10 Best Wireless Earbuds under $150 of 2021  

Best Wireless Earbuds under $150  Can you find the best wireless earbuds while staying confined to a budget? We all know the struggle of searching for the best options on the internet that we can finally count on. The search sometimes becomes tiring to an extent that we finally give in and accept what is available. It is not a smart move to make. You always have to make the best possible choice you could have. However, this might be a little vexing, especially when it comes to selecting the best one online. You also must have been tired of the indolent searches from one earbud after the other and not being able to select one. Been there, done that? Anyhow, we are happy to offer you some help by creating a list of 10 Best Wireless earbuds under $150 that you can find both online and offline. All of them are carefully reviewed while keeping the pros and cons in mind. Later, in the end, a buying guide is there to let you know the features that make them a top tier. So, there is no need to waste time, rather let’s just check out what can be best for you and why.

Why consider wireless earbuds and what to look for?

One of the main reasons that make everyone seek wireless earbuds is convenience. they can be conveniently put on to the ears to enjoy cordless audio. This helps you in situations where you have to keep your hands free of the hold, or while moving. Let’s say while listening to music on the jogging track, in the middle of workouts or, being away from your phone. In such conditions, you will certainly feel the urge to break free from tumbling chords and enjoy great audio with free movement. That is why it is important to look for the best possible wireless audio devices. As far as the features that make it a top-rated concern is that it varies. Yes, it varies on the requirement of the person looking for it and the manufacturers designing it. However, these days manufacturers are putting a lot of research into designing the best possible audio device to gain both reputation and profit. This is due to what you will notice some commonly shared features in our listed products. These features include high-quality sound, water resistance, noise cancelation, lifelong battery life, and a comfortable fit.  However, all of them are not the same and therefore we have mentioned the list of top wireless earbuds under $150 down below:

List of the 10 Best Wireless earbuds under $150:

#1. Apple AirPods Pro

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Product description:
The best wireless earbud is the one with no attachment, capable of delivering impressive audio. The apple air pod profits in all the descriptions of the best wireless earbuds under $150 for an iPod and iPhone. Only their Bluetooth capability and water-resistant design are enough to create a thrilling sensation for iPhone lovers. whereas, the additional “Hey Siri” feature made possible with an advanced H1 chip increases its value for real talk time. The earbuds also fall in the category of best wireless earbuds for calls due to the microphone and active noise cancellation. They are small but stylish and comfortable. The glossy finish makes them appear similar to the other apple devices. Moreover, even by the look, you can tell that these are designed for convenient fit and great audio. These earbuds will stay in place comfortably while offering an impressive sound quality. These are one of the best you can find in budget options. They are very easy to put on and lightweight. The silicone tips ensure a comfortable but snuggle fit to the ear so that you easily wear them even he strenuous workouts. With a secure fit, they won’t fall out of your ears. and for water resistance, it utilizes the IPX4 rating. It is not so wrong to say that these are some of the most convenient and user-friendly so far. In other terms, you can say that these are the best wireless earbuds for an iPhone under $150.

Seamless pairing:

They are capable of seamless pairing to multiple devices. They are not only compatible with Apple devices but can also support Android Smartphones. However, the best results can only be obtained via IOS-operated devices. There may be less audio loss when used with android phones. And this is because of them being air pods.

Active noise cancelation:

Most people don’t like the idea of background noise. Therefore, they look for noise cancelation. For them, these Airpods with an active noise cancelation are the best option to go with. the in-ear seal and the active noise canceling on the apple airpod pro combine to avoid distortion or background noise. it is the best true noise canceling earbuds for iPhone users who don’t want to cross the $200 line.

Amazing sound experience:

The powerful drivers and intelligent audio technologies used in the Airpod pro ensure accurate highs and lows. The Bluetooth that these air pods are equipped with can work up to wide ranges. In this way it allows you to listen to music far from your devices. The audio can be controlled through siri commands. Not only this the apple airpod pro equalizes the sound according to your ear. This feature makes the earbuds sound better than its predecessors.

