How to Stop on Inline Skates – A Beginners Guide

How-to-Stop-on-Inline-Skates---A-Beginners-GuideDo you want to know how to stop on inline skates? It’s said that learning new things is always fascinating and for an inline skate beginner like you learning the techniques to stop on inline skate would also be a great fun and will give you a tremendous and Joyful experience. Before we head to the article have you bought your dream inline skate yet? And if you had, are you looking out for some better inline skate choices? You can check out the Top 12 picks 2020 of Best Inline skates. If you already have your perfect inline skate with you, then let’s head to our main task.

Stopping on inline skate is an easy task, you just need to learn how good you can balance yourself on the skate. There are several ways to stop on inline skates but you need to learn them all with excitement, Patience and Practice. You know how good it feels attaining speed on inline skate while you are on your journey and enjoying the heights of pleasure but at the same time you need to take care of stopping your inline skate stunts on finding resistance in your way in order to not hurt yourself and others. Below we will teach you some methods so you can know how to stop on inline skate.

Ways to Stop On Inline Skate:

You can stop on inline skates by using breaks, without using breaks, by learning balancing techniques and other means.

Let’s get started.

Method 1: Stop Using Brakes:

Brakes are the most essential part of your inline skate and they are found at the end of the boots of inline skates. To stop using brake you have to take care not to look on ground because this can disrupt your balance, Just get low a bit to attain a position which can lower the center of gravity. The next thing you need to do is to grab the brake by bending the knee but not super-bending them. Now put forward the brake and keep your legs in an unsteady position while doing so take care not to expand your feet more than shoulder width. Few more important things which you need to learn are to put your hands forward, your eyes on the road to attain perfect balance.

Stop on Inline skates using the Heel Brake:

This brake is applied when you position yourself such that your arms and knees bow simultaneously. The heel brake is also done to keep your legs balanced on the skate. You can start by lifting your toe forward, then push one of the skate along head which will lift your toe. The heal break is limited to skates equipped with a braking mechanism. Take care to apply heal brake when you know that you have enough space at your front. Do not apply it in a constricted area. The heel brakes are placed mostly at back of the foot.

Apply Heal Brake by

  1. Extending leg forward and bending the other to assume a sitting position
  2. Shift your most of the body weight to one leg and begin to sit down
  3. While you begin to sit, bring the other leg in front of you and keep it straight
  4. Next, Press the heel brake with the foot you extended against the ground
  5. Continue to apply pressure on the skate until you stop

Method 2: Stop Without using Brakes:

After reading this heading, you might be wondering How to stop on inline skate without using Brakes? I have an answer to your question. There are several ways to stop on inline skates without using brakes but here we will share with you the methods that had been proven to be effective in this regard.

So let’s start the show.

Stop on Inline skates using the Plow stop:

Plow stop is considered as the crucial way to stop your inline skate. It comes as a savior while you are skating on icy ground. You can achieve the Plow stop by assuming a seating position, pulling your skates forward and your toes intact. We came up with the 4 perfect ways by which you can learn how to stop on inline skate using Plow stop.

  1. Assume a sitting position by keeping your hips in half to quarter half squat.
  2. Shift your body weight up to 70-80% on one leg and perform the plow with the free leg
  3. You can achieve a plow by making a heart shape by using legs. Begin with keeping your feet parallel
  4. Attain the Edge dig by pushing your plowing forward and adding pressure on legs

Stop on Inline skates using the T-stop:

You can achieve T-stop by adopting your position in shape T, the next thing you have to do is to be to extend your foot outward and then position your foot again at the verge which will lead to a straight leg position. Do not forget to keep your foot straight to attain the perfect T position. Your ankles should also be kept straight in an unmovable position along with your legs. Make sure your ankle doesn’t slide down because it can lead you to a serious injury and disturb your ankle position.

While you achieve the T position keep your shoulder and hips outward, Make sure to push them forward by doing so you will see that the remaining parts of your body will adjust themselves by initiating onward motion and your foot will rest underneath. The motion your body achieved will help forcing your body forward until it achieves a T position.

Follow the below steps to achieve a perfect T position.

  1. Start by pushing one foot behind you
  2. Then keep your toes turned out
  3. Direct your skate wheel at right angles
  4. Apply Downward pressure using your foot to stop
  5. Keep your shoulder in the travel direction of your skate.

Above were some trusted methods to help you know how you can stop on inline skate. But before you proceed to practice any of these make sure to take precautionary and safety measures like wearing Helmets and Kneepads

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