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Having a laptop with the best  performance for a lifetime is a dream of almost all pc or laptop users. All as always demand high performance from the laptop we are owning. But when we talk about the maintenance process that how to maintain a laptop performance, things here become a little awkward. So, you must know the process of maintaining the performance of your laptop screen.

Considering the broad point of view both the internal and external performance maintenance and hardware maintenance are available. There in this article, we will explain both aspects very deeply.

How to Maintain a Laptop Performance?

If you are demanding high performance from your laptop screen you must have to maintain it on a regular basis. Below are some basic and important tips to maintain the performance of your laptop

Physical or Hardware Maintenance:

Whenever we are talking about the maintenance of a laptop especially physical maintenance, the first thing of which everyone is taking care is to protect his laptop from physical damages and hazards. For protecting your laptop from these physical damages there are some of the protective measures you have to take for your laptop, and these includes:

Use a laptop Carrying Case

Moving with a laptop in your hands has always many chances of damage because if you become imbalanced a little bit, it may cause serious damage to your laptop and is also doesn’t look cool.

The laptop in your hands may be slipped from your hands and the weather also affects it very badly like sun rays, dust and water, and many other things.

To protect your laptop from these types of damages purchase a good quality carrying case for your laptop or if not then you should at least have a should bag to put your laptop in it. However, any type of case you are using for your laptop should be at least padded enough and should be waterproof.

Clean the keyboard

If you are using a desktop computer then you should not worry about the cleaning of the keyboard but if it is a laptop screen, most of its parts are completely exposed to airborne dust particles. Every key of a laptop is directly connected to the internal system of a laptop so a single drop of oil or water can cause severe damage by causing a short circuit in the internal system of a laptop or cause any other problem.

So, it is necessary to clean the keyboard of your laptop on a regular basis. Before start cleaning of laptop’s keyboard out your laptop upside-down and tap it 2 or 3 times to that will bring macro debris out of the laptop.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean every edge and corner of the keyboard.

Clean the Screen on Regular Bases

The most important and the first thing you see whenever you turned on your laptop is its screen, so it is your responsibility to keep the screen of the laptop clean. As we think we just have to clean the screen, so it seems a very simple task to be done. Though it is very easy at the same time it is difficult too.

This can be done through 2 steps process

  1. Use a soft cloth or microfiber to do the basic cleaning of a screen by rubbing it.
  2. If you want to do the advanced cleaning of the laptop screen, then for it mix vinegar with distilled water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray it on the screen of the laptop.

Some cleaner for the laptop screen is also available in the market. If you use any of the solutions on the screen, dry it completely before turning on the laptop.

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Keep Operating Temperature Cool

As it is an electronic device, so it gets hot while using it. The major reason behind it is the running of the processor and battery of the laptop. So, you have to take measures to keep your laptop cool.

There is an exhaust fan to take the heat of the processor to outer air which does its job perfectly. The thing you have to consider is the cleaning of that fan or it is damaged, change it immediately.

For keeping the battery cool you have to use the cooler externally. By using external cooler, it keeps the area around the battery cool which in turn keeps the battery cool.

Don’t Eat or Drink Near Laptop

If you exactly know that a single drop of a coffee can do to your laptop internal system, you will never think any item of eating and drink even nearer to the laptop. But if you don’t know the results of such a condition, we simply recommend you to not eat and drink near a laptop.

Performance Maintenance

Along with the physical maintenance, the performance of the laptop should also be maintained. It is also very important just like physical maintenance. It seems very awkward that you have a very clean and shiny laptop, but it is very slow. So, along with physical maintenance, you should have to completely focus on the maintenance of the performance of your laptop.

The following are the things you should do to maintain your laptop’s performance.

Cleaning Operating System

The operating system of your laptop also needs some of your attention. As you are using your laptop regularly some many extra files and data come to your laptop which is completely unnecessary. All this burden of temporary file slows the performance of your laptop.

Those files that slow the performance of laptop includes registry files, cache files, and many more. There are many software’s available like CCleaner that are made to clean your laptop from these types of files. You also have to do some further optimization of OS  by use of several tools that boost up your laptop system and also keep CPU usage low.

Use an Antivirus and Spyware Scanners

Malware, viruses, and Spywares are the biggest foes or pc. If your computer is connected to an internet connection or connected to different devices from time to time, there are more chances that your pc is attacked by them. Sometimes your laptop was hacked. So, from protecting your laptop from all these situations you need a powerful antivirus in your system. By the way, if you are looking for any best laptop like the best laptops for Revit, you can also review our article on it.

The thing which protects your laptop from this situation is to run scans from an antivirus program or spyware program. Premium anti-virus software also provided you with malware protection. In short, there are millions of different security software’s available that are both paid and free and can be able to protect your laptop’s performance.

Back Your Data Up

A laptop or computer is the thing that stored a lot of your data and important files in its hard drive, but if that hard drive is exposed to any accident and hard drive get crushed, you will lose all your data in just a couple of seconds. but there is a technique of back up that prevents you from losing your important data. For back up, the number of different techniques is available. Some are listed below.

  • Use programs that have to synchronize files too between the number of different computers either in the same location or in different locations.
  • You can also use cloud drives like dropbox, google drive, Mediafire, etc. which can store your important files.
  • You should make a full desk image or your hard drive after reloading OS every time.

All the above techniques will surely make you able to answer how to maintain a laptop performance? and both the physical and performance maintenance make your laptop to be used for a long time.

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