Fast charging, good battery life:

Not only the Airpod Pro pairs automatically with your devices. But they also offer an amazing battery life of up to several hours. It offers a work hour of 4.5 hours on a single charge. Recharging is simple as they can be recharged again by placing them in the case for a few minutes.

  • They turn on automatically when put on
  • it comes with pressure sensitive stems
  • Convenient and  Easy to use
  • they fit really well
  • They are Bluetooth compatible and can be wirelessly charged 
  • It is equipped with a dual core processor for quality audio output.
  • Water  and splash resistant to avoid damage
  • good active noise canceling produce focused audio
  • the price is high compared to other earbuds of same category
  • It works better with an iphone than it does on android.

#2. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 

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In case if you are looking for impressive wireless earbuds with great noise cancelation and other functionality then we recommend giving the Samsung galaxy buds  an audition. It comes with a reliable noise canceling technology. It is capable of reducing all the background noise to completely block the distortion coming from the background. This creates a focused crystal clear audio. Also it can be paired with multiple devices but the best sound quality can be observed with a Samsung galaxy phone. So if you own one then this should be your next best buy.  The Samsung Galaxy buds are packed in with an amazing sound quality and lifelong battery life. It promises to increase the playtime up to 29 hours. They are one of the solid options to look at just under $150  dollars. Moreover, the microphone allows you to take distortion less calls. Talking about the comfort on these earbuds, it’s unbeatable. The build is quite robust. They come in sleek looks and multiple color options to choose from.

Battery life:

It is one of the most important aspects of these earbuds. Since it comes with the charging case, this increases the music time to several more hours. You just need to put it in the case and then it will automatically charge itself.

Active noise cancelation:
The noise cancellation on the buds is up to all standards. It completely blocks out noise coming from the background thus creating a focused audio. Certainly these are one of our best choices when it comes to noise cancellation. 
Water resistance:
These Galaxy buds are capable of IPX2 water resistance. This makes them your best buddy for the workout sessions that you want to go to. 
Level of comfort:

Talking about the workout sessions, it stays put in your ears. This secure fit makes them a good choice for the workout sessions. With a great and intelligent design these buds are highly durable and comfortable

Bluetooth and other capability:

The earbuds are equipped with dual drivers in addition to Bluetooth compatibility. They produce amazing audio with frequency response of about 20Hz - 20 kHz. Also it includes additional features like auto-link and auto dial. It is sleek in looks, and compatible with ios and android devices. Come with built-in noise canceling. Stay put to the ears. These are very impressive of a choice.

Battery charge:

The battery provides excellent performance and ensures a playtime of about 6 hours on a single charge. There is also a small charging case to let you enjoy the music a little more. 

  • Sound quality is very good
  • It is very convenient to use and operate
  • They offer a comfortable fit in the ear
  • They are very lightweight and eat to put on
  • They have an IPX rating for water resistance
  • Their bass is really powerful
  • Noise cancellation may not be a s compared to its competitors
  • The ip rating is low

#3. Bose SoundSport, Wireless Earbuds

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Overview Are you looking for great buddies to keep up with you during strenuous tiring exercise? The Bose soundsport is for you. With the excellent audio quality and secure fit. They stay fit to your ear and don't move or cause discomfort. The six hours battery life is just more than enough to ensure a great music experience. ranked as one of the best wireless earbuds under 200 the Bose soundsport are specifically designed for sports and activities.  The water resistance makes them capable of withstanding the sweaty situation in the gym and on the track. They are equipped with an incredible fitting design. Moreover, the built-in microphone combined with the Bluetooth capability allow you to enjoy the wireless music. It is no doubt designed for people with an active lifestyle.

