Can You Take Laptops on Planes? ( 2023 Complete Guide)

Can you take laptops on planes?

Since the dependency on laptops is increasing day by day, it is important to take your laptop with you wherever you go. The question that haunts many while they think of traveling by means of the planes is that “Can I take laptop on Plane?”

The answer to this troubling question is YES, YOU CAN.

Can You Take Laptops on Planes?

But the usage of laptops has been restricted to the timings when the plane is taking off or landing but you can freely use your laptop during the mid-flight.

There had also been some other laptop-carrying measures made by the airport security makers which we will discuss in this article.

Those security measures mainly include your laptop check process, the way of carrying a laptop, a talk about the laptop batteries, etc.

Below are some questions that might come to your mind while you think of carrying a laptop with you on a plane.

Can I use laptop on Plane?

Yes, you can use your laptop on the plane but its usage has been prohibited in certain scenarios.

Such as when the plane is taking off or landing. But you can easily use your laptop at midflight.

Is Taking a Laptop on Planes still a Concern?

Taking Your laptop with you while you are on a international flights is considered normal these days, unlike the previous days when carrying a laptop onboard was a cause of huge concern by the airport security.

Why Taking a Laptop on a Plane is necessary?

Taking a laptop while you are traveling is an ideal opportunity for you to unwind the incomplete works because on the flight you have enough time to complete the task given to you.

You also have enough time on your flight to check your emails which you normally skip while you are at your workstation or home, you can finalize your presentations, check hotels and visit spots, etc.

Besides working your laptop can also become a great source of entertainment and fun to end your boredom on a plane. You can listen to music and watch some good movies.

Can I use the internet on a Plane?

Yes, you definitely can use the internet on the plane. These days some airlines also offer optional Wi-Fi to purchase so that you can be on the internet while flying.

What about Laptop Batteries?

You can take spare lithium-ion batteries in a carry on bags only as ordered by Federal Aviation Administration. Lithium-ion batteries cannot be placed in your checked luggage which is to be scanned and can possibly be denied onboard

Can you take Gaming Laptops on a Plane?

There is no restriction regarding taking gaming laptops on planes. Yes, you can definitely take them on a plane and enjoy a great gaming experience.

Laptop Investigation Measures by the Airline security:

Below are some laptop investigation measures Airline takes while allowing you to carry your laptop on a flight?

1: Remove your Laptop from the bag

The Transportation Security Administration has ordered you to remove laptops from your bags, backpack, or purse

The laptop should be placed in separate bins at the checkpoint to allow easy scanning. In some cases, you might be even asked to open your laptop after it passes from the X-ray belt.

You might be even asked to turn on a laptop to prove it actually is a laptop.

2: Instruction regarding lithium batteries

You can take spare lithium batteries in a carry on luggage and other portable electronic devices only as ordered by Federal Aviation Administration.

Lithium-ion batteries cannot be placed in your checked luggage which is to be scanned and can possibly be denied onboard

What are the Rules for carrying laptops on Planes?

In order to take laptops on planes, you must follow the below rules.

  • Turn off your Laptop screen
  • The laptop should not be in a sleep or hibernation mood
  • Carry a separate bag for the laptop for easy handling at the checkpoint
  • Keep your laptop on top of the carry on luggage
  • Pack your extra batteries in plastic or their original packing for the safety
  • Cover the terminals of the battery to avoid its contact with metal
  • Watch your laptop while it passes from X-ray belt to protect it from thieves
  • Do not turn on your laptop on a plane before it’s announced to turn on.
  • Charge your batteries before being on a plane
Final Verdict:
You can take your laptops on planes easily but if you keep in mind the above security measures which are designed for your safety purpose. Do not forget to take good care of the precautions recommended. Good luck!

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