one for your child, so then you should go for the safest one which can be controlled easily.

2.  Decide Your Price Range

Price range is so important and deciding price before going to buy is important. You should look for the one which is pocket friendly and you can easily afford. It is not must that the skate with highest price is the best.  

I would like to tell you this time as well that go for best features not highest price. Its good that you can afford all brands whatever the price is but does the product you are going to buy suits all your needs?  

3.  Determine your skill level and intended use

Determine your skill level first, if you are a beginner so go for recreational skates with wheel size 80-84mm. With smaller wheels you can control skates easily and keep the speed down.

If  you are used to with the wheels, have some experience and comfort level on wheels so recreational or Urban skates with 80-84mm wheels are best for you. With increased skills a person usually want to ride faster so these skates provide you speed. For intermediate level  skaters skates with 80-100mm is also a good pick.

For advanced skaters all type of skates with wheels size 80-110mm is best choice. If you have the skill and safely ride the skate with higher speed so have these.

4.  Gender

Different companies are designing products by keeping the needs of people of all ages and genders. It is not possible for a kid to use the same skates as his father uses.

Different size and features are needed. So for whom you are going to buy these skates for is an important question. If you are a female so there are many skates for females, which are designed in a way that would provide you extra safety.

There are others which are designed especially for kids by adding some extra features in them. Skates for men are also present in the market and bought frequently.

5.  Skate Type

There are different types of skates which are best in different ways. So decide the skate type that which one you want.

There are four types of skates which are commonly used and purchased a lot. Each of them are best in some particular way like if you are an expert skater now so go for Fitness or speed skates. In the same way if you just began skating so recreation or urban skates would remain best pick.

All the above points were the features that you should always keep in mind before buying

Some Basic Features of Best Inline Skates:

Some of the common features of inline skates have been described below


The main feature of the Inline Skates is that they are designed for Man, Women, Girls, Boy, and kids differently. Many people ignore them while purchasing and have the one which they like. But actually they are designed specially to fit to specific foot shape.

Skate Type:

Few designs of different styles are available in the market like inline skates for recreation, fitness, race or urban. Most people buy one without considering the types, but they do offer variety.

All of these types are already explained well in the inline skates types Section.

Skill Range:

Most amazing about inline skates is that they come in beginner to expert skill range. So while making a purchase think about your skill level and then go ahead.


Cuffs on inline skates are where support is produced. If the pair of skates that you purchase possesses quality cuffs so it will allow you to generate more power when pushing off and also provide ample support for longer skating session.

They have two main types, carbon and plastic.

Closure Systems:

The closure system contains number of lacing system and you have choice to choose one from them.

The types include standard lacing, ratchet buckles, Velcro strap, quick lace, boa lacing.


Skates frames are typically constructed from aluminium, plastic or carbon. It is important that the frame of your skates is hard because it creates more direct transfer of energy.


The smoothness of ride is dependent on the ride and also it determines the ability to reach higher speed.


Brakes are very important factor specially for the beginners. Some of the inline skates models come with brakes while others have no break.

If you want to read more details so visit this site.

Now its time for the short tips:

5 helpful tips for best inline skate

Must Avoid Water:

You should always avoid water or any of the wet places while skating. Wet areas are sometimes ok to skate on, but sometimes they are extremely dangerous for the skater and other people as well. If it is unavoidable and you need to inline skate through water doesn’t begin skating hard again until the point when you see the wet wheel stripe vanish. Standing water isn’t right as though you experience it; the water can get in your bearing. It will make them rust which at last destroys them.

Skating near Hills:

Skating through the hill is a hazardous and tricky thing to do. Slopes of all sizes are a great deal of work to get up and extremely sensitive going down the mountain. When you are skating uphill, you need to bring up toes out to form a “V” and keep your energy up forward and take fast, short walks. While going downhill don’t merely run flying down with total surrender, if you do as such you may make hurt yourself or others. Before you skate down the slope ensure you look at it and study it.

Always keep your head up:

While you are skating, you should always keep yourself alert and your head up.  Remain alarmed consistently. If your head is down, you can’t perceive what’s happening. If there are many people or protests on the way, you are skating in if your head is down you may discover whatever remains of you down. So keep that head up when skating to ensure you know about everything that is going ahead around you.

Skates safe and nice:

Before skating you need to know its etiquettes and techniques. Much like driving an auto, when skating you generally need to skate to one side and pass on the left. It’s satisfactory trail behavior to state you are proceeding onward to the left when coming up to somebody from behind if you let them know you are moving toward you can avoid accidents. Smile when close somebody to tell them you are well disposed of and are out skating to have a decent time and get a worthy exercise.

Take care of your Skates.

Skates can talk. When they reveal to you, have to tune in, or you can harm yourself or others. At the point when your skates begin influencing a pounding to sound, it could mean your orientation are torn or dirty. A rattling stable could state you have a freehub, wheel, edge or jolt. Always move with a skating toolbox or tools with you so that in the occasion your skates begin talking without it you can settle the issue before somebody gets injured.


So today we have given you all the perfect and accurate information related to the best inline skates, before going buy the inline skates you should keep this buyer guide in mind and with the help of this we can make to sure that you will select excellent inline skates for your self or anyone else.

If you have any question relate to this buyer guide fell free to ask in the comment below.have a nice day. skate safe and nice

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