How to get sound from the projector to speakers

Projectors these days come with a powerful in-built speaker system producing high-quality sound even in a large room with several people but audiovisual enthusiasts prefer to get sound synched up with motions on the screen. Have cinematic experience where the motions get in accord with the sound. For such auditory familiarity, external speakers are attached to the projector either by a Bluetooth connection or sound signal input.

Such connections can be a huge hassle and you may find connecting speakers to the system a little bit tricky especially if you are new to it and perhaps seek help from the internet.

Here is a summary of the article to save you from wasting further time. An undersized description of the step to be followed is trailed by a full explanation How to get sound from the projector to speakers

How to get sound from the projector to speakers

Summary- How to get sound from the projector to speakers

To connect speakers to the projector you should:

  • Unplug the power to the projector and the speakers
  • Assemble all necessary equipment
  • Look for an audio out jack on the projector
  • Connect the cable to the projector and speakers (or receiver)
  • Turn on all the equipment to test the audio signal
  • Check for the available sound-out ports on your projector
  • Look for a connection to your speaker
  • Use Bluetooth transmitter to use a non-Bluetooth projector with Bluetooth speaker
  • Troubleshooting steps if you are not getting sound quality

Since we are done with the summary, now it’s time to dig into details. If you want to get the projector’s volume from speakers then, you should:

Turn off the projector and the speaker:

As soon as you get started with the process you should remove the projector and speaker wire from the electric plug, to cut the power to the speaker. This helps you to avoid any damage to you and your equipment during the setup process. If you don’t cut off the power the electricity can not only pose damage to you and your equipment but can be a reason for annoying speaker feedback during the process. Following this step is necessary to make the process easy and fear-free.

Choose the Best Wire:

You need a mesh of wires to install a speaker inside the room. The wires needed to complete the electrical circuit should be of good quality and suitable, you can find them easily in the market at a cheap price. The cables should not be loose or damaged otherwise short circuit can damage your equipment and you won’t be able to get sound from the speakers.  For better acoustics, it is recommended to measure the cables from the Projector to the speakers and better to hide them to avoid any danger.

Assemble all the equipment 

Look for all the equipment needed to start the process and gather them in a place.

Configure the projector:

After collecting the necessary equipment, you have to choose the best place for both the Projector and speakers and arrange them accordingly. Where you find no difficulty to set them up properly. The next step is to measure the wires from the projector to speakers and if you need more cable you can use it.  Your speakers should be arranged properly in the room, choose the best site for the projector on which both devices can be leveled.

Find the Audio Output Jack

Projectors come with an audio out jack that is used to transfer auditory signals from one device to another. This is done by connecting the projector to the external speakers’ input by wired or wireless connection. For different types of audio output, it is important to understand the right output compatibility to get the sound. Normally it is located along with other ports on the panel and is labeled as well. It is important to ensure that it is accessible otherwise if you have not plugged into the right audio port, it can lead to damage to your equipment.

Insert the audio cables into the projector and speakers:

Complete the circuit by connecting the audio cables to both devices. This is done by inserting RCA or another cable in the audio output jack of the projector. Insert the opposite end of the cables into the Audio In jack on the speakers or audio receiver.

But before carrying out the connection ensure that the devices are powered off carefully. As you are done with the connection, place both projector and speaker in the exact location with proper arrangements. Now you are ready to get the audio.

Turn on Projector & Speakers Test the Audio Signal

Done with all the connections? Now you should connect the equipment to the power turn on all the equipment. Turn on the projector and the speakers and the sound from the projector will be sent to the external speakers. Now it’s the turn of testing the audio coming from the system.

You must be very excited to hear the audio coming from the speakers attached. Observe the sound, double-check that there’s no distortion.If the connection works well now you are ready to go with your external acoustics attached.

Wrap it up:

Rearrange the Projector and speakers. Connect the Projector and speakers to the power. Check the sound. Enjoy the sound coming from sound your speakers. 


Have you tested the audio? Are you getting the right by connecting speakers? If not then it might be a little problem with the audio cable that results in sound coming from the projector speaker instead of the external speakers. you should check if the audio cable is plugged into the correct ports of the Projector and speakers. If not, the improper connection makes it difficult to transmit the sound signals.

So you should check both the device’s speakers and the projector to see that it would work efficiently to give you the kind of sound which you want.

Try these steps:

  • Connect the speakers with any other devices like mobile, TV, etc. to check if the speakers are not damaged.
  • Check for damaged wires, move them, and put a little pressure on them.
  • Check the speaker’s jack by inserting it into audio out jacks of another device to see if the speaker’s wire is inserted in the audio out jack in the Projector.
  • Check the plugs carefully to see if they fit properly

If, still the sound is not coming from the external speakers, then showing the projector to the technical expert would be wise.

