Best Foot Callus Removers | Top 10 Picks of 2020

In the world where being beautiful is an utmost desire of all, we over up taking care of all of our body parts but what we neglect are our foot. Although we spend a huge amount of money on beauty products yet we fail to take good care of our feet. There are some people who love to walk bare footed rather than wearing slippers and some forget to wear their slippers when they are extremely stuck in work hence they walk bare footed and their bare foots gets constantly encountered with dirt and dust on floor. The dirt on the floor accumulates on the back of our feet and hence lead to Foot Calluses

Foot callus can be painful if it gets severe. It dries the skin and make it rough. The skin on your foot looks dirty and a blackish layer of dirt is formed on foot and you definitely don’t want that. This is where Foot Callus removers come to rescue but with so many varieties of Foot Callus removers in the market, we will tell you about the Best Foot Callus Removers in 2019. Keep reading

List of Best Foot Callus Removers:

1: Care me Electric Foot Callus Remover

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Care me Electric Foot Callus remover comes with a Rechargeable premium battery that has built-in 1,000 math Nickel-Hydride battery that means it can be charged 1,000 over its life. The callus remover remains charged for 8 hours and runs powerfully for 40 minutes. Care me electric foot callus remover is a Best Foot callus remover due to its most powerful electronic foot scrubber. It is equipped with improved powerful motor spins that takes 40 turns per second and reveal your beautiful baby skinned and soft foots just in few minutes.

Care me electric foot callus remover has guaranteed SPA foot pedicure results. With this tool you can have SPA pedicure results at the comfort of your home and you can enjoy the beauty of your clean, smooth and soft foot skin. This product is also best for low budgets and the money you spend on this product will be valued because it comes with two large, premium and durable super course Rollers for all your needs of foot care. It also cleans fast the nasty dark spots and calluses. This care me product managed to grab over 1.9k positive reviews on Amazon and is definitely a product to consider buying

  • Rechargeable Premium Battery
  • 3X powerful motor
  • 40 turns per second
  • Convenient and portable
  • Active battery life of 8 hours
  • Not suitable for Hard calluses
  • Stops working when applied Pressure

2: Premium Electric Callus Shaver

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Premium electric callus shaver made it to the list of Best Foot Callus removers as it features a Powerful High Torque Motor at 50 rpm with 3X more power. Has a spinning rate of 50x per minute. Gives guaranteed best results in few minutes. Premium electric callus shaver is high in performance and is equipped with 360 degrees smart precision convex curved rollers that ensures all spots are removed well. It comes with a premium quality battery that last up to 45 mins if used continuously. Another exciting feature of this product is that it has Splash Proof system for quick rinsing. The Product is easy to maintain, is lightweight and highly portable

The product comes with a non-slip grip and works with worldwide voltage. Put all of your razors, rasp, scraper, sander, pumice stones and other callus remover products because their electric callus shaver is tougher than all of them. The Product gives Protection against skin cuts, irritation and painful callus removers as it comes with advance pressure sensitive technology. Has a safety switch lock protection from accidental switch on. Product has an 18 month warranty and 30 day no questions money back guarantee.

  • 750+ hour life span
  • Spinning rate of 50x per minute
  • Eco Friendly
  • Highly Portable
  • Easy and safe Maintenance
  • Sometimes stop working for no reason

3: Pur Sources Foot Callus remover cream

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Pur sources 40% Urea Foot callus remover cream is the treatment that your foot deserve. It soothes your skin, make it soft and silky in quickly and easily. It can even work to remove hard old Calluses. The cream stands out to be America’s Best Foot Callus remover cream and is made with premium quality ingredients to ensure that you get the best and phenomenal results. The cream comes with a premium quality formula. The major ingredient involved is Urea that helps prevent itching and prevent dry and scaly skin. The ingredients are picked carefully and used without any chemical involve. The pure formula of the cream makes it suitable to be applied on all skin types.

