How To Access Laptop Camera From Android Phone [Best 2020 Tips]

With every upcoming day, technologies become more and more advanced and introduce more and more new gadgets for our convenience. Along the unlimited number of advantages provides to use, one of it is enabling our access to the camera of our laptop from a smartphone.

Is its sound pretty cool that we can access our laptop camera from our phone? This is an important thing we should have because we need any data that is stored on our computer which we now can get through this technology. But how to access a laptop camera from an android phone? Is the main question everyone can ask. Here is this article we will provide you with the answer to this question.

With the advancement of technology, it is now possible for everyone to access the camera of a laptop from their android mobile phone. With the help of this advanced technology, we can not only access the data of our laptop but also access the camera of our laptop through much different software and application available online. Here we will discuss the applications available for this task. But before going to the details of application the first thing you need to understand is the VNC server.

VNC (Virtual Network Computing)


VNS stands for virtual network computing which is a remote-control software making you able to control other computers over a network connection.

VNC allows mouse clicks remotely, keystrokes, and also permit you technical support enable you to manage another pc and laptop that is far away from you.

You should keep in mind that this server plays a major role in your access to laptops from your mobile phone.

How to Setup VNC on Your laptop?

Open the real site of VNC and download the required software and choose the free edition. Name and email address is not necessary while proceeding in the site. Follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, click on the download, this will take you to the required page.
  • If you are in favor of choosing real VNC, download its version with both viewer and server into your laptop and then install them.
  • After installation of the software, confirm that the server software is running perfectly on a laptop and is connected to the network. If you are using it for the first time you have to set a password to access the laptop.
  • Now open the viewer software on a laptop other than that having server software. Here you have to enter the IP address and the name of the laptop having the server software.
  • As you enter the name click on “OK”.
  • Now set the password.

After the above procedure, the software must work, but if it is not working for any reason, then you must ensure that the firewall or security on any of both devices is not blocking the connection.

From the above description, you must be now clear about VNC. There are many different versions of VNC are now available.

Now we are going to describe some software which are the best answers to a question on how to access a laptop camera from an android phone?

Application Best for Accessing Laptop from Phone

There are several different software. some of them are:

  1. Splashtop Remote Desktop

Splashtop is a software that provides you to access any laptop from another laptop or smartphone. It is the software that provides both functionality and quality all in one frame.  It also gives its users the pleasure of fill the HD screen view. Because of these features, Splashtop is awarded as the best mobile app. If you installed Splashtop streamer on a laptop then you will be able to set a remote connection through Splashtop.

By setting a remote connection this app can find automatically your local computer. Through signing into your Gmail account, you can access the laptop by the internet. This is a paid software and can be downloaded from the app store and also online.

  1. TeamViewer for Android

After Splashtop, the second most famous software that makes you access any laptop from your android mobile is the TeamViewer. Through TeamViewer application, you can access any laptop remotely and can also assist your friends and family if they are facing any problem in their pc by sharing their desktop with you through this application. This app is free for the basic use of everyone but also as a paid version with advanced techniques and features and is mostly used for business purposes.

Many advanced features like faster drag and drop, enhanced multi-monitor support AVI format conversion for recorded sessions, ability to save connection setting per pc, optimized performance, and many others.

Another best feature TeamViewer provides is allowing you to participate in a group chatting and be a part of many meetings. In short, it is the best app making you able to access the camera of a laptop from a mobile phone.

  1. Android – VNC – Viewer

Another app for the same job is Android – VNC – Viewer. This app also allows its users to access their pc remotely from any smartphone or other pc. Also, this app can connect you to many VNC servers.

Mostly people use it for import and export settings to any file from SD card and many URLs to import settings. Many different options this app will provide you that may include configuring multiple connections, keyboard zoom, multiple input modes, and many other advanced features. This application also is known to be best for the performance of basic tasks like accessing different files on your pc and manage upload and download functions remotely.

  1. Phone my PC

This app offers some best functions because of which it is a paid application. If you want to use it then you have to download its laptop version on your pc and by following simple instructions provided by its website, you will be then able to set it for your use.

It provides you to control windows, computer processors, and webcams. It also offers you to have instant video or audio from the camera of your laptop. It also provides easy management and control on a laptop remotely through an android phone.

  1. Connect Bot

This app is basically for IT specialists. It provides easy access to a laptop. Mostly this app is used by the professionals for fixing different issues in laptops form far away. It is now very common that connecting to any server your device can be remotely accessed but access to your device by any professional through their hand handled android phone sounds pretty good.

This means that this app has the ability to the deeper system of your laptop so accessing the camera of your device is a much easy task for it. You can have this app online.

  1. Chrome App

Last but not least another best app is a chrome app and it is very easy to install it. Both the laptops and the mobile are very compatible with Google, so this app is best for both the pc and the android. You will have to install the Chrome remote desktop from the web store of chrome. The way this app provides you to access the laptop is through the browser. This app is fully secured. Once it is launched you can set it up on your pc. The thing it requires is the pin for set up. You will also have to download it on your smartphone and when it asks for the pin, insert the same as your set in the laptop. It will directly able you to access the pc.

Our Verdict

I hope that all the list mentioned above will surely solve your problem that how to access a laptop camera from an android phone. May be any of the apps mentioned above will not work on your system then you must try other applications as well.

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