Sporty design:

The Bose soundsport is designed to ensure the secure fit that in combination with 6 hours battery life create an accurate situation for sporty lifestyle. The water resistance, chord less capability and other included features make them a good choice on the track. You can wear them on tracks, in gyms, while working out without feeling the urge to adjust them. If you have a tendency for sport and outdoor gaming then we recommend it to you.

Easy to use:

These Bluetooth earbuds are very much convenient. The volume adjustment is very simple with an intuitive control panel.  The built in microphone and the carrying pouch adds to this convenience. Comfortable fit: the design is quite robust and durable. They fit in the ear comfortably without you getting stressed about them falling out of the ear. Moreover, the additional wing tips also play a role in the convenience and fit.

Water resistance:
with an IPX4 rating the Bose soundsport is resistant to splash and sweat. Hence, you can wear it in different situations without it getting damaged.
Bluetooth and NFC pairing:

The integrated Bluetooth and NFC allow seamless pairing and fast data transfer. Unlike wired earphones this lets you enjoy the music without staying confined within the boundaries of your device. This can be your ultimate pair of buddies on tracks, and during sports.

  • Bluetooth capability for seamless pairing
  • Provide a good battery life on a single charge
  • It is sweat proof and good for active users
  • Great fit to stay fit  in the ear
  • It come with different color options to choose from
  • Their built is very sturdy
  • Convenient control allow easy customization
  • Punchy bass and nice sound create a nice effect
  • Most people are not happy with the customer service.
  • Battery could be a little better
  • The noise cancelation could be better

#4. SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro,

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SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro wireless earbuds are one of the most reliable earphones you will find in the market. They are great for listening to music and podcasts. Featured with ipx7 technology for water resistance Galaxy Buds Pro can resist sweat, moisture and rain. They are a very robust and good looking pair of wireless earbuds you can have. You can clean them easily whenever you want. Also, if you are looking for a focused audio then Galaxy Buds Pro is equipped with the rubber ear tips and noise canceling technology which deliver amazing performance. It is top ranked among best noise canceling earbuds under $200. Talking about the battery life, it offers battery life up to 5-8 hours on a single charge which is quite up to the mark. However, the battery is your main concern then look somewhere else. It not only comes with sleek looks but also is available in customizable color options. Since Galaxy Buds Pro are a true member of the best wireless earbuds under $200, you can expect them to be a premium budget offer. 

Bluetooth capability:

Galaxy Buds Pro wireless earbuds are capable of Bluetooth 5.0 technology for a stable wireless audio. It works with multiple Bluetooth capable devices but the best performance is obtained by pairing it with galaxy devices. It is compatible with both android and ios devices.

Sound quality:
All the highs and lows of the wireless earbuds are really balanced for an impressive round quality. The bass is somewhat punchy but not too overpowering. The integrated drivers and processors do the justice with sound production.
Water resistance:
As discussed earlier it is well fitting and comes with  IPX7 water-resistant. This means that if you submerge the Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds in water they will not get damaged. This makes them an interesting use for running, workouts and other situations where you want to listen to music.

Galaxy Buds Pro are very comfortable to wear. Perfect for the podcast you can use these wireless earbuds both indoor and outdoor. The touch sensitive control is very easy to use. Galaxy Buds Pro fit very well into the ear and stay there for a long time. The fit also plays a role in the noise cancellation.

  • Built in microphone for smooth calls 
  • Improved sound quality for better experience
  • Come with a carrying pouch to keep it safe
  • fast wireless charging 
  • IPX7 rating for wireless resistance
  • Adjustable noise cancellation for background noise less audio
  • touch controls are very soft
  • some features are specific for samsung smartphones

#5. OnePlus Buds Pro Wireless Earbuds

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How much time have you been in an unwanted situation where your ordinary earbuds get damaged? If you are tired of it then consider the one plus buds pro. One plus buds pro are our favorites on the list. Due to its comfortable fit and excellent noise cancellation it delivers near to perfect sound quality. Paired with both android and OnePlus smartphones the buds pro always promise an enhanced audio. The water resistance, noise cancellation, Bluetooth compatibility and the level of comfort makes them a pro choice for those who keep reliability as their first priority. The sound quality that OnePlus Pro offers is far better than the ones you will find in this price range. They are designed to stay in the ear letting you fully enjoy what you hear. Their battery life is also amazing. 10 minutes of charge can give you 10 hours playtime with its wrap charge technology. The sound quality is nearly amazing and the bass accurate. You will enjoy using the soft touch panel which is very soft and intuitive. 

