Are projector screens worth it?

When someone wants to set up a theatre inside the home, the first question that is always whether a projector screen is a necessary thing or not?

Some people often wonder that why to spend money on a screen that should be a professional-looking when a bare wall could do the job. The flexibility of the screen-free setup would good look but if you are renting a house or living in a space temporarily. Using a screen can give you multiple advantages that are undeniable. Are the projector screens really worth it?

Are projector screens worth it

A very good and short answer is Yes, here is the answer Why?

  • The right texture:-

The right texture of a screen looks attractive and any imperfections in the screen texture could have a significant impact on your output screen image. Using a wall or any surface as an alternative for a screen can effect the projected image. The image result on an inconsistent surface can impact the image quality. Different screen paints, sheets covers can smooth out a surface but cannot completely serve as a good alternative for a screen. People who use the screen paints usually complain about the visible “orange peel”, which is the pattern of the drywall, which is showing through the layers of almost every screen paint. The screen provides you with the 4K resolution and can show you a more detailed image.

  • The perfect color:-

The screen also gives the benefit of providing a high-quality image in a variety of different lighting environments. They are designed as such that they can reflect all the light and produces the best possible image while the material you use instead of a projector screen, the ambient light can disrupt the color, clarity, and even the details of the image. For a well-protected image, a screen in the shade of gray or white is preferred.

  • Good for your eyes:

Projector screens put less stress on your eyes as it produces much layer images, that save your eyes. A TV screen emits light while a projector screen reflects all the light and reduces the stress on the eyes.

  • That proper finished look:

The choice of a right screen can transform any venue or average space into a brag-worthy, impressive space. A projector screen gives a much defined professional look than any other material used instead and it will create a perfect finished look. For a good home theater, you don’t have to spend a lot for a quality screen, it is simply an upgrade that would enhance your viewing experience.

  • How much expensive the screen should be?

No worries, the screens shouldn’t be highly expensive. There are lots of decent options one can go for and that start from below $100 , with premium options. As we are not talking about the insignificant sum of money, but for a typical home cinema system, those outlays are reasonable.

  • How Big the screen should be?

This all depends on how much space is there to fit in a screen. But typical size ranges from 96-120 inches. Domestic TV screens are getting bigger but that can be compared to the scale of the image you will get here. To get a bigger screen is tempting that can fit in the space, but just make sure that the bottom end of the screen must be visible from every seating position.

A projector screen must be sit at about three feet high from the floor to ensure a comfortable viewing scene.  you need to subtract three feet from the room’s ceiling height, where you want to fit it, to get the maximum height your projector screen can be of.

  • Placement of the screen

One thing that has to be considered is where do you want the projector to be mounted whether, to the wall or to the ceiling, rest it on a shelf, or to sit it on the floor. One other thing to consider is that if there is a room or space just behind the projection surface then there is the possibility of getting a translucent screen.

  • Finding a right projector for yourself

Ultimately, the projector you have chosen will be determined by the factors that you considered and are important to you. Whether you want the projector screen size to be a particular one or your viewing area should be in a particular part of the room, then find a projector that can help you and get your job done.


So here comes the conclusion that yes, Projector screens are all worth it and there are way more advantages of using a screen than a surface. keeping in mind above all the pros of the projector screen, one can say that from a professional point of view using a screen is a good and healthy choice than not using a screen.

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