Best Outdoor Projectors 2023 – Buying Guide

There is no pleasure greater on this earth than watching a movie with your friends or family on a best outdoor projectors sitting in the background, or playing a game outdoors but to gain this pleasure you definitely can’t bear the burden of bringing TV outside

And it also won’t satisfy your need of pleasure with their small size. In order to gain the cinema pleasure of with big screens at home Outdoor projectors are those soldiers who come to our rescue.

If you are a businessman and you want to add some colors to your meetings, outdoor projectors can simply help you host a meeting in the fresh air at your favorite outdoor destinations but hold on before you dwell into the world of pleasures

let me make you clear on one thing before buying a Best outdoor projectors there are a few things you need to keep in your mind to make a perfect purchase

Factors to Consider Before Buying best Outdoor Projectors:

Light Source:

Before buying the best outdoor projector it is important to know about the light source used. Many projectors come with the traditional lightbulb having a lamp life of 4,000 lamp hours while the modern ones come with LED bulbs which have a lamp life of 20,000 hours.

Lamp life:

Lamp life is a crucial element while making the right selection of the best outdoor projectors and its example is the same as a normal bulb whose light gets dim as the filament starts burning and energy is released. The same goes for the bulb’s light in projectors the image gets dimmer.

LED Projector bulbs have a long lamp life and they also give a brighter picture and are more energy-efficient.


There is an only simple formula you need to understand while looking at the Brightness ratio of an outdoor projector which is

Brightness is directly proportional to the number of Lumens and the higher the number of lumens, the higher the cost

Therefore look for a projector with a high number of lumens that are cost-effective. We recommend buying the best outdoor projectors that feature between 2,500 and 5,000 lumens.

Also, Keep in mind that the darker the surrounding the brighter you will be able to see images on the projector and if you need an outdoor projector for your daytime activities then choose a projector with the highest lumen model you can afford


Just as the Brightness of the projector was directly linked to the lumens the resolution of the best outdoor Projectors is linked to the Pixel density which determines how clearer the picture on the screen will be. Higher Pixel density contributes to sharp picture while as less one gives a softer and less clear picture

Best outdoor Projectors will be the ones that will support 1080P or Pixel dimension 1920×1080 while some say a 720p resolution is ideal for the outdoor projector.

However, the resolution of the best outdoor projectors also depends on your intention of use in accordance to which it can be adjusted. For a projector with 720p, you would be required to sit around 10-15feet to get a clear picture but with a resolution of 1080p.

you can sit nearer and have the same image clarity. The resolution also depends on the quality of the video you are playing.


Just as with other features, the connectivity of the best outdoor projects also holds importance. Look for more connectivity options such as VGA, USB, and HDMI connections. The best ones would have Wi-Fi connections too and a wireless connection to different output devices.

The High Definition Multimedia Interface most commonly known as HDMI ports are the best to look for in the best outdoor projectors because they are able to transfer videos and high-quality audio from the same cable thus allowing enhanced usability and a way to easy setup.

Look for the HDMI port 1.4-1.6 for better performance. Look for the audio ports for an audio system. The VGA inputs help you run the projector off older computers and laptops, S-video interfaces for older 480p content, and various USB Types such as A and C ports.

Projection Size:

When we talk out about projectors the big screen and big pictures get clicked in our mind. The projection size of a projector depends on the throw ratio. Just like TV’s projectors comes with a set distance at which they are able to focus mostly between 8’ and 30’ for most outdoor projectors.

There are two classes of projectors one with a high throw ratio and the other with less. The smaller ones are not ideal for outdoor projectors as they have a throw ratio of around 0.5 or less and need complex seating arrangements.

The perfect replacement for it would be the one which is ground-mounted as they can be mounted closer to the screen mostly directly above the screen nearly straight. The setup can easily be handled and taken in or out at evenings and meeting hours.

Other Features to pay attention to:

While buying the best outdoor projector, Keep in mind its contrast ratio, picture quality, ansi lumens, nebula capsule, wifi, full HD, projector screen size, lumens of brightness, battery life, aspect ratio, built in speakers, bluetooth speakers, etc.

These are the reasons to avoid and the reason to choose a projector the right way. Also looking for the portable projector, mini projector would be a good practice as included in this guide.

Above were a few of the main things you need to look for in the Best Outdoor projector. Be sure to note it all down.


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