Wrap charge technology:

If you are someone who loves longer play time then this is the bang for your buck. Obviously the ten hours battery life is more than enough for a wireless earbud. Moreover, the charging case also increases the charging up to a few more hours. The technology that it uses for fast charging is called wrap charge technology

Water and dust resistance:

For all the unwanted and muddy situations the one plus buds pro wireless wireless earbuds are there to keep up with you. They have IP55 rating for water, dust, and wear resistance which makes them a nice choice for any of these situations. 

Great sound quality:

With all the nice and attractive features the one plus buds pro are there to produce an excellent sound and powerful bass. They let you enjoy the audio experience up to full. After having an experience with it you surely will not want to leave them, ever. 

Active noise cancelation:

If you are looking for noise cancellation also then this won’t let you down a bit. They block out the external noise letting you have an enjoyable audio experience of your life. It is very fair to say that in terms of their noise cancellation they win you over.

  • It has a sleek looks and glossy finish 
  • it comes with great battery
  • Excellent sound and bass production for powerful performance
  • The ergonomics are really good
  • It is very easy to optimize
  • IPX5 rating and improved noise cancelation for as an improved feature
  • The charging case is somewhat bulky
  • Build quality could be a little better

#6. JBL LIVE 300, Premium True Wireless Headphone,

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Are you looking for a reliable pair of earbuds under $150  dollars? Why not give JB Live a chance. They are one of the well known earbuds with good quality sound and nice highs and lows. If you prefer something with quality sound then this must be the go for you. They are highly rated for their 20 hours battery life which is far too much for wireless earbuds. In fact it is one of the best battery life among the others on the list. You get them seamlessly working with your devices once you turn them on. Not only do they sound great but are very comfortable to fit and be around with. 

Well fitting:

If you are looking for the best wireless earbuds under $100 for working out then look nowhere else. They also fit really well in your ear. They snuggle the ear and don't let them go even during swift movements. This is what is required and the JBL live is the perfect fit for it. 

Water and sweat resistance:
Unlike other earbuds on the list the JBL Live is designed with water resistance to reduce the potential damage to the minimal level. 
Stereo calls:

You want to make nice calls on your wireless earbuds? These are the go. The built in microphone along with the audio production features gives you a hand free stereo call for you to attend.

  • Unexpectedly long battery life
  • Ambient mode makes the audio much better
  • The designs are pretty awesome
  • There is a nice bass for music lovers
  • They are water resistant
  • They are convenient to use and comfortable to wear
  • You may face issues with the left ear
  • You should check them to ensure the correct fit

#7. Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro

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Product description:

Don’t you want the best true wireless earbuds under 150 with advanced functionality and improved features? Grab the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro. They are one of the highly rated earbuds for its performance. It comes with an active noise cancellation and superior sound quality. It contains features like an enhanced audio experience, incredible bass, capability of receiving incoming calls and a lifelong battery life.  The Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 is one of the top listed candidates under $$150 . With its LDAC technology it is capable of producing high-fidelity sound multiple folds to the one produced by its competitors. The installed drivers are very powerful not only to produce crystal clear audio but heavy bass. The voice that comes out of these earphones is so satisfying. Moreover, it is equipped with HearID technology. This means that your earbuds will automatically stop the music for you to receive calls.  They are one of a nicer quality pair in its price range for you to look at. 