Other options to see on How to get sound from the projector to speakers

External audio gadgets require various connections and methods of connections. The availability of required ports on your device determines the type of connection to be carried out. You should be careful while connecting the devices, all compatible accessories should be present. You can connect your devices with other compatible gadgets to check their functionality. The devices come with a menu that helps you out to understand your product but if you still find difficulty you can contact the service provider.

The gadget that you use might be a smart device i.e. use wireless connectivity. Wireless speakers capture audio signals from a distance and help you amplify the sound. Such a connection allows you to get sound from projector to speaker wirelessly.

How to get sound from projector to speaker wirelessly?

Getting sound from wireless speakers provides a sense of freedom. They are specifically best for ceiling-mounted projector systems or someone who uses your Projector in different places. It is very convenient to send its audio wirelessly without any hassle of wires. Bluetooth is a technology that allows for wireless audio transmission. It allows two Bluetooth-compliant devices to be connected. And though most projectors don’t come with wireless capability a Bluetooth transmitter can be utilized. So we considered it important to mention some details about how to get sound to your projector wirelessly

We will show you how you can run the Projector with speakers wirelessly. But before connecting you must have to look if your wireless speakers are functioning properly. If yes, then you should

Check if the projector has wireless connectivity:

The first and most important step in the process of knowing How to get sound from the projector to speakers is that your projector should be a smart projector equipped with Bluetooth capability. This will allow you to transmit sound into the speakers wirelessly.

Otherwise, you may need a wireless Bluetooth transmitter that allows you to receive the Bluetooth connection of your speakers. In this way, you can send the audio from the none-Bluetooth projector to the Bluetooth speaker.

Connecting Bluetooth projector to the Bluetooth speaker:

Turn on Bluetooth on Both devices. You have to make sure that no other Bluetooth devices should be present near otherwise, it will be difficult to connect speakers to the projector.  Go to the settings of your projector to turn its Bluetooth on (if it has Bluetooth capability). The projector will automatically detect the speakers and would get paired up. The speaker’s Bluetooth should be turned on before the process.

How to get sound from the projector to speakers

Connecting the non-Bluetooth projector to speakers:

If the speakers are Bluetooth but your projector doesn’t have Bluetooth capability then connect the wireless, Bluetooth transmitter with your Projector. The transmitter enables your projector to become a Bluetooth projector, it will be able to send audio to your Blue speaker.

For connections you will have to:

Pair up the projector or wireless transmitter directly with the Bluetooth speaker the speaker should be able to receive audio. (for devices with automatic function mode)

In case it is not connected automatically, check that both speaker and Bluetooth are turned on and bring the speakers closer to the transmitter

How to get sound from the projector to speakers

For Bluetooth projectors- Bluetooth technology

If however the projector is Bluetooth capable and the speaker is not, use a Bluetooth receiver to turn your speaker into a Bluetooth speaker. this way you can connect them without a speaker cable. 

When the speakers and Projector connect then you are ready to go with it. The connections sometimes are also affected by the distance between the placement of projectors and speakers to deliver. Some speakers have the ability to produce good sound at a larger distance whereas others should be placed close to the projector.

Wireless sound connection troubleshooting:

If the wireless Bluetooth added speakers are causing trouble you should check for the speaker to projectors connection. If both the devices fail to connect then you should turn off and on the Bluetooth and/or turn on and off the speaker to reset and carry out detection of devices. Once you have both devices connected then the next step is to test the audio and troubleshoot accordingly.

If there’s still no audio, even after connecting the speaker, this may be due to the distance between the two devices. So you should settle the devices at their connectivity supported distance. Besides this when, both the projector and speakers are functioning perfectly then the issue may be caused by the Bluetooth transmitter so for that remove the transmitter, reconnect it with the speakers and check if it is resolved now.

Following these steps may fix your connections and you’ll be able to hear the sound coming from both of your devices. Be careful while fixing the audio as it is a bit risky.


You may find connecting your wi-fi Bluetooth speakers to a projector a very difficult task. The technologies might sound a little bit technical and one may find ways to avoid it but following a few simple steps can enable you to connect your wi-fi speakers and projector and enjoy the projection either on a movie night or in a small conference room with a clear sound coming from your speakers.

If your projector or speaker tool doesn’t have Bluetooth access you’ll need both an audio cable or audio jack and a Bluetooth adaptor that will help you connect your speaking to the projector.

Final Verdict:

Hopefully, the article on How to get sound from the projector to speakers would have been fruitful. Whenever you decide to connect external audio jack devices to a projector to improve audio quality. You should be very considerate about the type of device you have and the one should be purchasing.

The devices and their connectivity ultimately depend on the ports available on the unit. Different devices may allow different kinds of connection techniques at connecting projector to speakers whether it is a smart wireless connection, an audio jack, or a wired connection through ports. You should unplug your devices, connect them, test the audio, and enjoy but if you don’t hear anything you should be able to troubleshoot. Nearby mechanic shops and service providers also provide additional support.

How to get sound from the projector to speakers

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