The cream unique content will nourish your heels in all seasons and will provide you utmost relief from pain. Order will confidence as your money can be refundable and no questions will be asked. The cream can be applied directly to dry skin twice a day or as directed by physician. Due to its 100% pure ingredients presence, this product falls to the category of worth buying and has managed to grab 3000+ positive reviews. This is surely the Best Foot Callus remover cream

  • Highly Pure
  • Easy to Apply
  • Soothes and soften skin in a best way
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Money back guaranteed
  • Product leaves a white residue on skin
  • Dries out often

4: Colossal Foot Rasp and Callus Remover

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If you want to have fancy and soft foot with little effort and at the expanse of less time than Colossal Foot Callus remover is the best choice for you. It is the perfect solution for dry skin, callused foots and cracked heels and reward you with beautiful, soft as cotton foot in very less time. The colossal callus remover is large yet light weighted which allows it to be used with convenience and leads to amazing quick results. The tool is also highly portable.

Another best feature of Colossal foot callus remover is that it works and give good quality results on both dry and wet foot surfaces that gives users a chance to use the tool according to their own needs, preferences and satisfaction. For more steady and accurate results use the product by following the directions as prescribed by the manufacturer directions. The Product comes with a 30 days money back guarantee. This product made it to the list of Best Foot Callus removers by grabbing 4000+ positive reviews on Amazon. People out there on Amazon claimed that the product gives more accurate results than professional pedicures and the Process is less time consuming.

  • Perfect for heel cracks and calluses
  • Quick results
  • Works on both dry and wet skin
  • Light Weight
  • Highly portable
  • Not safe. Make cuts on foots
  • Does not work on hard calluses

5: Probelle hypo allergic Foot Callus remover

Probelle hypo allergic Foot Callus remover
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Probelle hypo allergic Foot Callus remover comes with a long lasting nickel metal surface. The Product is designed to be used on dry feet in order to remove callus instantly and you can feel a soft and beautiful baby skinned feet. The Probelle foot Callus remover is highly durable and it comes with a smooth handle so that it’s easy to hold and you can use it on your feet conveniently. This foot Callus remover is lightweight and can be used with ease. The tool also has 2 sides for easy trimming namely medium and coarse side. For more efficient and safe pedicure start with filing with the rough side and finish up with the medium size.

The antimicrobial and hypoallergenic components of probelle foot callus remove makes it different from all the foot callus removers available in the market. It features non-cutting finishing, cleans easily and is highly sanitizing. Due to usage of nickel based surfaces, this callus remover is safer as it reduces calluses to powder and prevents skin damage by not disturbing healthy skin cells. The Product managed to grab 86% 5 star positive reviews on Amazon. You should definitely consider buying it.

  • Nickel surfaces for instant callus removal
  • Hypoallergenic Properties
  • Easy sanitizing
  • Safe to use
  • Does not disturb Healthy skin cells
  • The heavy metal nickel used sometimes make the skin course and rough

6: Own Harmony Electric Callus Remover

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Mark an end to the usage of pumice stone, grinder and sander tools. Try out Own Harmony Electric callus remover. By using this callus remover you will say good bye to dead skin, rough, scaly, painful and callused skin with a happy heart. This callus remover eliminates Hard calluses in the expanse of less time and give you spa like pedicure results at the home. Get smooth skin in minutes by using this amazing foot callus remover. This tool comes with a 3x more power as compared to other rechargeable brands. The tool can be used without being plugged in. Once charged can be used multiples times a day. Its portable, light weight which makes it an excellent choice to carry it with you while you are on travel. Works best for both men and women.

For safer results do not apply pressure or use it for more than 2-4 sec on a same area as the machine is 3x powerful and can cause you damage. The product is wallet friendly and comes with the built in long lasting battery so no need to buy sets of AA batteries. It’s Painless and works better than razors and other callus remover products. It has a non-slip grip for convenient usage. The callus removing with this product is effortless and less time consuming. Has improved safety lock button and premium quality refillable roller head which is made up of quartz micro mineral crystal specially designed for long term use.