They are very snuggly and fit in the ear. They also come with silicone eartips for convenience. You will notice that even the fast movement keeps them in place. However, it is to be mentioned that they fit well for the large ears. Some users might feel they are not the cup of tea for them.

IPX4 waterproof:

Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro has a water resistance rating of IPX4. This makes them sweat proof and splash proof. So if you want to keep them with you to listen to music while running, jogging and hiking then this is the best buy. 

Passive noise cancelation:

Unfortunately there is no mention of active noise canceling on the description. However, they still offer passive noise cancellation. It blocks the ear canals to ensure minimal background noise in order to ensure distortion less audio.

Battery life:

The Liberty earbuds are capable of pulling out playtime up to about 8 hours straight. However, the play time can be increased via use of the fast and wireless charging.

  • 8 hours long battery life
  • It exhibit an EQ capability via an intuitive application
  • Qualitative and well balanced sound is produced
  • It gives a great calls and crystal clear voice
  • Accurate highs and lows immerse you in the audio
  • Wireless charging for 24 hours battery life is incredible
  • Sometimes due to the Bluetooth the voice on call may lag or be distorted

#8. Jabra Elite 85t True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

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Product description:

For all the people looking for amazing wireless audio the Jabra elite 85t is one of the top rated and highly recommended candidates on the list. It is equipped with Bluetooth technology for wireless audio capability, enabling you to enjoy the freedom. It comes with different ear tips to hold them in place and avoid falling out while running, jogging or any other tiring workouts. If you want to have great quality wireless calls then also the Jabra elite 85t comes with an advanced built-in mic that can be used to answer calls and control music playback. The sound quality is superb with accurate highs and lows. However, the battery and charging case enhances this experience up to a few more hours. It carries a minimalistic design and comes in different color options. Jabra elite 85t includes other features as well but in case if you are looking for the best on the list then you should give it a consideration.

Noise cancelation:

Sometimes it is important to avoid background noises that can reduce the audio quality. So, if you are on some busy station then just put them in your ear and let yourself float with the beat.

Battery life:

Again talking about the battery, it is up to 7 hours. The battery life is one of the many reasons that keeps you interested in the 85t buds. Not only is the battery life very good but it can be improved with the charging case it comes with. And lastly we would like to mention the IPX5 rating for water and splash resistance.

Premium design and convenient use:

Ear tips, design, size all that matters to ensure comfortable fit for a long wear. If your buds don't fit to your ear, they can cause discomfort, specifically while fast movements. It may also result in them falling out.

Best call technology: The Jabra elite 85t is perfect if you are interested and looking into the calling features. It comes with multiple microphones to ensure quality audio both during calls and virtual meetings.
  • It utilizes great call technology
  • 2 year warranty let you take a sigh of relief
  • More than enough battery of hours of music
  • Built in microphones to engage in amazing calls
  • Interesting design and comfortable fit
  • Multiple colors availability let you choose your favorite
  • Customizability with user friendly application is a nice feature
  • ANC may not be up to the bar during calls
  • Noise canceling could have been better

#9. Sennheiser CX True Wireless Earbuds

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The thing to look for in the best earbuds is the wireless capability, an accurate sound above all levels and some additional audio features. Sennheiser CX is packing all the required features you’re looking for. If you are looking for best noise canceling earbuds under 150, then this is for you. The cx is designed with the ergonomic and comfort you are looking for. It comes packed with an amazing sound with improved functionality. They stay secure in your ear while offering balanced audio. The frequency response and the bass is top notch.  Sennheiser CX are stylishly designed and available in various colors to meet your taste. If you are someone who gets frustrated due to overpowering bass or unclear audio then this fits for you. They are capable of amazing Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth with its wide range allows you to hear the audio even if you are away from your phone. You will not feel any delays in the audio.They are compatible with both the android and apple devices. It is designed particularly for someone who wears the earphone for most of the time of their day. Bass boost technology gives you a detailed bass. The touch controls are really soft and convenient to use. Sound quality: The sound quality is subpar to its other competitors of relatively larger prices. The bass boost kicks in to give you an ultimate listening experience. The sound quality is superior. The integrated system is very responsive to produce crystal clear audio for you. It also comes with some additional features like the intense groove, bass boost, and Built-In Equalizer. You can optimize the controls with an active Smart Control App.

