How to remove scratches from Aluminum laptop? (Quick Tips – 2020)

We live in an era where laptop is the need of life. Laptop helps you earn, helps you manage your activities and assists you in your tasks. They are indeed a great source of fun and entertainment and way of communication between our loved ones but in the process of extracting all the benefits from the laptops, we the laptop owner expose our devices to harm whether intentionally or un-intentionally.

As each day pass, plenty of advancements are made in the laptop design, appearance, body. New technologies are introduced to help laptop maintain their designs. Most laptop making companies are working more on the appearance of laptop which is why people like us desire to buy those laptops and we invest a lot of money of them but our some acts cause damage to the laptops such as scratches.

Each laptop even the most expensive one on earth is vulnerable to scratches. Scratches can be caused by means of many factors the major one include its interaction with hard surfaces. Just as we take care of the inners of the laptop we should take care of the outers too.

Ok so enough of the lecture, let’s come to the happy side. We can remove scratches from Aluminum laptops, scratches from MacBook pro screens very easily with the help of the below laptop scratch removers:

How to remove scratches from Aluminum laptop with the help of Laptop Scratch remover:

Below we will discuss some methods to remove scratches from laptop with the help of Laptop scratch removers but before we dig into the removal process you should understand that there are mainly two type of laptop scratches. Hairline Scratches, and Deep starches

Type of Aluminum Laptop Scratches:

1: Hairline Scratches:

These scratches refers to the minor scratches that appears on laptop and can be managed easily in terms of removal

2: Deep Scratches:

These scratches penetrates deep inside the surface and are hard to remove.

Removal Methods:

Below are some methods by means of which you can make laptop scratches disappear easily.

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Methods to Remove Minor Scratches:

Method 1:

Remove scratches by Toothpaste and Microfiber Combination:

It’s surprising to say that toothpaste actually helps remove scratches from Aluminum laptops and many people around the globe had agreed to the statement. Keep in mind that toothpaste removes hairline scratches and might not remove the deep ones. Tooth paste in combination with the micro fiber cloth is best to tackle the problem but you can use other fiber cloth too or a soft cotton ball

Which Toothpaste to Choose?

  • Take care to use Whitening toothpastes or Fluoride Free Toothpaste because people have suggested both based on their experiences.
  • Do not use Gel based Toothpastes
  • Avoid using Fancy toothpaste

How to use?

  1. Turn Off and unplug your Laptop
  2. Take a Microfiber cloth
  3. Slightly damp the cloth
  4. Take a small amount of toothpaste
  5. Put the toothpaste on cloth
  6. Rub the cloth in anti- clockwise motion on the scratches
  7. Wipe out the toothpaste from laptop with a damp cloth

Take care not to use deeply damp cloth as water might penetrate inside your laptop and cause you another damage.

Method 2:

Use Baking Soda and Water paste to remove scratches from Aluminum Laptop:

Another Homemade remedy to easily get rid of Aluminum laptop scratches is the usage of Baking soda which is available in the kitchen of everyone’s home. Baking soda do requires care while handling.

How to use?

  1. Turn Off and unplug your Laptop
  2. Mix baking soda with limited amount of water
  3. Take Baking soda and water in a proportion of 2:1 i-e 2 parts of baking soda and 1 part of water
  4. Make a thick Baking Soda and water Paste
  5. Apply the paste on Scratches and Rub in circular motion assisting with a linen cloth
  6. Wipe it out from laptop with a damp cloth

Remember not to leave any residues on the laptop surface as it can let the scratch worsen.

Methods to Remove Deep/ Major Scratches:

Method 1:

Remove Scratches by using a Laptop Cleaner:

You can remove scratches from your aluminum laptop using a laptop cleaner because they does a good job to remove deep scratches. There are plenty of laptop cleaners available online on Amazon and also available offline in local markets. Choose the one that is budget friendly and works best for you.

How to use?

  1. Turn off your laptop
  2. Unplug it
  3. Take the cleaning liquid
  4. You can also mix the cleaning liquid with water
  5. Take a sponge
  6. Soak the sponge in cleaning liquid
  7. Squeeze the sponge until its dry
  8. Rub it on scratches gently

Method 2:

Remove Scratches using a Metallic Polish:

Although metallic polish is usually designed to be used on cars but it can also work best for removing scratches from aluminum laptops. These Metallic polishes are cost friendly and are easy to handle

These polishes are also designed carefully so they will only smoothen the scratches and won’t remove your laptop paint. These polishes can also be used as laptop scrubber and if you are worried about How to remove scratches from MacBook Pro screen, these polishes are best to use

How to Use:

  1. Turn off and unplug your laptop
  2. Clean the laptop with water
  3. Dry the laptop
  4. Take the polish and put a drop of it on the cloth
  5. Rub the cloth in circular motion over the surface
  6. Let the laptop absorb the polish
  7. Remove it once the polish has been absorbed

You will see the scratches are removed or they appear blur.

Method 3:

Use Silver pencil/ pen to remove scratches

These are the specially designed silver pens which are meant for marking blueprint purposes.

How to Use:

  1. Turn off and unplug your laptop
  2. Make Sketch over the scratches
  3. Rub it with the soft cloth

This 3 step process is easy and handy at removing scratches.

Tips to Avoid Scratches on Aluminum and Other laptops:

  1. Carry your laptop in laptop bag
  2. Don’t place keys and pens near laptop
  3. Use a laptop screen protector
  4. Try to Clean your laptop daily
  5. Keep it dirt Free

Final Verdict:

Above were some best methods chosen to help you remove the scratches from your laptop easily? There is possibility that the methods chosen for removing the minor scratches also removes the major ones and vice versa but it all depends on the way you choose a product and use it. Make sure to turn off and unplug your laptop before trying any method.

We wish you Good luck!

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