  • 18 month money back guarantee
  • Easily remove Hard calluses
  • 3x more powerful motor
  • Built in long lasting battery
  • Non grip surfaces
  • Some say the design is poor

7: Amope Pedi Perfect Foot Callus Remover

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Amope Pedi Perfect Foot Callus Remover is equipped with extra coarse callus remover that effectively puffs away the extra-thick and hard callus accumulated on your foot. The Amope Pedi perfect foot callus remover eliminates dirt, dry skin, dead cells, hard calluses easily from your feet and reveal to you the soft, clean and clear, smooth and eye catching skin. The Amope foot callus remover features its own exfoliating system. It takes out tough, dried and dead skin cells from your feet through the process of exfoliation.

The best part of this Amope Pedi Perfect Foot Callus Remover is that it comes with diamond crystal head spins that spins at 360 degrees and gives you quick results. It removes hard to hard, thick to thick callus just in few minutes. With this tool you can get professional spa pedicure results at home in just few minutes. Isn’t it amazing? The tool is also equipped with built in batteries and keeps charge in it for a quiet time. Its Electric Foot file contains four AA batteries. This Product managed to grab 2,900+ positive reviews on Amazon and is definitely a thing worth buying.

  • Extra course Callus remover
  • Manage to remove easily hard and thick callus
  • Less Time consuming
  • Spins at 360 degree
  • Has 4 AA batteries
  • Spinning stops at little pressure

8: Soft Touch Foot Callus Remover Mask

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Soft Touch Foot Callus Remover Mask managed to grab over 15 million online video views. The Product shows quicker and clearer results just in 1-2 weeks of using which is why this foot peel mask became the social media sensation. This mask deeply nourishes by penetrating inside the skin cells to remove dirt from them. The ingredients of this peel of mask are of prime importance as they are formulated with pure botanical extracts and other wholesome ingredients engineered for safe and complete removal of callus, dead cells and dry skin off your feet. This Foot peel mask also repair your cracked heels.

All ingredients are chemical free and safe to use directly on skin and it will cause no burn, irritation or cuts on your skin. Botanical extracts mainly include extracts from Apple, Papaya, lemon and aloe Vera all of which are kind and gentle to foot skin thus cause no skin harm and allows you a safe removal of calluses without disturbing healthy skin cells. The peel off mask is also easy to use and has no tough requirements for applying the mask to your foot. Keep the mask applied to your foot for 1 hour and witness astonishing results. The Company allows money back product guarantee.

  • Social media sensation
  • Deeply nourishes
  • Botanical Ingredients
  • No use of chemicals
  • Easy to use
  • According to some people, it’s a time-consuming Process

9: Emojio Micro Pedi 3D foot callus remover

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Emojio Micro Pedi 3D foot callus remover is twice as effective due to its unique 3D power motion. The product is mainly recognized and acknowledged for its power. It oscillates laterally at 20 times per second and spins at 360 digress. An amazing 30 times per second rate. The excellent design of Emojio Micro Pedi 3D foot callus remover gently removes dried, dead, scrapped, callused and jagged skin in an instant. The Product heals foot cracks and removes hard and thick callus and reveal to you beautiful baby soft skin.

It features an amazing patented soft and flexible robber which is constructed with microscopic mineral particles that flexes with the skin and eliminates dead skin cells in a minute. It is designed with multi-movement technology specially engineered to remove hard and thick callus, clean off dead skin cells, Nourish the rough skin and make it smooth and much more. The Emojio Micro Pedi 3D foot callus remover is electrically operated device. This product managed to grab over 1200+ positive reviews on Amazon. People who bought the device experienced great pleasure. Definitely consider buying this convent Foot Callus remover device.

  • 3D motion design
  • Multi movement technology
  • Best For Hard and thick calluses
  • Electrically operated
  • Patented soft and flexible robbers
  • Not Portable

Above were few Best Foot Callus Removers available in the market. Buy one that falls best to your choice.


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