Noise cancelation:

Unfortunately it does not feature an active noise cancellation. but if you are looking for clear audio for phone calls, then Sennheiser CX wireless earbuds also provide a passive noise cancellation feature. This also places them in the list of great pairs of buds for your day to day use.

Convenience and ease:

They are very ergonomic and comfortable.  They come in different sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your ears. Moreover the access to Siri or Google Assistant right allows you to optimize settings swiftly at your fingertips. 


It allows you an amazing playtime of up to several hours. The playtime can be increased with the charging up to 27 hours. However, you can enjoy 9 hours of music on a single full charger. The charging is somewhat fast and you need much less time to charge your device.

Water resistance:

The Sennheiser CX is IPX4 rated. It means you can have them on during sweaty workouts without the fear of them getting damaged. They can be your best partner in the gym. It comes with unique colors. They stay put to the ear.

  • Sound quality is up to the bat 
  • It offer a value for the price
  • It has a long battery life
  • It is very convenient to use
  • It is Ipx4 rated for water resistance 
  • You can’t stop them automatically with smart system

#10. Sony WF-1000XM3 Industry Leading Noise Canceling

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Product description: Are you looking for truly wireless earbuds with reliable noise cancellation? Then why not give an audition to the Sony WF-1000XM3 with incredible noise canceling technology. It is crowned as not only the best earbuds under $200 but also the best earbuds for calls. It is nearly perfect for the people who are always on call. The built in microphone also produces a distortion less audio for better calls. They are the best earbuds for calls you can get for just under 150 dollars. The controls are very convenient with Alexa to follow up commands to manage volumes, pause and start the audio etc. moreover; these Bluetooth capable devices can pair both the ios and android devices seamlessly. Though you get an 8 hours battery life but with the additional charging case in the package you can increase it up to 24 hours. You just have to put it in the charging case and enjoy. 

Comfort and convenience:

The smart control in convenience with incredible design of the earbuds makes them worth considering. As all other products on the list these earbuds are also designed to be comfortable to wear. They do not move, neither do they cause slight discomfort while putting them on. But unfortunately they do not provide the ear tip choice; which can be disappointing for some.

Sound and bass is really good:

It also is there with its good sound producing features to satisfy your keen senses. The bass produced on the wireless earbuds is clear and the sound crisp. You will be able to listen to a detailed audio for an excellent playtime. With textured bass and excellent technology they should be on your list.

Excellent technologies:

The touch sensitive controls in combination with digital noise canceling processor and dual noise sensors strives to provide you the performance you are looking for. The Bluetooth, NFC and Alexa capability all the features are topnotch and deliver an amazing performance for you. They are one of the premium earbuds you should go for.

  • Come with an amazing active noise cancellation
  • Produce near to perfect audio quality
  • It has an equalizer adjustment for better sound
  • Amazing battery life give hours of music
  • Convenient use make them likable
  • There’s no earbud volume control
  • water Resistance is not up to the standards
You have just witnessed the list of highly rated and the best earphones under 150. but have you selected the best choice that you want to go with? Or are you still confused about how to choose one? Here is how:

How to Select Best Wireless earbuds under $150 - Buying Guide of 2022

Determining the factors on the basis of which an audio device is ranked high or low is as pivotal as buying itself. This factor includes the feature and specification to make your choices more convenient. Since we have been talking about the 10 best cordless earbuds, below is the buying guide to get you through the hard choice that you have to make. You just have to pay attention to the feature that you cannot compromise on and the rest is easy:

Audio Quality:

The quality of your earbuds is entirely dependent on the sound quality it has to offer. Why would you spend money on an audio device with no audio quality? This seems very unreasonable. Therefore, always have a look for the quality sound details and equalizer settings mentioned. Some people will like earbuds with powerful bass, while others will pay attention to different sound details. It all depends on personal choice and preference. But one thing that you must keep in mind is that, it is the sound quality that would decide the best earbuds under 150.


The ear tip, ear size, fit and all that matters to ensure a comfortable wear. Manufacturers do put a lot of struggle in designing highly comfortable devices for you. They offer plenty of options, but the one that fits into your ear should be the one of your choice.  Getting audio devices too large for your ear will cause it to fall out with even the slightest movement. While, if it is too tight then this can also cause discomfort. Your earbuds should be skin friendly, causing no itchiness or discomfort.


Most manufacturers always put efforts to ensure the introduction of the latest technology into their products. And this is due to one reasonable reason : they don’t want to make sacrifices both on their reputation and customers. This is why wireless earbuds from companies like Jabra are famous regardless of their prices. And this is all because of the technology and knowledge used by them.

Battery Life

The battery life of any wireless device matters. It will be quite inconvenient to take your wireless music buds out of the ear and charge them over and over again. Therefore, the larger the battery the larger the playtime is. This means you always can enjoy long hours of your music experience. Design Style and use Something with a stylish look attracts more users. Also they just look good in the possession of someone. These days’ most earbuds are designed stylishly and come in different color options. Moreover, along with the design features for convenient and easy use matters a lot. Consider, owning a device easy to operate by all members of the family rather than just you. Hence, whenever buying a wireless earbuds check the controls and convenience.


 Having a warranty means that in that specific time the product can be replaced or repaired. The products with extended warranty are always a great choice to buy.

Build Quality

By the build quality we mean the robustness of a product. This includes the material use and how long it is expected to work.

Noise canceling:

Most people don’t like the background noise. They look for the noise canceling feature. The noise canceling technology cancels out the background noise for a more focused and distortion less audio.

Additional features:

Bluetooth, built in microphone, Alexa compatibility and other features added for the enhancement of already present specs of the device. you will notice that it is not just one spec that decides the ranking of the wireless earbuds rather it is the combination of all. Therefore, your best bluetooth earphones under 150 should be an all in one package.

Water resistance technology:

You may have noticed wireless earbuds mentioned with IPX rating. It is actually the measure of water resistance. This allows you to sigh in relief because slight sweat and moisture are not going to damage your device, however, it should still not be placed in the water.

The reasons to buy wireless earbuds:

  • They are very convenient 
  • Wired earphones can get tangled, damaged or messy.
  • They are lightweight and comfortable
  • Come with nice sound production along with additional features

Frequently asked question:

What are wireless earbuds?

Wireless earbuds are earpieces with no cords attached. They can wirelessly pair with your smart devices without the hassle of wires.

What sets the wireless earbuds apart from others?

The audio quality along with other additional features is what make two wireless earbuds entirely different from each other. The use of technology also plays a role in it.

Are wireless earbuds safe to wear?

They are very safe to use and wear. However, there is care needed to protect them from getting lost. Since they are cordless it is important to check them from time to time.

Can you use any wireless earbuds with an iphone?

not particularly. though, iPhone is capable of pairing with most wireless earbuds but this does not mean that they can be connected to any wireless earbud. however many earbuds are IOS compatible which  means you can pair them to your iphone.


That was all about the best wireless earbuds in the market. All of them with unique properties and incredible features are highly rated among its competitors. However, you just need to look for the one that is the best fit for you. The best one of your choice can be any earbud from the market but it should have amazing sound, unique features and a long battery life. The list of 10 Best Wireless earbuds under $150 was created after researching the products that match your caliber. We are hopeful that the list will help you choose the best wireless earbuds. if it is so, then please let us know in the comments below..

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